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Having experienced magic in many forms throughout her long life, Diana had to admit that Disney World was the only place on Earth that made her feel as if she had been spellbound the moment she entered the park. It had been too many years she had last visited the Magic Kingdom, but she couldn’t fight the giddy feeling when she heard the music in the air, when she saw the size of the equally enchanted crowds, when she thought about all the sights that the little ones were about to see.

“Do you see the castle, Alexandros?” She asked with an excitement that she reserved for her children. Her hand reflexively reached for his untameable mess of curls, but the baseball cap his father had the sense to place on his head blocked her from doing so. Still, when he looked up at her, some stray strands spilled out from under the rim and sat over his wide-eyed expression.

“Naí! Mamá,” Alex stomped around in a small impatient circle before he squeezed his small hand around the handle of the stroller she was pushing, clearly ready to keep going. “I want to see Cinderella!”

Diana cooed at her son with immense empathy. “I know, and you will. But where’s bampás?”

“Bampás!?” Exclaimed the hyperactive child as he wiped his head back and forth, looking for his father. Alex’s enthusiasm was one of the features she loved about him, especially when it helped him find a fondness for the half of his heritage that was Greek. He was the only one of her children who called their father ‘bampás’, and she loved whenever he said it, even if he was yelling for his dad.

Luckily, his voice was like a summoning spell for Bruce Wayne. “I’m here, Alex. I’m here.”

“Yes Alex,” Diana turned around just in time to watch Penelope cross her brows as she scolded her brother, sitting high with her opinion upon Bruce’s shoulders. “Don’t be rude.”

Great Hera, she was showing more and more signs of Alfred in personality with every passing day.

“How was I rude!?” Alex demanded at the top of his lungs.

Familiar with their volatile conversations, Bruce expertly spoke louder than the both of them as he suggested a plan of action in the most indirect way. “I wonder if we’ll see Moana if we keep walking?”

Diana curled her lips in and returned her attention back to the stroller in front of her. She left the noisy pair of siblings to the man who dealt with loud personalities all of the time, and decided to look over the other two kids who were visibly easier to handle.

In the second bassinet, Diana checked to make sure that Iris was still asleep. Wearing a flowery dress and a matching headband, the youngest of her children somehow managed to sleep through any ruckus when she decided it was time to nap. Considering how loud the park could be, it was almost admirable how determined she was to slumber through the comotion her brother and sister were causing.

Silas, on the other hand, made it clear that he was not amused when he threw his sippy cup on the ground as some sort of protest. Never a crier, the pouty child stared up at Diana as if he expected her to use her lasso and compel him to tell her the reason why he was suddenly distressed. The fussiest of her kids was typically greeted with the question, “What’s wrong, darling?”

Before she could bend down to retrieve the discarded cup, Alexandros had kindly picked it up off the ground and placed it on his brother’s tray. “Silas.” It was finally his turn to admonish someone else.

“Was his cup empty?” Diana asked Alex while reaching into the mini cooler bag they had in the small basket under the stroller.

Alex nodded. “Yeah, maybe he’s thirsty?”

“Maybe he is.” Diana agreed, pulling out one of Silas’ many other drinks.

Under his breath, Bruce muttered, “You’re checking that pull up.”

Her reflexes swift, she looked back at the father of her children and arched a brow at him sharply. Clearly, she was asking without words ‘are you sure about that?’.

Thankfully, for the sake of peace, Penelope intervened before any other comments or gestures could be exchanged. “Where is Moana, daddy?”

“And Cinderella! At her house?” Alex guessed as he aimed his index finger at the castle posed perfectly at the end of Main Street USA.

The sound of Bruce’s chuckle was low, but Diana still heard it under the squeak of the stroller as she pushed it forward. “You want to see Cinderella or her mice, Alex?”

Taking two steps forward at a time, he answered at his typical volume. “Both! I want to see everything!”

“Everything?” Bruce pretended to be surprised by the answer, teasing their son as if he could understand his father’s subtle teasing in the slightest.

Diana chuckled at the children she had to deal with – young and old – just as something soft and warm reached for her fingers. Lo and behold, it was none other than Silas asking for his mother’s attention, holding his sippy cup to his lips in one hand and using his other one to ask for hers. He was so much more timid than his other siblings, which somehow made his requests for affection a tad sweeter.

She reached forward and cupped his cheek as she heard Penelope decree from on her perch above them all. “Mommy should introduce us to them, shouldn’t she?”

“Who?” Bruce and Alex unintentionally asked in unison.

Like it was a fact, the eldest clarified. “The princesses.”

“And how am I going to do that, sweetheart?” Questioned Diana while trying to divert her attention between her two children, before making sure she darted her eyes toward Alex, who was skipping so fast, he was about to lose his hat.

Confusion in her otherwise refined voice, Penelope answered the ask with an inquiry of her own. “Because you’re a ‘princess’ too, right? That’s why daddy calls you that, right?”

Instantly, she felt Bruce’s eyes on her, a feeling she knew all too well. It was a soothing, discarnate graze that reminded her of how she ended up at Disney World with four children and a husband to flatter her with such a pet name.

Diana looked back at Bruce over her shoulder and smiled, reflecting on when he made her feel like a princess the first time they had ever come to the park together. When he took her from ride to ride, kissed her on the bridge that was only a few steps away for the very first time, then took her to the princess suite that ended up being their honeymoon suite.

The fireworks that happened at Disney World – the ones that flew sky-high or took her to cloud nine – were indeed embedded with something special that any magic user she had ever met would be envious of.

Unable to deny her children anything, Wonder Woman caved to their adorable misunderstanding and promised them with all of her heart. “I might be able to work something out.” Then, she winked at Bruce, knowing he’d understand that she meant for him to work his business magic and make it happen.

Like the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand, her adoring husband revealed his cell phone and called upon the little workers of the park to help them make their little ones’ dream come true.

The last time they had to think about Disney World and ‘kids’, Bruce’s surrogate children had condemned them because they had gone to the Magic Kingdom without them. To think that, all of these years later, they had brought their four children to the park was truly a gift of the gods. From teammates to lovers to parents, her life with Bruce had gone from utterly chaotic to resembling a fairy tale-like dream.

Maybe she deserved a movie, like her fellow princesses.

((I had been wanting to write about the four WonderBat kids I had made a while ago, and I realized that this cute little epilogue was the perfect chance to do so! It’s nothing big, nothing special, just some fluff to end your weekend with. Hope you enjoyed! And yes, Alexandros is on his way to being the first male Amazon, while Penelope is going to run Wayne Manor like she’s Alfred II someday! ~ Maiden))


My last submission for WonderBatMilestones, I promise! If you need to know who Allie is, please feel free to read my story “Father’s Day”.

As always, I do not own these characters.


December 2 16:32 Wayne Manor

Diana Wayne rolled over in bed, letting out a groan as she stretched under the covers, trying to stifle a yawn. She glanced towards the clock near her husband’s side of the bed, her eyes widening as she jumped out of bed when she saw the time. How had she slept that late? She had brought Allie up to her room for a nap, and after her stressful day on the watchtower, as well as the week she had just had, she knew she should join her daughter in a small nap. Small nap, not the two and a half hour nap she had just woken from.

She turned to the bed, her wide eyes growing in fear when she didn’t see her daughter in the bed with her. She raced out of the room, her bare feet hitting the cold hardwood floor as she dashed into the hallway, before she rushed down the stairs, wondering where her daughter had run off to. “Alexandra!” Diana exclaimed, her heart racing as she stopped to listen, hoping to hear her daughter’s voice.

Instead, she heard music coming from down the hall, and she knew where Allie had run off too. She quickly raced down another corridor, heading towards the room that held their grand piano, stopping behind the cracked door when she noticed Allie was not in the room alone.

Diana let out the breath she had been holding when she saw Bruce, her husband, sitting in front of the piano, his daughter placed into his lap, as he guided her hands over the keys. He had her hands in his and every so often would push her small hand down onto the key, smiling when she would giggle as the music echoed throughout the room.

Diana leaned against the door, quietly watching as her daughter continued to press the keys in front of her, as Bruce gently brushed Allie’s hair out of her face. He placed a small kiss on the crown of the child’s head, smiling when her bright blue eyes widened with her smile. “Daddy,” the child said with a giggle, “I try to play. No kisses.”

Bruce chuckled, kissing her head once more, pulling back before she turned to glare at him. God, she looked just like Diana. He was going to be in trouble when she decided to start dating. “I can’t give my baby kisses?” Bruce asked, letting Allie press another few keys, shaking her head.

“I not a baby,” Allie said, raising her finger to let Bruce know she was serious.

Bruce shook his head, kissing the pad of her finger, before he squeezed her tightly. “You’ll always be my baby,” he said, smiling when she turned and placed her head on his chest. “And you’re not allowed to grow up. Or date. Ever.”

Diana watched as Allie shook her head against Bruce’s chest. “I have a boyfriend,” she muttered.

“Oh no you do not. Daddy won’t allow it.”

Diana opened the door and walked into the room, flashing a smile to her husband and her daughter as she made her way over to the bench. “Mommy!” Allie exclaimed, jumping out of Bruce’s lap and into Diana’s arms, giving Diana a kiss on the cheek before she jumped to the floor and ran out of the room.

“Hello,” she said, responding to the three and a half year old who was now halfway down the hall, before she turned to her husband and kissed him. “When did you get home?”

Bruce stared at his wife, his lips curling into another smile as he pressed another key on the piano. “About an hour ago,” he said, using his thumb to wipe off some of the soot from Diana’s face; she had come straight home and fell asleep with Allie, she still needed to shower, sure she smelled like smoke.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” she asked, using the back of her hand to wipe off any other dirt from her face.

Bruce shrugged, leaned in, and kissed her cheek. “You needed sleep,” he said, “The League has been keeping you so busy, and with Allie you haven’t been getting much sleep. Even I’ve noticed how tired you’ve been this past week.”

Diana let out a small sigh and closed her eyes, leaning her head on Bruce’s shoulder. “Thank you,” she said, kissing his shoulder. She knew he was right. The League had been keeping her busy and Allie being sick the last few days hadn’t made things easier. But this was different than just being exhausted from League missions and having a sick child. She had only been this exhausted one other time in her life, a realization that had hit hard when she had opened her eyes to watch her child run back into the room, a cookie in her hand. “Did Alfred give that to you?” she asked, watching as the child shoved the cookie into her mouth and nodded. “No more before dinner.”

“Yes Mommy,” she said, her mouth still full of the cookie. She quickly finished chewing the cookie and turned to Bruce. “Daddy we go outside now?”

“Yes,” he said, standing from the bench, before he offered a hand to his wife. He watched as Diana placed her hand in his, before he pulled her up on her feet. “Your daughter has been waiting for you to go play in the snow.”

Diana smiled. The first winter she had experienced in Man’s World, Diana was so intrigued by the white powdery substance that had fallen from the sky. Bruce had explained what snow was, even letting her visit Gotham to experience her first snowball fight with Tim. Since then, she loved the snowy days that winter brought to Gotham. Allie had taken after her mother in that aspect, loving to run through the snow and build snowmen with Tim.

“Well let’s go get you dressed,” Diana said, scooping up Allie into her arms, before the two walked out of the room, Bruce following them.

He watched as his wife carried their daughter upstairs, going to get ready for another adventure in the snow.


Bruce watched his daughter run through the snow, stopping to scoop some of the fresh powder into her arms, before she threw it up into the air, giggling to herself. He still had on his work clothes, so he had only needed to throw on his jacket, a pair of gloves, and a scarf, before he patiently waited for Diana to come downstairs dressed and ready to go.

When he had seen his wife come down carrying Allie, he couldn’t help but laugh. Diana had changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater, a knitted cap on her head and a scarf tied around her neck; she would put on her coat and gloves near the door. In her arms was Allie, covered in a large snowsuit, a large scarf around her neck and gloves around her hands. Bruce shook his head, the image of Stay Puft flashing into his mind.

