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Wonder Woman 1984

In Theaters August 13, 2020

🚨 WW84 Update! 🚨

New Wonder Woman 1984 poster!

See you in ‘84! ✨

The latest still from WW84 has had some fun edits today on Twitter 😂 (got this from @/diananbruce)


by Jackson Caspersz


🎁 The calendar is ready! 🎁

I am so happy with how this randomized, it’s too perfect! I genuinely gasped out loud when I saw this, I couldn’t believe how wonderful this event is turning out to be!

🎁 Now, for Step #2  – time to claim your themes! 🎁

Contact me to tell me which theme(s) you want to create for! Each person can claim more than one theme, so if you can manage, go to town! 

Make sure you either send in an Ask to the blog, DM my personal account @maidenoftheworld or reply to this post to let me know which themes you are signing up for! 

Can’t wait to hear from all of you and have people picking out their themes! ~ Maiden

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I’ve heard that there’s a petition to make Diana bisexual in Wonder Woman 2. This is already a canon fact from the comics, but what do you think about that?

That’s an interesting question!

I know Diana was stated to be officially bisexual years ago, and I think the only concern I have is, is it natural for her to be bi in WW84 or would it appear cheap?

I believe they could pull this off at some point and I know Gal would be okay with it too. But it makes me worried about the ‘tragic gay’ trope that plagues media – would her female love interest meet a terrible ending, since we know how detached Diana was in BvS?

I don’t think that the way Diana is written right now would really honour a romantic relationship she would have with any woman. I will say that once they move beyond her past and bring the JLA into the future, it is possible. The DCEU is it’s own universe entirely and I know that both Gal (and Patty, if she were to direct a storyline like this) would give it time to breathe.

All in all, I’m down for it, I just want to see it fit seamlessly into a story and should the relationship end, it’s because of a falling out and not by perpetuating a terrible trope… I hope that answers the question! ~ Maiden