Diana stared out the window of Bruce’s private library with a feeling of nostalgia. Snow, pure white, was falling softly on the ground. It was the first snowfall of winter and it was a bittersweet experience for the Princess. It had become bittersweet since that fateful year. Her first year in Man’s World.

She sighed and wrapped her arms around herself to give some sort of comfort. “Watching the first snowfall, Princess.” His strong yet gentle voice pulled her away from her thoughts, turning away from the window, her eyes met those of Bruce Wayne. She smiled at him softly, “What can I say? There’s something so calming about watching specks of white fall.” She replied. He didn’t answer and instead walked over to stand beside her to watch the snow.

They stayed in comfortable silence for a while, just staring at the falling specks if white as they took over the floors. “You know, the first time I ever saw snow was after saving a village who was about to be destroyed by bad men.” Diana spoke, deciding it was better to let the feeling out than to let them ruin her first snow fall with a man she had come to love. Bruce turned, giving her his full attention. She kept her eyes locked on the scenery, losing herself in times that once were.

“We had won that battle, everyone was the happiest they had been in a while. I had actually accomplished some of what I had set myself to do when I left my island. It was a beautiful night. Filled with joy, songs, and dancing. It felt like, for that one night, everything was fixed.” She felt the tears burning her eyes but she refused to let them fall, not now. Instead she took a shuddering breath and opened her mouth to continue her tale when she felt a hand grabbing her own and holding it tight in support. She turned her head and gave him a soft smile as she held his hand, interlacing their fingers.

She turned back to the window, “I didn’t understand their dancing. To me it was just swaying side to side for no particular reason other than to hold someone close. Sam had brought Steve and I drinks but I had seen what drinking can lead men to do so I didn’t drink mine.” His light chuckle brought her back from her tale and she gave him a questioning glance. He smiled at her, “I’m sorry, I just thought that Amazons at least drank wine.” She returned his smile with one of her own, “We do, but we take it on special occasions only. At least I did.”

He nodded in understanding and she could almost see the wheels turning in his mind as he analyzed another fact of the place she was from. “So, since we were going to go undercover to a ball, I figured I could let Steve dance with me. He grabbed my hand, pulled me close, and we swayed from side to side.” She laughed lightly at the memory. Bruce just looked at her in silence, her laughter being the sweetest melody he has ever heard.

“Then these white specks started falling. I had never seen something quite as magical before. It was such a beautiful night for the first snow of the year. Then we went inside to rest, he walked me to my door, I invited him in with a look and we kissed.” She decided to finish the story there, not wanting to make Bruce tense or things to become awkward. Steve was her first love, her first kiss, what she experienced with him was all discoveries. But Bruce was that and so much more. He brought her back, made her make tough choices, they didn’t always agree but they could never deny the chemistry between them.

It took a long time for both of them to open up to each other and even longer to get together. She loved Bruce and knew that he loved her in return which is why she turned on her side, let go of his hand, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Resting her forehead against his, she sighed happily as she felt his arms wrap around her.

“I loved him with all my heart.” She whispered and met his eyes, there was no anger or jealousy reflected in his gaze. There was just understanding and love as he whispered back, “I know, Princess.” She leaned in fully and touched his lips with hers in a soft and gentle kiss. “But I love you with every single part of my being.” She whispered against his lips.

“I love you, too, Princess. With all my soul and being.” He said as he returned her kiss, smiling as her arms brought him closer, her warmth making him forget about how cold it will be when he had to leave for patrol soon.

First story I decide to post, not that great but I decided why not? *awkwardly walks away* 😄😂

Harleen Frances Quinzel Transformation Into Harley Quinnby…

Harleen Frances Quinzel
Transformation Into Harley Quinn

by Abraham Lopez

Look like the classic Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne/Batman Action…

Look like the classic Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne/Batman Action Figure!

T-shirt on sale! Only $14


Batman v Supermanby Ardian Syaf

Batman v Superman

by Ardian Syaf

For the WonderBat event: Elseworld is basicall…

For the WonderBat event: Elseworld is basically AU right?

Thank you for asking!

Elseworld means any AU you can think of! I used examples of famous lovers from history as examples, like Romeo and Juliet.

But of course, you could make a Bonnie and Clyde AU, an AU where Diana sat upon Olympus and Bruce was a mortal who caught her attention, or maybe even a massive Marvel/DC crossover AU!

Anything you can imagine! ~ Maiden



Batman by Guillermo Boetto






Ahhh … first day of #Spring ☀️ Can you feel it … and/or see it?…

Ahhh … first day of #Spring ☀️ Can you feel it … and/or see it? No robins in my backyard though. Maybe snow tonight ❄️ 

via: Bizarro Comics

by Dan Piraro

The World of Batmanby Alberto Camara

The World of Batman

by Alberto Camara