When the three of them had gone outside, Allie had been quick to rush through the garden, running through the yard as her parents walked slowly behind her, keeping her in their line of sight.

“How was work?” Diana asked, looping her arm through her husband’s. “Did that deal go through?”

Bruce nodded. He had been working with Lucius to establish a million dollar deal with another tech corp on the west coast, knowing the fusion between their two companies would boost stocks, and afford the Batman better technology to help in his fight against Gotham criminals. “Yes, I’ll need to go to California some time next month, but only for a few days.”

Diana nodded, knowing this was part of her husband’s job, before she laid her head gently on his shoulder. “I’m sure Allie and I will find some way to occupy our time,” she said with a smirk, glancing up to watch the child roll down the hill ahead of them, laughing the whole way down. “She’s so happy,” Diana said, happy to see her child content with her life.

When she had been born, Bruce had been adamant about not letting her into his nightly activities, wanting to keep her away from the darkness that plagued Gotham for as long as he could. Plus, he was worried she wouldn’t be able to separate Daddy and Batman, and would accidentally let it slip that her father was The Dark Knight. Until he was sure she could handle that stress, he and Diana would keep her as far away from that world as possible.

Bruce smiled wide, nodding his head. “She reminds me of her mother,” he said, kissing the crown of Diana’s head. The sense of wonderment Allie displayed reminded Bruce of Diana every day. She was just as curious as Diana had been when she had first come to Man’s World, and she always had questions about how the world worked. But it wasn’t until their latest trip to D.C., when Diana had decided to take the family to the zoo, did Bruce see how alike Allie and Diana were; the look of amazement on Allie’s face when she had seen the elephants was just like her mother’s the first time she had seen the creatures in person.

“Do you ever think of having more?” Diana asked, the crunching of the snow under her boots filling in the moments of silence as Bruce sighed, thinking of his answer.

“Of course,” he responded, looking up to see Allie skip around the corner of the manor. “Why? Are you pregnant?”

Diana stopped, turning to face her husband as she chuckled, nervously. She opened her mouth to respond, but quickly shut it when the two heard Allie shriek, followed by the sounds of dogs growling and barking. Without another thought, the two rushed off towards where Allie had disappeared to, fearing for her safety.

When they turned the corner, they saw Allie standing behind a puppy, her hands over her face, as it barked at the two growling dogs on the other end of the fence. Diana watched as the puppy growled at the dogs and lunged forward, letting the two bigger dogs know it wasn’t afraid, as Bruce rushed up and grabbed Allie, pulling her into his arms and away from the three animals. He watched as the two bigger dogs ran away, the puppy in front of Allie taking a step towards the fence and barking louder, instigating that he had won the showdown, before he turned to face the three people.

He looked up at Diana, his large brown eyes meeting Diana’s bright blue, as he took a seat in the snow. Diana cautiously walked up to the puppy, her eyes alert, watching for any signs of aggression as she bent down. She opened her arms for the puppy, letting it walk up to her, her heart breaking when she saw it walk with a limp, the snow under him red from the wound on his hind leg. Without another word, she scooped the puppy up into her arms, smiling when he licked her face, grateful to be out of the cold snow, before she wrapped him in her coat, protecting him from the cold December weather.

The two walked back into the manor, Bruce carefully checking Allie for any injuries, before he took her up to her bedroom to get undressed, leaving Diana to tend to the puppy’s bleeding hind leg. “What happened to you?” she asked the puppy, trying to be gentle as she stroked his head, gaining his trust, before her hand moved down to his left hind leg. She carefully felt for the injury, freezing when the puppy let out a yelp when her finger ran over the bite. “It’s okay,” she whispered, gently scratching its ear, “We’ll get you fixed up in no time.”


Tim walked through the front door of the manor, his eyebrows furrowed. He was in a foul mood, and his English professor was to blame. He had spent weeks on his latest term paper, “The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greek”, even going as far as to have Diana give him a history lesson in the powerful beings, but when he had received his paper back, with a big, red, “F” on the front, he had become livid. “None of this information is correct,” his professor had told him, as he had shoved the paper back into the teen’s hand. Tim had left the classroom, fuming. He had gotten his information straight from Wonder Woman, who had met with some of these supposedly fake beings. If she said it, it was true. Dr. Mayes obviously did not know his mother.

He quickly pulled off his coat and scarf, tossing them onto the rack by the door, as he let out another sigh. How was he going to tell Bruce? Nevermind that, how was he going to tell Diana? She had been so excited that he had come to her with something, and had put so much time into telling him the history of her gods. She would be devastated if she had learned what his English professor had thought.

Making sure to leave his boots by the door, Tim walked through the foyer wondering where everyone was. It was a little after five in the evening, and he knew Bruce had come home earlier, but he was most likely in the cave or with Allie. Alfred was still outside parking the car and he only assumed Diana was on the Watchtower with the League. That gave him an hour or so to think of what to do about this. He took a step towards the giant staircase, wanting to go up to his room and rest, when his ears caught a familiar, yet strange sound.

He quickly turned and walked down one of the halls, stepping into the family room, where he saw his sister sitting on the couch, a black puppy curled up in her lap, its tail wagging as it saw Tim come into the room. Tim’s eyes widened as he joined his sister on the couch, his hand instinctively coming to scratch the dog’s ear, as he turned to look at Bruce and Diana, who had been discussing something in the corner. “No way,” he said, letting the puppy lick his hand before he continued to scratch his head, smiling when Allie began to gently run her hand down the dog’s back, “We got a dog?!”

Bruce turned away from his wife, the stern look on his face still visible, and shook his head. “No, we did not get a dog,” he said, glancing up at Diana, who only shook her head, her face sad. “He wandered into the yard after being attacked and we’re just looking after him until his owner comes to pick him up.”

Diana placed a hand on her husband’s shoulder. “Bruce,” she began, “Look at him.”

Bruce shook his head again. “Princess,” he began, narrowing his eyes as he saw the dog on the couch, “He’s not ours, and I don’t think we have the time to dedicate to a dog.”

Diana let out a sad sigh as the doorbell rang. “Then you need to be the one to explain it to your daughter,” she said harshly, before she walked out of the room, leaving her husband to stand there, surprised by her words.

He was about to walk out after her and explain his reasonings, when Alfred walked into the room, a large man by his side. “Master Wayne, this is Mr. Ensley. He is the owner of the puppy you found.”

The large man took a step towards the three when he saw the dog on the child’s lap, his face curling into a smile. “Oh there you are, Hansel,” the man said, watching as the puppy lifted his head, before baring his teeth and growling. “Oh you know that’s not how you’re supposed to greet me.” The man looked up at Bruce, who carefully walked over and plucked the puppy out of Allie’s lap, much to her dismay. His brown eyes made contact with Bruce’s blue, and although he knew this was the man he had spoken to earlier, it didn’t calm his uneasy feeling.

“Are you sure you have the right dog?” Tim asked, rising to stand next to Bruce. He watched as the man nodded, reached into his back pocket, and pulled out his wallet.

“Hansel here was a gift from my late father,” he said, opening the wallet to show the two men the photo of what they assumed was Mr. Ensley, his father, and the puppy. “He’s a little aggressive, as you can see, but I’ve been working on it.” He looked up at Bruce, flashed him a smile, and opened his arms. “Now, if I can please have my dog, we’ll be on our way.”

Bruce looked down at Tim, raising an eyebrow, before he gently rubbed the puppy’s back. Without a word he placed the puppy in Mr. Ensley’s arms, watching as the man gave the two of them a nod, before he turned on his heel and walked out of the room.

Bruce turned to face Allie, who had stood from the couch, her little eyes narrowed at her father in disbelief he had just gotten rid of her newest friend. “Daddy,” she whined, her eyes filling with tears as Diana walked back into the room. She quickly ran into her mother’s arms, the tears in her eyes falling down her cheeks.

Diana lifted the child into her arms, letting her rest her head against her mother’s shoulder, before her eyes met Bruce’s. Without a word, Diana walked out of the room, trying to comfort the crying child, leaving Bruce to stand in the room with Tim, a sigh escaping his lips as he listened to Mr. Ensley walk out of the front door.

December 3 01:17 Grant Park

“Robin to Batman.”

Batman sat perched on the roof of an abandoned warehouse, staring into the alley below. Mr. Ensley had seemed off when he had come for the puppy, and the way the dog had reacted to seeing the man only made Bruce worry something was wrong. So, before he had left, Bruce had snuck a tracker onto the puppy, knowing if his hunch about the man was right, he wouldn’t even bother to check the dog before leaving the manor.

“Batman here,” he said, his masked face moving to watch a few pedestrians make their way into the building across the street. “What do you have?”

“Oracle just finished that background on Jarod Ensley. His father was arrested for importing and selling exotic animals back in the nineties. Jarod’s got a few arrests for B&E, and shoplifting, but other than that, nothing.”

Batman shook his head, unhappy with the news. Something about the man seemed off, and he knew he wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself if he let anything happen to that dog. “Let’s see what’s going on here,” he said, sending Tim the coordinates from the tracker, glad Gotham had been relatively quiet tonight.

“I’ll see you there,” Robin began, “Robin out.”

Batman stood from where he had been crouched, pulling his grappling gun from his belt, and shot it into one of the beams from the roof across the street. He quickly swung onto the roof, landing quietly, before he disconnected the line and placed his grappling gun back onto his belt. He heard Robin land on the roof behind him, before he nodded towards the broken boards, allowing them a view into the warehouse below.

The two glanced into the warehouse. Tim let out a gasp when he saw what was going on, his fists clenching when he saw the large crowd gathered around the small arena. “Alright gents,” Mr. Ensley said, stepping into the arena. In one of his hands he held a pipe, and in the other was a large stack of cash. “Bets have been made. Time to start this show.”

He moved aside and let the two large dogs run towards each other, growling. One of the dogs, a dark haired Doberman, snapped at the Great Dane, his tooth catching the Dane’s ear, dragging it down to the floor. The dog let out a yelp as the Doberman pounced on it, digging its teeth into the Dane’s hind leg. The crowd began to cheer, egging the Doberman on, watching as the dog on the ground fought to gain the upper hand.

The Great Dane kicked the Doberman off him, much to the crowd’s dismay, before he backed away from the angry dog. He looked at the arena, looking for a way to escape, before the Doberman charged the Dane, this time letting its jaws clamp around the dog’s throat, bringing the animal to the ground.

The crowd began to cheer as Batman clenched his fists. He swooped into the warehouse, Robin following him inside, before they hid in the shadows, watching as Mr. Ensley walked into the arena, pulling a chain around the Doberman’s neck, yanking him out of the area, before he walked over to the still dog on the floor. He watched as the Dane took in a small breath, before he shook his head, his eyes narrowing at the dog that was still alive. He quickly raised the pipe he held over his head, ready to finish the job his Doberman couldn’t, when something hit his hand, forcing him to drop the object.

Mr. Ensley rubbed his hand, glancing down at the batarang that had forced the pipe from his hand, before his eyes moved up. Before he could say a word, Robin came out of the shadows, kicking Mr. Ensley in the gut, knocking him to the ground. He quickly restrained the man, before he turned to face the beaten dog, his hand gently rubbing the Dane’s face, letting him know it was all over.

The crowd began to yell, angry that the fight had been cut short, and scared that their illegal dog fighting ring had been busted. They quickly began to disperse, hoping to evade justice at the hands of Batman, however the flashing blue and red lights that had begun to illuminate the warehouse signaled the Gotham Police Department was already there. The police stormed in, guns drawn, as the men surrounding the arena began to fret.

Batman walked out of the shadows, deciding to let the police take care of the betting men, heading straight for Robin and Mr. Ensley. He walked into the arena, watching as the restrained man began to cower in fear. He lifted the man up into the air by his shirt, the whites of his cowl narrowing as he threw him against the wall. “You’re a sick man,” he growled as Commissioner Gordon came up behind him.

“The dog fights were a way to fund his real operation,” Gordon said, grinning as Mr. Ensley’s nostrils flared. “The amount of cocaine my officers just found upstairs will send him away for decades.”

“Good,” Batman said, watching as Gordon took the man out of the arena. He turned to face Robin, giving his protege a nod, before the teen walked out of the arena towards the crates of waiting dogs. He quickly followed Robin out, walking up to the crates,and began to help him take out the scared dogs, letting the officers around them take them outside.

It had taken nearly twenty minutes of searching, but when Batman stumbled upon a crate holding the dog he had been looking for, his lips curled into a grin. He quickly broke the lock on the crate, gently pulling the puppy out, cradling it into his arms, before his gloved hand gently scratched the shaking puppy’s head. “It’s okay,” he said, his finger gently scratching under the puppy’s chin. “You’re coming home.”

December 3 05:43 Wayne Manor

Diana rolled over in her and Bruce’s bed, a sigh escaping her lips when she felt the empty bed. Bruce still hadn’t returned home from patrol, and after having gone to bed angry with him, she was more than ready to see him. She knew she shouldn’t have been upset about the dog, after all, she knew he was right. They didn’t have time to dedicate towards a dog, not when she knew they had other things to discuss, but he hadn’t been the one who had to console their distraught daughter, watching as she cried herself to sleep because Bruce had sent away her “protector”.

She sat up in the bed, her back resting against their headboard, as her hands wiped the last bit of sleep from her eyes. She let out a small yawn, before she swung her legs off the bed, stopping when she heard a small crash downstairs. She quickly stood from the bed and walked out of the room, her tired mind wondering what was happening downstairs.

Diana walked down the hall and to the stairs, stopping at the top when she saw Bruce standing at the bottom, his hand covering his face, as he let out a giant sigh. Near his feet was a broken vase, no doubt the noise she had heard moments prior, but that wasn’t the only thing making noise. To Bruce’s right was the puppy from earlier, his tail wagging as he sat next to the fresh puddle of urine he had just made, barking quietly.

“What have I gotten myself into,” Bruce muttered to himself, bending down to place a few paper towels onto the mess. “You’re going to be a handful,” he said, looking up at the puppy, unable to help the smile on his face as the puppy responded with a playful bark, pouncing on the paper towels.

“Well this is a sight.” Bruce looked up to see Diana standing at the top of the staircase, her hands on her hips, a smirk on her face. “What happened last night?”

She made her way down the stairs, stopping on the bottom step, watching the puppy run over to her, his injured hind leg wrapped in a cast causing him to hobble. She quickly picked up the puppy, laughing when he began to lick her face happily, grateful to be back in the manor with good people. “I put a tracker on him,” Bruce began, “Last night Tim and I discovered his owner was in charge of a dog fighting ring that was funding their drug cartel. After Gordon busted it, I knew I couldn’t let the little guy go into a shelter.”

Diana chuckled and shook her head. “You’re getting soft Bruce,” she said, walking up to her husband, giving him a kiss. “But I thought you said we didn’t have time for a dog.”

Bruce shrugged. “Tim’s old enough, and so is Allie. We’ll make it work.”

Diana nodded and placed the puppy back on the ground, watching as he began to run around the room. “How are we going to handle a puppy and a baby at the same time?” she asked, her eyes widening when she realized what had slipped out of her mouth. She looked up at Bruce, watching as he carefully turned to face his wife, shock on his face.

“You’re pregnant?” He watched as Diana nodded, smiling nervously, before he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a hug. “That’s what you were trying to tell me yesterday?” Diana nodded once more, before he kissed her softly, his hand gently pulling some of her hair behind her ear. “We’ll make it work,” he began, “If anyone can do it, it’s you.”

Diana chuckled and kissed Bruce once more, before she turned towards the staircase, smiling when she saw Tim standing at the top, Allie in his arms, staring at the dog with wide eyes. “Puppy!” she exclaimed, before the two made their way down. Tim gently placed Allie onto the floor, watching with a smile as his sister sat down onto the step, petting the puppy’s head.

“I can’t believe you brought him back,” Tim said, reaching down to pet the puppy.

Bruce shrugged. “You two are responsible for him, are we clear?” Tim and Allie nodded, continuing to pet the puppy, a smile both of their faces. “Your mother also has-”

Diana placed her hand on Bruce’s chest, stopping him. “I think this is enough excitement for today,” she said, moving her hand from his chest to his face, gently stroking the stubble of his growing beard. “We can save that information for another time,” she whispered, watching Bruce nod with a smile, before he kissed the heel of her hand. She wanted her and Bruce to be the only one to know about the new baby for a bit before they shared it with everyone, after all, the last time her surprise had been ruined thanks to a bag mix up. “We need a name for him.”

Tim looked up, watching as Alfred walked into the room, a bowl of water in his hand, having heard the dog from the kitchen. He watched as the butler placed the bowl on the ground, before the dog trotted over to it and began to lap up the water. “What about Ace?” Tim asked, tilting his head as he watched the puppy.

“Simple,” Bruce responded, “It’ll do.”

Diana turned to look her husband in the eye, her smile growing. “Isn’t that what you wanted to name a dog as a child?”

Alfred chuckled, remembering when a young Bruce had begged his parents for a dog. “It sure was Ms. Diana. I believe Ace is a perfect name for the feisty pup.”

“Ass! Ass!” Allie said, a smile on her face as she clapped, happily watching the puppy.

“Oh sweetie, it’s Ace,” Diana said, smacking Bruce’s chest when she heard him begin to chuckle. “But let’s get you some breakfast, and then you and I, and maybe Alfred, can take Ace out to get some toys.”

“Yes!” Allie exclaimed, jumping into the air, causing the three adults to chuckle, before she walked across the room. “Come Ass,” Allie said over her shoulder, watching as Ace bounded after her into the kitchen.

“We might need to change that name,” Bruce muttered, watching as Diana shook her head with a chuckle. The two watched Tim follow his sister and Ace into the kitchen, before Alfred rushed out of the room, leaving the two alone.

Bruce pulled Diana, forcing her to face him, before he placed another kiss on her lips, his hand instinctively trailing down to her pajama covered stomach. “I love you, and I am excited for this new baby,” he whispered, his eyes glancing over her shoulder at the wall of photos behind her.

Among the wall were photos of their family, ranging from photos of Dick and Jason with Bruce, to Bruce’s first photo with Diana, but the one that had caught his eye was the photo closest to the pair. It was a picture Alfred had taken during their rooftop ceremony, when Bruce and Diana had gotten married in private. It was that day he knew his life would no longer be the same, and he welcomed the change with open arms.

When Diana had come into his life he knew she was something special, but never in a million years would he have imagined she would fall in love with him, agree to marry him, and become the mother to not one, but two of their children. He loved this woman immensely, and he knew he would do anything for her or their family.

As his mind wandered back to their rooftop ceremony, his lips curled into a smile, remembering how he had surprised his wife with his Greek. He had practiced it for weeks, wanting to get it just right for her, but he had never imagined she would have reacted as well as she had in that moment.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked as she ran her hand gently through his hair, watching as Bruce glanced back to her face, his blue eyes meeting hers.

“Our life together,” was all he said. “I never thought it would happen the way it did.”

Diana gave him a smirk as she buried her face into his chest. “When did you know?” she asked, “When did you know I was the one?”

Bruce let out a small sigh. “That night at the zoo,” he confessed. “I didn’t realize it then, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was in love with you.” He placed a kiss on his wife’s head. “And you?”

Diana took a moment to think, trying to decipher when she had decided Bruce was the only man for her. “That morning in the new training room,” she said, “You saw me at my worst, and you were a shoulder to cry on.”

Bruce placed a kiss on her shoulder, giving her another smile as he heard Allie and Tim laugh from the other room. Diana pulled away from him, flashing him a smile over his shoulder, before she walked out of the room, leaving Bruce to stand and let out another sigh.

Diana really was something else, and he couldn’t believe he had gotten lucky enough to have her in his life. He glanced back up to their wedding photo, smiling when he saw the etching in the glass of the frame. It was the Greek phrase he had said to her on their wedding day, and he knew, for the rest of their lives, he would remind her of those words. “Énas polemistís, períergos kai athóos, chromatízei tin kardiá mou me agápi tha pánta thisavrós,” he mumbled to himself, mentally translating the sentence. A warrior, curious and innocent, stained my heart with love I will treasure, always.

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November 24. 13:22. Green Grocer’s.

“Did you find everything you were looking for?”

Diana Wayne turned to see her son, thirteen year old Timothy Drake, come down the aisle of the supermarket, a smirk on his face as he tossed a few items into the basket Alfred stood next to. He watched as Alfred shook his head, before he looked up at Diana, his smirk turning into a large grin, hoping to persuade her to allow him the sweets.

Diana gave him a small smile and a nod, before she joined the two, her private purchase carefully concealed in a bag. “Yes, I did,” she said, tying the bag closed before Tim could glance into it. “And you know Bruce is not going to like you having all those sweets.”

Tim shrugged, walking over to stand next to Alfred, placing his hand on the butler’s shoulder. “It’s Thanksgiving,” he began, giving his surrogate mother another large grin, “He has to be lenient.”

Diana chuckled, shaking her head once more, before she crossed her arms over her chest. “You better share with your brothers,” she said, turning to Alfred in time to see him chuckle.

It had been Bruce and Diana’s first Thanksgiving as a married couple, and after much convincing from both Alfred and Diana, Bruce had agreed to host a dinner. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t had Thanksgiving dinner at the manor before. In fact, every year Alfred would prepare a feast for Bruce and Tim. This year, however, Diana had convinced both Jason and Dick to join in, as well as Barbara, and a few of the other League members. Bruce had promised he would give Diana as much of a normal life as he could, and that meant having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, filled with friends and family. Diana had been so grateful she had promised to let him go out on patrol without any fuss, so long as he woke her up when he had come home. It was a deal he was willing to take.

That morning Alfred had realized he had forgotten a few items for their dinner, and Diana, wanting to offer him some help, had offered to accompany him to the store. Once Tim had heard they were going to the store, he wanted to join in, welcoming the distraction from a paper he needed to finish by the end of the week. So the three of them made their way to the supermarket, carefully deciding a plan of attack that would help them navigate the busy, crowded aisles.

They had decided to split up, figuring they would be able to get more items quicker as individuals; Diana had been grateful, as she had an ulterior motive to go shopping. She needed to pick up something, and she wasn’t ready for either of the two to know.

“Of course,” Tim said, watching as Alfred turned the cart and headed towards the checkout. “What time is everyone coming?” he asked, forcing Diana’s attention away from her own thoughts.

“About six,” she answered, “Have you finished your paper yet?”

She watched as he shoved his hands into his pockets and dropped his head, his eyes avoiding hers. “Nearly done,” he said quietly.

Diana nodded, stopping near Alfred as he placed all of their items onto the moving conveyor belt. They all remained quiet as Alfred finished his purchase, before Tim grabbed the bags and rushed out the door, leaving Diana to walk alongside Alfred. “You’re peculiarly quiet today Ms. Diana,” Alfred said, his nose scrunching unconsciously when he used the name. When she and Bruce had gotten married, Alfred had been adamant about changing the title he referred to her by, but Diana had merely shook her head, telling Alfred to keep her name just the way it had been. She had tried to convince him to just call her by her first name, but after years of calling her ‘Ms. Diana’, he wasn’t going to be able to change his habit.

Diana glanced up at the butler, her eyes meeting his, as she gave him a small smile, trying to distract him from what was really bothering her. She had woken up the last few days not feeling well, much to her dismay. She had really been looking forward to this day, and she didn’t want a little stomach bug to ruin the day. “Just a little tired,” she confessed, “But I’m very excited for tonight.” Her stomach turned at the thought of all the food Alfred was sure to prepare, however she took a deep breath, keeping the smile on her face, before they finished the small walk to the car, where Tim had been waiting, the grocery bags already neatly packed in the trunk, as he sat in the backseat glaring at his phone.

“Well, I suppose you should take a small nap when you get home Ms. Diana,” Alfred suggested, opening the rear door for Diana, allowing her to slip inside next to Tim.

“Oh Alfred, I couldn’t leave you in the kitchen alone.”

Alfred shook his head. “Oh pish posh, Ms. Diana. I am perfectly content in the kitchen by myself.” He closed the door and walked up to the driver’s seat, quickly getting into the car before driving off to the manor.

Diana leaned her back against the seat, her arms crossed over her chest as she stared out the window. She loved the colors of the trees during the fall, and even in Gotham, she found herself staring at the beauty of the changing trees, watching in awe as the orange and gold leaves began to fall and littered the streets.

Her hand unconsciously slid up to her mouth, keeping the nausea at bay, as the trees whizzed past them on their way to the manor. She let out a small sigh, closing her eyes in concentration. She felt bad for lying to Alfred, but she didn’t want him to know, not yet. She still didn’t if she was entirely sure herself, but, as she clutched the bag in her hand closer to her body, she realized she would soon have the answer.

October 31. 18:23. Batcave.

Diana flashed into the Batcave, shivering when the cool air hit her body. She quickly glanced around, wondering if she would be able to catch Bruce and Tim before they went out for patrol. It had been nearly a week since she had left to visit Themyscira, needing to finish her own personal mission, before she came back home, and she couldn’t wait to have Bruce in her arms. She couldn’t wait to have his lips on hers, his body firmly pressed against hers, as his hands roamed her naked body. Nearly a week without his touch had drove her nearly insane; she wasn’t sure if she would be able to go another minute without him.

She quickly bounded up the stairs, wanting to see her husband. She made her way into the manor, making sure the hidden entrance for the Batcave closed, before she rushed up the stairs to the second floor of the manor, gently bumping into Alfred on her way to the bedroom she shared with Bruce.

“Ms. Diana!” Alfred exclaimed, his eyes widening when he saw the woman standing in front of him, as his lips curled into a smile. “You’re home!”

Diana watched as Alfred gave her a smile, happy to see her after a few days away. She had missed her daily chats with the butler, enjoying a cup of tea while he prepared breakfast for the family, and she knew he had missed her company as well. “Alfred,” she began, wrapping her arms around the man, pulling him into a tight hug. “I missed you.”

Alfred chuckled, hugging Diana back, before he pulled away and nodded. “As I missed you Ms. Diana,” Alfred said, “But I believe Master Bruce wins this competition. He’s been extra cranky these past few days.”

Diana let out a small laugh, nodding her head, knowing her husband could be grumpy when she was away. “And where is Bruce?” she asked, pulling off her tiara.

“He and Master Tim are at Wayne Enterprises,” Alfred began, watching as Diana’s eyes grew wide. “They’re at the-”

“The Halloween Party! Oh, I’m glad I didn’t miss it,” Diana exclaimed. When Bruce had first explained the idea of Halloween to Diana, telling her how people liked to dress in different costumes, sometimes going to parties, she had been adamant about participating with him and Tim. When Bruce had reminded her that they both dressed up in a costume on a daily basis, Diana had made him promise to dress in another costume, in addition to throwing a party for all his employees. Always one to make his wife happy, Bruce had agreed, unsure of how he was going to feel hosting a Halloween party at his multibillion dollar company. “Please tell me Bruce dressed up.”

Alfred nodded, his smile turning into a smirk. “I wouldn’t let him leave until he and Master Tim were in full costume. And I do believe Master Bruce left a costume for you, hoping you would come home today. It’s laid out on your bed.”

Diana nodded, muttered a thanks to Alfred and rushed up to her bedroom. She quickly opened the door, stepping inside the room and placed her tiara on the nightstand by her side of the bed, before her eyes glanced down to the costume that had been laid out on the bed. Her lips curled into a smile as she rolled her eyes, unable to believe this was what Bruce had decided she should wear to the party.

She quickly pulled off her boots, tossing them gently into the opened closet, before she unzipped her uniform, shimmying out of the clothing, letting it fall onto the floor. She would humor Bruce and dress in his outfit. She only hoped he was wearing something similar.

November 24. 13:47. Wayne Manor.

“Just set the bags on the counter Master Tim,” Alfred instructed, watching as the teen carried the bags into the kitchen, before he placed them onto the counter, his eyes glancing into one of the bag to see where his hidden sweets had been placed.

“Are you sure we can’t help you Alfred?” Diana asked, watching as Tim grabbed a small bag from the counter, her eyes widening when she realized her own bag had been mixed in with the groceries. “Tim, no,” she said, trying to stop Tim from opening the bag, however she had been too late, watching as he ripped the bag open, his eyes widening when he realized the item inside wasn’t his bag of candy, but rather a very colorful box.

“Umm, Diana,” Tim began, handing her the box, staring into her eyes with an eyebrow raised. “Is there something you want to tell us?”

Diana snatched the box containing the pregnancy test from Tim’s hand, letting out a sigh as she felt Tim and Alfred’s eyes on her. “I don’t know yet,” she said, “And Bruce doesn’t know anything.”

Tim looked at Diana, his shocked face disappearing, a smile forming on his lips at the thought of Diana having a baby. “Well, what are you waiting for? We need to know now.”

He felt Alfred’s hand on his shoulder, forcing the teen to look up at the butler. He noticed the smile on the older man’s face and he knew he was overjoyed with the thought of a baby in the house. “What I think Master Tim means is, we won’t tell Bruce.”

Diana nodded her thanks, giving the two of them another smile, before she backed out of the kitchen. She knew she needed to take the test sooner rather than later, and with Tim now knowing he could become an older brother, she wasn’t going to be able to keep this a secret for much longer. She had only hoped all her hard work, and her prayers, hadn’t gone unanswered.

October 31. 19:01. Wayne Enterprises

Diana walked through the front door of Wayne Enterprises, dressed in the outfit Bruce had left for her, smiling at the employees that waved at her. When she and Bruce had married, she had become a consistent presence at his job, casually stopping by to have lunch with her husband, stealing precious moments alone before they had to return to the craziness both of their lives provided. Bruce would never admit it, but those days when Diana would show up at his office, a bag of food in her hands, were some of his favorites.

“Mrs. Wayne!” Diana turned to see Lucius Fox, Bruce’s business manager, walk towards her. He was dressed in a suit, and although Diana had expected to see him in a costume after his excitement over the first Halloween party at the company, her lips curled into a smile.

“Lucius,” she said, giving the man a hug when he stood in front of her. “I thought we were supposed to be in costume,” she said, pulling away from him, giving him a wink.

Lucius chuckled. “I’m afraid I’m still on the clock, Mrs. Wayne. Your husband has been keeping me busy.”

“And where exactly is my husband?” she asked, feeling his hand fall to the small of her back, as he led her inside the main lobby.

Inside Diana let out a gasp as she took in the decorations, the black and orange colors on full force throughout the lobby. There was a table full of candy, various snacks, and other refreshments to the far left and on the other end of the room was a dj filling the room with dance music, to which a few of the employees had taken advantage, showing each other their moves in the middle of the room.

At the far right was a portable bar, and Diana noticed the bartender behind it trying to fill the drinks of the few people standing near him, a wide smile on his painted face as he watched another employee throw a large tip in the already full jar in front of him.

She took in the costumes everyone was wearing, a smile on her face when she saw how enthusiastic everyone had been. Lucius led her through the crowd, cautious not to bump into anyone wearing heavy makeup, fearing he would get his suit dirty. “I believe that is your husband,” Lucius said, pointing towards the end of the room at the handful of people talking. “I can’t believe you got him to dress up,” he commented, watching as Bruce smiled at something one of his employees said before his head tilted back as his eyes closed, his hearty laugh forcing a smile on Diana’s lips.

“He does it every night,” Diana whispered, glancing over at Lucius and offering him a smirk, watching as the older man nodded once before he let out a chuckle. She knew Lucius knew Bruce’s secret, and she was confident that the man would keep it until the day he died. Without a word, Diana walked over to her husband, nodding towards the few employees that looked her way, a smile on her face as she approached Bruce.

“You know Bruce, I was hoping to see your beautiful wife here,” one of Bruce’s advisers said. The older man was dressed as a famous video game character, one she had seen Tim playing multiple times. He adjusted his fake mustache, before his gloved hands fell to the straps of his overalls, the red shirt underneath tight against his growing belly. “I think she was the only reason Max agreed to come with me,” he said, nodding over his shoulder at the other man dressed in a similar costume, the green shirt and hat being the only difference.

Bruce nodded as he took a bite of the chocolate in his hand, his smile fading at the thought of Diana not being around to celebrate with him after she had been the reason he had done all this. “I was hoping she’d be back by now too, Donald,” he said, before he plopped the rest of the candy into his mouth and tossed the wrapper into the trash behind him, “But she’s a busy woman.”

Diana stepped behind Bruce and placed her arm around his waist, feeling him tense under her arm. “I always make time for my husband,” she said over his shoulder, smiling when she saw Donald smile at her appearance. Diana released her hold on Bruce, watching as he turned to face her, before she placed her hands on his chest, firmly grasping the black jacket he wore, and pulled him into a kiss.

She felt Bruce place a hand on her back and push her closer to his body, wrapping an arm around her waist as his fingers toyed with the belt she wore, a smirk on his face when she pulled away from him grinning. “When did you get back?” he asked, leaning in to kiss her cheek, chuckling when the brim of his black hat hit the hat on her head.

She allowed him to keep his arm around her waist as she turned to face Donald, and who she assumed to be Max, who had joined the conversation now that she was here. “About an hour ago,” she said, smiling when he nodded, a smile on his own face.

“Well, Princess,” he began, “This is Donald Schultz, and his husband Max. Donald works in accounting and Max is a part of Gotham’s Police Department.”

Diana nodded, quickly extending her hand towards the two men, who were ecstatic to see their hero standing in front of them. When they had been celebrating an anniversary in Paris a few years ago, they had been at a gala when the event had been hijacked by armed men, wanting to kidnap the princess of Kasnia. It had been Diana who had saved the day, and since then the two had had a fond admiration for her. When Donald had learned that his employer was dating Wonder Woman, he had tried to get Bruce to introduce them, but he had also respected Bruce’s relationship and didn’t want to pry or try to intrude. When the two had gotten married and Diana had began to come around the office, Donald knew it would only be a matter of time before he would be able to meet Diana and express his appreciation for saving the day all those years ago. He knew if she had not been there, Max’s police training would have kicked in, and he probably wouldn’t have come home after trying to be the hero.

“Mrs. Wayne…..Wonder Woman…’s so nice to finally meet you. I swear Bruce has been keeping you to himself,” Donald said, smirking as he watched Bruce unable to keep his eyes off his wife as he nodded in agreement. He shook her hand, before her eyes glanced up at his husband.

“You two were in Paris a few years ago, correct? During that attempted kidnapping on Audrey?” Max nodded, turning to look at his husband before he shook Diana’s hand.

“How did you remember that?” Max asked, his arms crossing over his chest. “That was years ago.”

Diana shrugged. “The way you two looked at each other when you danced. It was the kind of love I wanted.” She looked up at Bruce, grinning as he squeezed her waist gently. “And I was lucky enough to find it with Bruce.” She quickly leaned in, giving him a small kiss to emphasize her words, before both men in front of her sighed happily.

“Well I know Bruce has been missing you, so we will let you two talk,” Max said, grabbing his husband’s arm. “I hope we can talk again soon.” Diana nodded and watched as the tall man pulled his husband away from the duo, before she turned to face Bruce, chuckling when he wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her into another kiss.

To say he had missed her and her kisses would be an understatement. He wasn’t able to sleep without Diana near his side, and without her touch he had become frustrated, taking his anger out on the criminals of Gotham. Diana had truly spoiled him. “Where’s Tim?” Diana asked, pulling away to scan the room. She heard Bruce mumble something, before she spotted Tim at the end of the room, dressed in a similar costume,speaking to a few of the computer analysts, his eyes wide as he listened to them explain their newest program. He was such a smart kid, and she loved watching him be so enticed by different information. It made her feel like a proud mother.

She felt Bruce’s hands trail lower until they rested on her butt, his hands squeezing the firm muscles under the jeans she wore, causing a gasp to escape his wife’s lips. “Bruce,” she said, snapping her head towards him, their eyes meeting. “We’re out in public.”

Bruce let out a sigh and dipped his head onto her shoulder, breathing in the jasmine and vanilla that permeated the burgundy bandana around her neck. “Follow me,” he whispered, as he took her hand and led her to the elevator, watching as a few people watched as they stepped into the metal box. The doors slid closed and Bruce let out a small sigh, content to have his wife here with him. The ride up was fairly silent, the only sound heard being the ding from the elevator, signalling they had arrived on the third floor. They quickly walked down the hall and into his office, grateful to have a moment of privacy once Bruce had shut the door.

“You’re not allowed to ever leave me for that long again,” Bruce said, nudging Diana back until her back hit the closed door.

Diana chuckled. “It’s been six days, Bruce.”

Bruce growled, pulling his black jacket off and tossing it to the floor, before he captured her lips with his. “Six days too long,” he mumbled. He glanced down at the outfit she wore, giving her a grin when he realized she had gone along for his little surprise. “I’m glad you wore this,” he said, gently tugging on the brown jacket she wore.

“I’m surprised you wore this,” she responded, flicking the black hat on his head. “Please tell me these aren’t the same clothes we wore back then.”

“Of course not, and I actually bought you boots that fit.”

Diana smiled. “And I am grateful,” she said, glancing down at the high waisted jeans and brown boots she wore. On her hip was an empty holster; Bruce still did not want anything to do with guns. The white shirt she wore was tucked into the waistband of her jeans, and the belt around her waist completed her look.

Bruce must have worked for weeks trying to get exact replicas of the outfits they had worn when she, Bruce, and John had gone back in time, but she was still curious as to why he had chosen these particular outfits. “But why these?” Diana asked, shrugging out of her own jacket, letting it join Bruce’s on the floor.

Bruce placed a small kiss on Diana’s nose and smiled. “Do you remember when we started our relationship? What was our last mission before that?”

Diana thought back to when Bruce had caught her playing the lyre. It had been a week after they had returned home from following David Clinton, or at least that was what Bruce had told her. Her memory of the entire mission had never fully returned, but when she had had explainable dreams of her, Bruce, and John in the old west, wearing the clothes she currently found herself in, Bruce had filled her in on some of the details. She nodded, watching as Bruce’s hands moved to her belt. “When we went to the future, and I saw my older self, I was scared,” he explained, his fingers gently working to undo the belt she wore, letting it fall to the floor near their jackets.

“When you disappeared in front of us, I was devastated. I didn’t know if I would see you again, and Bruce, older Bruce, told me if we made it back, I better go after you. I told him I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and he reminded me if I didn’t do anything, I might lose you all together. That was not a risk I was planning on taking.” He began to unbutton his own shirt, smiling when Diana’s hands stopped him, before she completed the task herself. “This was the outfit you were in when I realized how in love with you I was.” He kissed her once more, his hands falling to her face, the tips of his fingers gently falling into her hair, “How in love with you I am.”

Diana began to unbutton his pants, pulling him closer to her. “Why did you never tell me this?”

Bruce shrugged, unable to answer her question, her hands that were dangerously close to his growing need for her distracting him. Before Diana could say anything further, Bruce scooped her into his arms and walked over to his desk, gently taking a seat in his chair, letting his wife settle into his lap as he let his shirt slide onto the floor. He was going to show his wife just how much he needed her, how much he loved her. He was going to show her how much he missed her.

November 24. 13:59. Wayne Manor

Diana sat on the edge of the bed she and Bruce shared, staring at the bathroom door as the phone next to her continued to count down the remaining minute of her wait. She knew the results of that test would change the dynamic of her and Bruce’s marriage, and she was worried neither of them would know what to do. It was still something they needed to talk about.

The soft knock on the door startled her, forcing her to stand quickly from the bed and make her way over to the door, before she opened it slowly. “I know you didn’t want us to know right now, but-”

Diana fully opened the door, stopping the person from speaking, offering him a smile as she stepped aside, letting him into the room. Tim walked into the bedroom, his eyes falling towards the bed to the phone that began to ring. Diana closed the door and walked over to the bed, grabbing her phone and turning off the alarm, before she turned to face the teen. “I guess this is it,” she said, watching as Tim took a seat on the edge of the bed, before he watched her walk into the bathroom.

He sat and watched the door, his mind racing with the thought of Diana being pregnant, a smile on his face when he thought about having a baby in the house. When Diana and Bruce had married he wondered about the possibility of them having kids, but the more he learned about Diana, the less he thought it would be possible. Diana had been blessed by the gods, but she had also been formed from clay. It was a miracle she was even alive, he didn’t think they would be able to push their luck with kids.

Plus there was the whole situation with Bruce and his issues. He knew his adopted father loved Diana, anyone could see that, but did he want to bring more children into this world? Tim and Diana were close, but even he didn’t know if his parents had talked about the possibility of having kids, especially with both of their jobs.

His thoughts ceased when he glanced up and noticed Diana in the doorway to the bathroom. Her face was blank and he wondered if she had been disappointed by the results of the test. “Diana,” he began, rising from the bed. He quickly walked over to the Amazon, concern flooding his face as he watched her take a deep breath, before she flashed him a small smile.

“You’re going to be a brother,” she whispered, her smile widening as Tim’s eyes grew wide.

“Oh I’m so excited!” Tim exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Diana and hugging her tightly. “When are you going to tell Bruce?” he asked, releasing his grip on Diana.

Diana looked down at the boy she considered a son. “I was actually hoping you and Alfred could help me with something.”

November 24. 18:13. Wayne Manor

Diana sat at the long table in the dining room of Wayne Manor, surrounded by her family and closest friends. She was so grateful to have these people in her and Bruce’s lives, and in due time, she knew their baby would be lucky to be surrounded by such people. To her left, Bruce sat at the head of the table, his right hand on top of Diana’s left, their fingers intertwined. Across from Diana sat Clark and Lois, who had just hit her sixth month of pregnancy; Diana had never seen Clark so anxious.

To Diana’s right sat Tim, the grin on his face unable to hide. They had a plan, and although it was simple, Diana was still nervous about how Bruce would react. The topic of children had only come up once between them, and although she knew she wanted kids, she was still skeptical about Bruce’s position on the matter.

She glanced around the table, smiling when she saw Dick, Jason, Barbara, and the rest of the founders. She watched as Alfred placed the last of the food on the already filled table, before she grabbed his hand, startling the butler. “Ms. Diana, can I get you something?”

Diana shook her head. “This is a holiday for family, and you are a part of this family. Take a seat Alfred,” she said, nodding towards the empty spot besides J’onn. She watched as Alfred turned to Bruce, who only chuckled. He knew his wife hated leaving Alfred out of anything, so it was no surprise that she would include him in their meal. “I won’t take no for an answer,” Diana said, taking notice of Alfred’s internal struggle.

Alfred sighed and nodded, before he walked over to the end of the table, pulling out the chair and taking a seat. “Alright,” Bruce began, gaining the attention of everyone. “Diana and I want to thank everyone for coming. You’re all our family, and we wanted to share today with you.”

There were a few mumbles around the table. Diana noticed Jason raise an eyebrow, amused with Bruce’s change in demeanor since she had joined the family. Besides him Dick grinned, finally happy someone had gotten his adopted father to loosen up. He had feared Bruce would give himself a stroke if he continued to stay away from the Amazon princess.

“Since this is our first time doing this whole traditional meal,” Tim began, ignoring the look Bruce was giving him as he continued, “I think we should go around the table and do the traditional thing of saying what we’re thankful for.” He watched as Bruce’s eyes narrowed, uncomfortable with the idea. Just because he had Diana in his life didn’t mean his walls that kept everyone else out were down. “Bruce, you go first.”

Bruce glanced at Diana, who had begun to chuckle at her husband’s uncomfortableness, before he glared at her. “You two planned this didn’t you?” he asked, watching as she shrugged, before he let out a sigh. “Okay, I’m thankful for family,” he finally said, his hand squeezing Diana’s gently as his face began to soften. “I’m thankful for this woman right here,” he said, glancing at his wife, “I’m thankful she was patient enough to wait for me to gather the courage to take our relationship to the next level. I’m thankful she helped me repair the relationships with my boys,” he said, his eyes glancing up at Dick and Jason, watching as they smiled, before he turned back to face Diana. “And I’m thankful she decided to share this life with me.” He watched as her eyes became teary and she tried to wipe them without anyone seeing, before he raised their joined hands and placed a kiss on the back of hers.

“Well that was heartfelt,” Dick said, staring at his parental figures. “Who’s the unlucky person who gets to follow that?”

Diana let out a laugh and cleared her throat. “I’ll go,” she said, her smile growing when she felt Tim gently squeeze her knee, letting her know he was there for her in case she got over emotional. He had a back up plan, and a back up to their back up plan; he truly was Bruce’s son.

“I’m also thankful for friends and family,” she said, looking down the table, watching as everyone nodded and smiled, before she continued. “And I’m thankful for new family.” She squeezed Bruce’s hand, making sure his eyes were meeting hers, before she gave him another smile. “And I’m thankful for the baby we’re going to have.”

Bruce’s eyes widened. He let go of her hand as he stared at her, his mouth opened in shock. “You’re pregnant?” he whispered, watching as she nodded before he took a deep breath, unsure of how to feel at this moment. “You’re pregnant!” He got out of his seat, offering Diana a hand, and pulled her out of her seat, before he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly. “When did you find out?” he asked, completely ignoring the other people in the room, as his head fell into the crook of her neck.

“This afternoon,” was all she said, before he pulled away and kissed her, his hand trailing down to rest on her flat stomach. “You’re happy about it?”

Bruce nodded, using his free hand to wipe the tears that had fallen from Diana’s face. “Of course,” he responded, “I am over the moon right now.”

“Oh Diana, you turned Bruce into a big ole’ softie,” Jason remarked, a smirk on his face.

Dick smacked Jason in the back of the head, glaring at the man, before he looked back up at Diana and Bruce. “Well I think this calls for a toast,” he said, raising his glass. “To Baby Wayne. If it’s anything like Bruce and Diana, we’re all screwed.”

There were a few chuckles around the table as everyone raised their glass. They all drank to Dick’s toast, before Bruce returned Diana to her seat, kissing her once more before he returned back to his chair.

The rest of the night went smooth, with lots of laughter and memories shared between everyone. Bruce, who had been more happy about the pregnancy than Diana had ever imagined, continued to steal glances at her, each time his smile growing when he thought about the life the two had created. He would be a father, again, although this time it would be different. This time the baby would be raised by he and Diana, and he would make damn sure he did his best raising him or her.

“So what room are we making the nursery?” Tim asked, watching as Diana finished the piece of pie in front of her before she shrugged.

“I think we have time to figure that out,” Bruce responded, watching as Diana nodded, chewing the dessert. “But you,” he said, turning towards his wife, “You are not allowed to paint the nursery. We both remember the last time you tried to paint a wall.”

Diana let out a laugh, the memory of the training room flooding back, before she stood from her seat. She quickly grabbed her empty plate from the table, along with Bruce’s and Tim’s and followed Alfred out of the room and into the kitchen, wanting to help with the clean up since she didn’t do much this afternoon.

Bruce watched his wife walk out of the room before he let out a sigh, content with how his life had turned out. Behind him, his three boys stood, placing bets on whether the baby would be a boy or a girl, while Tim taunted Dick and Jason with the treats he had gotten earlier.

In the seat next to him sat Clark, his hand on Lois’ belly, a smile on his face as he felt his son continue to move. Bruce let his lips curl into a smile, imagining how active their son or daughter might be. He couldn’t wait to go through this journey with her, and he knew she would make an amazing mother; she had already proven that with the boys.

Bruce watched as Diana came back into the room, containers full of food in her arms. She quickly handed them out to everyone, knowing there was no way the four of them would be able to eat all the leftovers they had, before she walked up behind him and leaned her head on top of his. “Alfred kicked me out of the kitchen,” she mumbled.

He scooted back, allowing her to take a seat in his lap, placing a kiss on her temple, before she buried her head into his chest, exhausted from the day. He let out another sigh as his arms wrapped around her, knowing these moments were the ones he would treasure the most.

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October 23. 03:53. Wayne Manor.

Diana Wayne jolted awake, her heart racing, as she tried to catch her breath. She quickly sat up, letting the comforter slip off her body, leaving her in the long t-shirt she sometimes wore to sleep. When Bruce had been away on meetings, or she had had a tough day, she would sometimes fall asleep in his shirts, wanting to have a piece of him near her while he was gone. Today had been one of those days.

Today she had been called to assist in a natural disaster in Central America, helping evacuate civilians while trying to interfere and minimize the damage done. It had taken over twenty-one hours, and Diana had returned home needing to talk to Bruce about something, but she had also been fairly exhausted. However, once she had arrived in the manor, she had been too tired to even notice Bruce had left for patrol early, instead deciding to dress in one of his workout shirts; it still smelled like him.

Diana continued to pant as she tried to regain control over her breathing. She had just had a terrible nightmare, witnessing her husband running after another thug, only to run into a trap. She watched, helplessly, as Batman was beaten with various items, crowbars, lead pipes, and pieces of the wooden fence behind them, before one of the thugs took out a gun and shot the caped crusader in the chest. That was when Diana had awoken, her heart racing, her forehead covered in sweat.

Every night, when Bruce went out for patrol, she worried for his well being. When she had moved to Gotham, she had promised him that she would not overstep his boundaries, not wanting him to feel like she was trying to pry into his work as Batman. When they had married, she had reassured him that she would not let Wonder Woman clean up Gotham without his approval. She knew he was trying to keep her safe, keep her away from the filth that had been slowly creeping its way into Gotham, and even though she had told him she could take care of herself, she would do this for him. She also did not want to tie Wonder Woman to Batman, for fear that someone would piece together her relationship to Batman and his true identity.

She glanced over at the clock near Bruce’s side of the bed, a small sigh escaping her lips when she saw the time and the empty spot where Bruce usually slept. It was nearly four in the morning. He hadn’t come home from patrol, and after that dream she had just experienced, she was beginning to worry.

She quietly swung her legs off the bed, letting her feet gently hit the cold wooden floor of their bedroom, sending a shiver down her spine. She quickly stood from the bed, reaching out to grab her robe from the foot of the bed, before she slipped it on, carefully tying it closed around her waist as she slipped on the pair of slippers near the bed. She grabbed her hair and pulled it up into a messy bun, before she walked out of the bedroom, sighing as a few loose strands of hair fell down and touched her shoulders.

May 7. 13:16. Skiathos, Greece.

Diana, Wonder Woman to the rest of the world, sat in front of the mirror, staring at her reflection as Barbara and Lois stood behind her, arguing over how to style the Amazon’s hair. It was the afternoon of her and Bruce’s wedding, and she was still getting ready, her nerves making it nearly impossible to focus on the task at hand.

“No no no,” Barbara began, pushing some of her red hair out of her eyes as she glared at Lois. “She needs this.” Barbara pulled a section of Diana’s hair up and pinned it in place, before she offered the quiet bride a smile.

Diana smiled back, not bothering to give her input on the matter. She knew she should have been more excited about things, wanting to give her opinions on how she should look on her wedding day, but her thoughts were elsewhere. She was nervous, and honestly, she was scared. She didn’t know why she had been feeling this way, she loved Bruce, and she knew he loved her.

When Bruce had proposed to her, Diana had been over the moon, unable to hide the joy she felt. She loved Bruce and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She wanted to have a family with him. She wanted to love him for the rest of their days. She wanted to be his partner in everything. But as the wedding began to near, she couldn’t help but feel strange and nervous, second guessing their impending nuptials. When they had flown to Greece two days ago, Bruce had been adamant about not seeing Diana until the wedding, wanting to do at least one thing the traditional way; it had done nothing to help calm Diana’s nerves.

“In your dreams Gordon,” Lois said, taking the pins out of Diana’s hair, letting the piece fall back to her shoulders, before she grabbed her dark locks gently in her hand. “This will go much better with the dress.” Lois began to braid Diana’s hair, watching the Amazon as she worked. She noticed the look on Diana’s face, her own smile fading when she saw the solemn look on her face. “Is everything okay Diana?” she asked, forcing everyone in the room to stop what they had been doing and turn to face Diana.

Diana watched as Barbara moved to the side, her hand falling on Diana’s shoulder, giving it a gentle reassuring squeeze. She smiled at the younger woman, nodding her head to Lois’ question.

Diana watched as Shayera flashed her a smile, grateful that the two were finally friends again. She knew that Diana had been hit hard with her betrayal all those years ago, and when she had returned to the League, she knew Diana had greeted her with hostility. She understood why Diana had done it. She had been her friend, and she had betrayed Diana without a second thought. It wasn’t until after their return from Tartarus, where the two had fought to restore Hades to the throne, did the two finally decide to bury the hatchet, deciding to become friends once more. Neither of them had realized how much they had missed each other until they sat down and discussed everything, spending nearly four hours recalling old memories and reliving what had happened to them during their time apart. “Yeah, are you having second thoughts?” Shayera said with a chuckle. She watched as Diana’s eyes glanced her way, a gasp escaping her lips when she saw Diana bite her lip, anxious.

“Di,” Lois said, dropping Diana’s hair to step in front of her. “What’s wrong?”

Diana looked up at her bridesmaids. “Were you this nervous when you and Clark got married?” she asked, placing her hand on Barbara’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Lois gave Diana a chuckle and nodded. “Of course I was, but I was more excited than anything. I knew what I was getting myself into with Clark, but I love him.”

“Just a few pre-wedding jitters Diana,” Shayera reassured, pulling Diana’s chair away from the mirror. “You’re going to look beautiful, and it’s going to be a beautiful wedding.”

“Besides, Bruce loves you,” Barbara said, giving the Amazon another smile. “And trust me, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bruce as happy as he is when he’s with you. You did something to him Diana, and I don’t know what it was, but he wants to marry you more than anything.”

Diana nodded. “Thank you,” she said, offering the three women another smile. She knew what they all were saying was right. Nerves were expected, but she didn’t know if that was the only reason. Was she ready for this? Was Bruce ready for this? More importantly, was she ready to be put second to Gotham for the rest of her life?

October 23 04:02 Wayne Manor

Diana made her way into the kitchen, careful not to make too much noise as she was sure Alfred was sound asleep. It was a little after four in the morning and she was worried Bruce hadn’t come home yet, but she remembered he sometimes got caught up in a case, so she would try to calm her nerves with a nice cup of tea.

She filled the tea kettle with water and placed it on the stove, turning the handle to switch on the stove, before she leaned back against the counter and crossed her arms over her chest, her mind wandering back to their wedding day. The day had been beautiful and the wedding party had been gorgeous. She knew the group of friends she and Bruce kept were an attractive bunch, but seeing Lois, Barbara, and Shayera in those beautiful lavender dresses made Diana smile as she watched them get ready.

The boys had also looked extremely handsome in their grey tuxedos, their hair all slicked back and styled perfectly, as the bow ties the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses dawned their necks. She was happy to have seen them all there, willing to share in their big day; it only made the day better knowing they would be getting married in the same place Bruce had proposed to Diana a year prior.

Bruce, wanting to give Diana the wedding of her dreams since he hadn’t been able to give her a big grand proposal, had suggested getting married in Greece. After discussing it with Diana, he had surprised the rest of the family with a trip there on his private jet, wanting them to not have to worry about any financial stresses. He had told Diana he wanted to incorporate some part of her background into their big day, and if they couldn’t get married on Themyscira, then they would do it close to home. He also wanted to make sure her mother would be able to attend; it wasn’t every day her daughter would get married.

The kettle began to whistle and Diana walked over to the stove, carefully taking the kettle from the stove as she turned it off. She carefully poured the boiling water into a mug, a smile gracing her lips when she continued to think back to their wedding.

May 7. 13:41. Skiathos, Greece.

Diana stood on the roof of their venue, staring out at the sea, her mind racing with the uncertainties of her future with Bruce. She wrapped her arms around her body, trying to block the small breeze from her bare shoulders, as she let out a small sigh. After she had finished getting ready, after Barbara and Lois had finally agreed on a hairstyle for Diana, she had gone up to the roof to think, still extremely nervous about the upcoming wedding.

She was worried her mother was right. What if Bruce held her back? What if she held Bruce back? It was one thing to be in a relationship with Bruce, but marriage was a different game. She knew she loved Bruce, but she was starting to let everyone’s comments get to her.

She shook her head, trying to clear those thoughts from her brain, the small breeze hitting her bare neck, sweeping the loose strands of hair up into the intricate bun that Lois had done. She heard the door to the roof creak open, before she heard her name being called, the familiar voice bringing a smile to her lips.

“I was wondering where you had run off to.” Hippolyta came up and stood behind Diana, watching as her daughter turned to face her, before her own lips curved into a smile. “By the gods, you look radiant,” she said, holding her hand out for Diana.

Diana stared at her mother, her smile growing when she noticed the regal robes she had chosen to wear as a sign of respect; the purple sash intricately woven into her mother’s gown only seemed fitting considering her own bridesmaids’ dresses.

Diana placed her hand in her mother’s, watching as the Amazon queen placed her other on top, before she gave her mother a nod. “Thank you, Mother,” Diana said, watching as the blonde took in Diana’s dress. It had been a simple lace dress, form fitting, and custom made for every one of her curves. The sweetheart neckline allowed Diana the comfort she was used to, but still made for a beautiful dress, one she was sure would make Bruce unable to keep his hands off her. Inside the bun a top of her head, Barbara had delicately placed her veil, letting it fall down to her back, gently allowing it to skim her shoulder blades with every gentle gust of wind that blew by.

Her feet adorned small white heels, and around her neck laid a beautiful piece of jewelery Bruce had bought her for their anniversary. Her normal star shaped earrings had been replaced by pearls, a subtle nod to the late Martha Wayne, who she only wished she could have had here today. Based on the stories Bruce had shared with her, she knew she and his mother would have gotten along well, as they, as Bruce had put it, were both extremely compassionate people who cared about the well being of others.

Diana had decided to forgo her tiara and bracers, leaving them in the jet, knowing she wouldn’t need them for today. Instead, she wore a diamond bracelet on one wrist, leaving the other bare; it was a strange feeling for her to be without them.

Hippolyta looped her arm into Diana’s, turning to face the sea, before she leaned her head on Diana’s shoulder. As a child, she and Diana would go to the beach every night. It was a chance for them to talk and Hippolyta would never allow anyone to disturb that precious time she had with her daughter. She knew being Queen sometimes had taken a toll on Diana, and being the only child on the island hadn’t been easy. When Diana had snuck off the island to help save mankind, Hippolyta had taken the news terribly, feeling betrayed by her only child. But seeing Diana here, beautiful and radiant on her wedding day, made Hippolyta realize, she would never have been able to force Diana to stay even if she wanted to. She had been blessed by the gods, having powers bestowed upon her by the most powerful beings she had known; she wouldn’t have been able to keep Diana away from Man’s World much longer.

Hippolyta watched as Diana closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as another small breeze rolled through the air. She could sense something was troubling her, and she wanted to take the opportunity while they were alone to discuss any lingering ill feelings the two of them had. Without a word, Hippolyta leaned up and kissed Diana’s temple, startling the woman, forcing her to open her eyes. “What troubles you, my child?” Hippolyta asked, watching as Diana glanced her way, her smile fading when her previous thoughts began to flood back.

“I’m worried you may have been right, Mother. What if this wedding, this marriage, between Bruce and I is a bad idea?”

Hippolyta stared into her daughter’s eyes, saddened by her words. Had this been a year ago, Hippolyta would have been ecstatic to hear that Diana was second guessing her relationship with Bruce, but now, after knowing Bruce, and how he had made her daughter feel, it broke her heart to hear these words come from Diana’s lips. Had she had some part in this? Had her instant disapproval of Bruce swayed her daughter’s judgement of marriage? “Why do you say this? Do you not love Bruce?”

Diana nodded. “Of course, more than anything. I just-”

Hippolyta shook her head, silencing her daughter. “Diana, I was just with Bruce, and although I have not been around much, I can tell how in love with you he is. The man is absolutely nervous, which I hear is a rare thing, but he cannot wait to marry you.”

Diana continued to stare at her mother, utterly confused, unable to help her lips from curling into a smile. “I thought you did not like Bruce,” she said, raising an eyebrow, amused.

Hippoylta shrugged. “I don’t love the man, and it will still take some getting used to, but there is no one I’d rather you marry. Even I can see how much you love him.” She gently patted her daughter’s arm, gently reaching up to fix the veil that had become twisted with the wind. “Besides, I didn’t leave the island to see my daughter not get married.”

Diana chuckled, before she threw her arms around her mother, holding the woman close. “Thank you,” she whispered, her eyes closing in comfort when she felt the Queen’s arms wrap around her.

“You’re welcome, my little sun and stars.”

October 23 04:51. Batcave

Diana’s fist made contact with the reinforced punching bag, watching it sway slightly before she kicked it hard. It was nearly five in the morning and Bruce and Tim still had not come home from patrol. She was starting to worry something had happened. He had never been out this long without contacting her or Alfred.

Having convinced herself that one, or both, of them could be in trouble, she had tried to contact him using his com link. After he had not answered her third attempt at reaching him, she knew sitting in front of the computer, waiting to hear his voice, would do her no good, so she had decided to let out the pent up frustrations with a light workout.

She had quickly worked through one of Bruce’s simulations for Tim, however after destroying nearly all of his drones, she had decided to take her anger out on the gym equipment near the end of the cave, figuring Bruce would rather come home to a few broken weights than thousand dollar robots. The treadmill was her first stop, and although running gave her some solace, her mind continue to wander back to thoughts of Bruce, sitting in an alley, helpless as he had been in her nightmare. It had angered her when she realized she had agreed to not come out with him on patrol, wanting to keep his secret safe, even though she knew she would be a valuable aspect to the team. Maybe if she had been out there with him tonight, the two would have already made their way home, and Bruce would have been safe in bed with Diana tucked into his arms; it was the way they had slept every night since they had come home from their honeymoon.

Diana punched the bag once more, glancing up at the thick chain that held the bag as she smirked, glad Bruce had learned his lesson when she had destroyed nearly a dozen of these on the Watchtower. She knew there was no way he could make it indestructible, but he had at least attempted to make it so that it would last a few dozen hits before giving out. She was grateful for that, as she kicked the bag once more, listening to the chain creak, its groan of protest echoing throughout the empty cave.

May 7. 14:11. Skiathos, Greece.

Diana continued to stare out into the ocean, her mother’s words still ringing in her ear. She knew she wanted to marry Bruce, but she could not understand why the thought of walking down that isle terrified her. She knew it was silly, as her mother had pointed out before she had gone back inside, if the gods had disapproved of their union, they would have made it known. Instead, it seemed like they had made things work in their favor: the weather was perfect, the venue was absolutely stunning, and so far there had been no crisis that needed the League’s assistance. She couldn’t have asked for a better day.

She wrapped her arms around her body once more, turning to face the door. She was going to ignore her nerves, walk down that isle, and marry the man she loved. That was, until, the door opened and two men walked onto the roof with her.

She stopped in her tracks, her eyebrow raising when she saw Clark step onto the roof. She gave him a small smile, wondering if Lois had relayed where she had been. Had she really been up here that long? She took a step towards Clark, marveling in how handsome he looked in the tux that mirrored those of Bruce’s three boys, before she stopped, her smile widening when she saw Clark pull Bruce onto the roof behind him.

“So help me Kent, if this is some prank the boys made you do, I will castrate you.”

Diana watched as Bruce, who had been blindfolded, stood next to Clark, a scowl on his face. She let out a chuckle as she shook her head. “You will do no such thing,” she said, watching as Bruce froze, his hand coming up to snatch the blindfold as she took a few steps towards the two.

Clark quickly placed his hand on top of Bruce’s face, holding the cloth in place. “Uh uh,” he began, keeping his hand over Bruce’s eyes, “It’s bad luck.”

Diana watched as Bruce’s eyebrows furrowed, his shoulders tensing at the thought of not seeing her…..or really not being able to see anything. He did not like feeling like he didn’t have the upper hand. “I’ll take it from here Clark,” Diana said, before she took the final two steps, stopping in front of Bruce’s large frame. She watched as Clark nodded, tightened the blindfold around Bruce’s eyes, much to his dismay, and walked back inside, before she rushed into his arms.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” Bruce asked, his arms instinctively wrapping around Diana’s body, holding her close.

Without a word Diana placed her lips on his, gently cradling his face between her hands, smiling against his lips when she felt his hands find their way to her hips. Without another thought, Diana pulled off the blindfold, letting the piece of cloth fall to the floor, before she stared into Bruce’s eyes. The nerves she had felt earlier seemed to dissipate and she knew, looking at the man she was about to marry, things would be okay.

“Nothing,” she whispered, kissing him once more.

She watched as Bruce’s eyes softened and had he not pulled away, she would have sworn she saw tears begin to form in his eyes. “You look beautiful,” Bruce mumbled, stepping back to look at the woman who would soon become his wife. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Diana felt the heat across her cheeks as she began to blush, a smile on her lips when Bruce took her hand and spun her around so he could see her dress in its entirety. “You look rather handsome as well,” she said, once he had returned her to her former position, her hand tightly grasped in his as he placed a kiss on the back of it.

She carefully reached out and fixed the bow tie he was wearing, before she let her hand rest on his chest, watching as Bruce gave her a smirk. “Is Wonder Woman nervous?” he asked, as he placed his free hand on her hip. He watched as she nodded, her eyes falling to the floor, embarrassed, before he kissed her forehead. “You and me both, Princess,” he said, letting her head fall to his chest, before he let his chin rest gently on the crown of her head. “You weren’t planning on leaving me, were you?” he asked.

Diana pulled back to look him in the eye. She knew he was joking, but she couldn’t help but hear the subtle seriousness in his voice. “On the day of our wedding? I could never do that to you.”

She watched as he grinned, gave her a small nod, and continued, “Good. I’d probably jump off this roof if you did.”

Diana chuckled and shook her head once more. “But in all seriousness, Bruce, I suppose I was just nervous about the whole thing. Marriage isn’t a big thing where I am from, and you and I are not average people.”

Bruce nodded. “And our marriage will not be average either,” he said with a smirk, causing Diana to chuckle and nod in agreement, before she placed her head back onto his chest. “But our wedding will be starting in about five minutes, so we should both get back inside.”

Diana let out a sigh, her hand running up to gently caress his neck, causing Bruce’s breath to catch in his throat. “As much as I love everyone downstairs, I wish we could get married up here, alone.”

“You could have told me that before I spent all this money to fly everyone here.” Diana gently smacked his shoulder and he chuckled, kissing the top of her head once more, before he ran his hand down her arm. “But I think I have a plan.”

Diana stood on the roof next to her mother, watching as Bruce and Alfred burst through the doors, Clark on their heels. Bruce rushed up to Diana, quickly enveloping her in a hug as he placed a kiss on her cheek, forcing a small giggle from Diana’s lips. “What did you do?” she asked, watching as Bruce only gave her a mischievous smirk.

“I may have told Dick and Tim to stall,” he answered, before he turned to Clark, who was trying to fix his tie and hair. “And Clark can now perform the ceremony for us.”

She watched as Clark held up a certificate, a goofy grin on his face. “Did you fly all the way to Metropolis to print that out?” she asked. “You know Bruce could have let you use the computer on the plane.”

Clark turned to Bruce, his eyes narrowing at the man. “You said it was broken.”

Bruce only shrugged, before he grabbed Diana’s hand and turned to face her. “Kent, we don’t have all day,” he said, looking into Diana’s eyes, a smile on his face. He let out a small breath, calming himself from the excitement of the past few minutes, before he stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. He knew it was crazy to think Diana, Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons, would want to marry him, but here she was, as beautiful as ever,

“Today,” Clark began, as he found his place in front of Bruce and Diana, “is a day to celebrate. To celebrate love, family, and the fact that you two finally put your stubbornness aside to realize how perfect you are for each other.” Clark turned to Bruce, emphasizing that last bit, as Diana and Alfred let out a chuckle.

“When I met you Bruce, you were broody, annoying, self-centered, a womaniz-”

“I think we get it,” Bruce said, his eyes narrowing at Clark, ignoring the grin Diana was giving the Kryptonian

“But something changed when Diana came along.” Clark’s gaze moved from Bruce to Diana. He quietly watched as Bruce squeezed Diana’s hand gently, his thumb lightly caressing the back of her hand, as he stared into her eyes, letting her know just how much he loved her, and in that moment Clark knew what they had could not be matched by anyone, even him and Lois. He loved his wife, but Bruce and Diana…..they had something people fight their whole lives for. She brought him out of the darkness he had settled into since his parents’ deaths. And the change he had seen in Bruce since being in a public relationship with Diana was overwhelming.

“Diana and Bruce are perfect together, not only as members of the League, but also as partners in life. I know you two will have a beautiful marriage, and an even more beautiful life together.” He turned to Diana, his eyes glancing over her shoulder at Hippolyta who was smiling, her eyes filled with tears as she listened to Clark talk about her daughter with Bruce. Clark flashed the Amazon Queen a smile, giving her a small nod, before he focused his attention to Diana. “You two are about to make promises to each other. Diana, will you promise to love Bruce, to laugh with him, to support him through each of life’s adventures? Will you promise to be proud of him and to find new reasons to love him every day? Will you promise to love him, regardless of the foul mood he may come home in, and will you continue to love him when his stubbornness becomes overwhelming?”

Diana smiled at Bruce, squeezing his hand as her eyes began to well with tears. “I will,” she said softly, watching as Bruce smiled softly. She watched as he quickly swiped his finger under his eye, trying to hide the fallen tear, before he cleared his throat.

“Bruce,” Clark said, turning to his friend, “Will you promise to laugh with Diana, promise to be proud of her, promise to support her throughout everything? Will you promise to love her, and continue to find new reasons to love her every day?”

Bruce nodded, his smile growing as he said, “I will.” He turned to Clark, his hand opening for the rings. He watched as Clark placed the bands in his hand, before he handed Diana his own wedding ring.

“You have both chosen to wear rings as a symbol of your commitment,” Clark began, turning to Diana. “I know you both had stuff you wanted to say, so Diana, the floor is yours.”

Diana nodded. “Bruce, when I first met you, I knew you were different than anyone I had met. As we became friends, I began to develop feelings, and soon I had fallen in love with you. Who would have known The Batman would have opened his heart to love, but I thank the gods that you chose me. I love you Bruce, and I promise to keep loving you.” She gently slid the silver band onto Bruce’s finger, smiling when he clenched his hand, trying to get accustomed to his new accessory.

“Bruce,” Clark said, nodding to the Gothamite.

Bruce nodded, squeezing Diana’s hand, before he began. “Diana, nothing I say right now will express how much I love you. You brought me out of the darkness I found myself in. You make me want to be better, for Gotham, the boys, and for you. I can’t promise you sunshine and rainbows every day, but I can promise to give you my best, every day.” He gently slid the ring onto her finger before he spoke again, this time in Greek, watching as both she and her mother looked up at him in awe.

“You learned Greek,” Diana said quietly, letting a few of the tears fall as Bruce nodded. She glanced over at her mother who was wiping her own tears, her smile widening as her gaze moved to Alfred who had also been moved to tears.

“Just for you, Princess,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. “I love you,” he whispered, before he bent his head down and captured her lips with his, his smile widening when he felt her arms loop around her neck.

“Well, I guess I pronounce you husband and wife,” Clark said with a sniffle. “You may, uh, continue to kiss your bride.”

Bruce’s grip on Diana grew tighter and Diana smiled against his lips, her eyes closing as she kissed her husband. She heard Alfred, Clark, and her mother begin to applaud. Bruce moved his hands up to her face and he gently stroked her cheek, before he pulled away from her lips, resting his forehead against hers. “Well Mrs. Wayne,” he whispered, “I think we have a wedding to get to.”

Diana chuckled and nodded, kissing his lips once more, knowing whatever hesitations she had had in the morning would no longer matter now that she had Bruce by her side.

October 23. 05:15. Batcave.

Diana let the hot water run down her back, trying to contain the worry that had started to brew inside her. Bruce still had yet to contact her, and with each passing minute she was starting to worry more and more. It had only taken a few more punches before the punching bag she had been using finally succumbed to her godlike strength, bursting at the seams and spilling sand all over the floor. She had made a mental note to clean the mess in the morning, before she had made her way to the showers, hoping a hot shower would relax her enough to fall back to sleep. Hopefully she would wake up with Bruce by her side.

She turned in the shower, facing her back towards the door as she let the water rinse off the last of her soap. She gently rested her head against the tile, her eyes closed, as she let out a sigh. She placed her hand against the tile, opening an eye to glance down at the wedding band on her finger.

After their private ceremony on the roof, Bruce and Diana had gone inside and declared their love in front of their family and friends, both unable to keep the smiles off their faces. Diana’s nerves had disappeared the moment she had seen Bruce on the roof, and now that they were married, she knew whatever had happened during the day wouldn’t matter. They had their magical moment on the roof, and it would be that moment she treasured deeply.

“What are you doing still up?”

Diana felt an arm wrap around her waist before she felt her very naked husband press into her backside. His hand gently brushed her breast, causing an involuntary shiver from the woman in his arm, as his other hand pressed against the tiled wall. His silver wedding band glistened under the bright light and Diana smiled when she took notice of his ring, a firm reminder that their wedding hadn’t all been a dream. “I was worried about my husband,” Diana said, tilting her head to the side, letting the water run down her neck. “Long night?”

“Mmhmm,” Bruce responded, placing his lips on her neck as his hand left the wall and found its way to her hip. His fingers gently caressed the skin he found as his other hand began to trail lower, moving until he cupped her firm rear. “Although we could make it longer,” he whispered, kneading the muscles in his hand.

Diana let out a small gasp as she dipped her head, allowing Bruce access to the back of her neck. He gently placed a kiss on the exposed nape, letting his teeth gently rake over the skin, goosebumps rising on his arms when he heard a small moan escape her lips. “Bruce,” she whispered, turning to face him. She noticed the small cut along his jaw and the faint bruise on his cheek. What had he gotten himself into tonight? “What happened?” she asked, raising her hand to gently touch his face.

Bruce allowed her to touch him, wincing slightly when her hand made contact, before he shook his head. “Mugger got in a lucky shot,” was all he said, before he kissed the heel of her hand. “There was a break in that led to a major drug bust near the docks. I didn’t realize what time it was until Gordon mentioned it.” He placed his head in the crook of her neck, letting the water run down his back, as Diana looped her arms around his neck.

“You better let Tim stay home to rest. Poor kid has been exhausted the last few days.”

Bruce nodded against Diana’s skin, his eyes closed as he took a deep breath, exhaustion slowly taking over. If anyone else had suggested such a thing he would have simply shook his head, having told Tim he needed to keep up with his studies if he wanted to continue his nightly escapades, but Diana looked after him; she looked after both of them. She was very protective of Tim, sometimes having to remind Bruce that he was still a kid; she had adapted to the role of mother with ease.

“And you, Mr. Wayne, need to get to bed. I believe I will be calling Lucius to have him cancel your meeting at eight.” She watched as Bruce lifted his head, a smile on his face as he continued to stare at his wife. The last few months of marriage had gone well, and although they had both been worried things between them would change, things had relatively stayed the same. The paparazzi had had a field day when the two of them had come back from their honeymoon, wanting to know every detail of their wedding, and while they had both been kind enough to grace the papers with a few photos (of course giving Clark and Lois the first of these photos), they had decided to keep the most intimate part of their wedding a secret from the world.

Diana continued to stare at her husband, smiling when she felt Bruce’s hand trail down to her thigh, gently squeezing the muscles he found as he gave her a smirk. She was grateful she had take a chance on Bruce, finally deciding she wanted a life with him. She was glad she hadn’t let her doubts and nerves ruin her chance at a happy ending with him, because this was all she had ever wanted. She wanted a life with him; she wanted a family with him.

She widened her eyes, suddenly remembering there was something she had still needed to discuss with him after she had come back from her latest mission. “I actually have to go to Themyscira for a few days,” Diana said, feeling Bruce freeze under her arms. “Everything is alright, it’s just something I have to do.”

Bruce nodded, kissing her wet forehead as he shifted his weight. “For how long?” he asked, his other hand moving down to meet Diana’s other thigh.

“A few days,” was all Diana said, as Bruce gently pushed her back into the tile wall, placing a kiss on her lips as he lifted her up into his arms, his smirk, among other things, growing when she wrapped her legs around his waist. “I’ll leave tomorrow afternoon.”

Bruce kissed her once more, this time lingering longer than he had previously. “Well, I guess I’ll have to give you something to remember me by,” he whispered with a small growl, as he placed a hand on the wall, steadying himself. He heard Diana chuckle before he moved his free hand up her body, stopping to caress her breast as his lips captured hers, stealing her breath. “You better hurry back to me,” he said, his kisses growing heated as his hand trailed up to her hair, tangling itself in her dark locks.

Diana released a small moan as she felt her husband’s growing desire beneath her, his lips continuing to assault her mouth with precious kisses. “Don’t worry,” she said in between kisses, gasping as he continued to nip at her lips, “I will.”

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Submission for Day 3..more like 3.5. So sorry it’s late and sorry it’s so long. 


The morning light peaked into the room, the small sliver of sunlight shining onto the face of the room’s only occupant, forcing a groan from the woman’s lips. She had been perfectly content with the idea of sleeping in, having spent a good chunk of the night on a mission with some of the other members of the League. She had come home , exhausted and sore, and had crawled into bed, intent on waiting for Bruce to return from patrol. However, when she had woken up a few hours later when Bruce had crawled out of the bed to head into work, she knew she had missed her opportunity to see him.

She rolled over, turning to face Bruce’s empty side of the bed, her hand coming to rest where he usually laid. Ever since moving into the manor, laying next to Bruce every night had been Diana’s favorite thing. She loved watching him sleep, watching how his face relaxed and was relatively more calm as he slept next to her.

She also loved the late night conversations the two of them had. She would occasionally find herself waiting for Bruce to come home from patrol, wanting to know how his day had gone, and surprisingly, Bruce was willing to tell her nearly every detail of his day, and night; there were some things Bruce still felt the need to protect Diana from.

There was a small knock on the door, forcing Diana to open an eye, immediately groaning at the intrusion of the light, before she shut her eyes tightly and pulled the covers over her face. She was still so exhausted and was starting to form a splitting migraine. Surely Alfred would understand she needed a few extra moments of rest.

There was another knock on the door and Diana let out a sigh, knowing it was time to get up for the day. She glanced over at the clock on Bruce’s nightstand: 6:12. Maybe she would be able to see if Bruce was available for brunch later.

She quickly tossed the covers off her body and swung her legs off the bed, before she stood, reaching up to stretch her sore muscles. She quickly grabbed the robe that was hanging off the back of the chair near the bed, throwing it over her shoulders and tying it around her waist, before she made her way to the door.

Diana quickly opened the door, fully expecting to see Alfred standing behind it, however her lips curled into a small smile when she saw who was standing in his place. “Hi, Diana, I’m sorry to wake you up…..but you had a package waiting for you.”

Tim placed the wrapped box into Diana’s hands, smiling when the Amazon gave him a warm smile. “Thank you Tim,” she said, her eyes glancing down at the box in her hands. What had come for her, and why was Tim the one delivering it? “Where is Alfred?” she asked, glancing down the hall over Tim’s shoulder.

Tim shrugged his shoulders. “I think he had some errands to run, but he should be back soon.” With that, Tim walked down the hall and bounded down the stairs, wanting to get a quick breakfast in before he had to run off to school.

Diana watched Tim walk away, shaking her head when he hopped down the stairs. Since coming to live in the manor, Diana and Tim had formed a special bond, and she had come to regard the teen like a son. She loved him, and even if he hadn’t told her on multiple occasions, she knew he had felt the same about her.

She quickly retreated back into the room, gently closing the door with her foot, before she walked to the bed and placed the package on top of the mattress. Careful not to rip the bow on the top, she carefully pried open the lid, peaking inside, her smile growing when she saw the dress laying inside.

Diana pulled the dress from out of the box, holding it up to her body, marveling in the light fabric and how it felt against her skin. It was a red summer dress, stopping just above her knees, with two thin straps that were to rest on her shoulders. Diana’s smile widened when she realized Bruce must’ve picked this out a few days ago when she had come home from Metropolis, as she had told him she had spotted the cutest boutique the last time she had gone to visit Clark and Lois.

She carefully placed the dress onto the bed, careful not to wrinkle the item, before she reached back into the box and pulled out the envelope that was laying at the bottom. She quickly opened it and read the words written in Bruce’s handwriting, something she had come to familiarize herself with pretty early in their friendship.

I hope you enjoy this dress, Princess. I know you will look beautiful in it, as you do in anything.

With Love,


P.S. You look beautiful out of clothes too 😉

Diana let out a chuckle, before she shook her head. She quickly placed Bruce’s note back into the box, before she walked into their bathroom, preparing to shower and get ready for the day.

Diana trotted down the stairs, her long hair gently bouncing as she moved. The fabric of the dress Bruce had bought swayed with each step, and she couldn’t help but smile when she realized it had been a perfect fit. Bruce truly did know her body more than she thought.

She jumped off the last step and walked towards the kitchen, the smell of a delicious meal wafting throughout the manor. Alfred must have returned to the manor while she had been getting ready. She quickly walked into the kitchen, the sight of Alfred pulling something out of the oven while Tim curiously glanced over his shoulder sent a smile to her face.

“Good morning,” Diana said, walking into the room. She took a seat next to Tim on the breakfast bar, gently patting his back as he flashed her a smile. “Don’t you have a big presentation this morning?”

Tim settled back in his stool, watching with wide eyes as Alfred popped the freshly baked muffins onto a cooling tray, his mouth watering. “Mmhmm,” he said, taking a sip of the orange juice from the glass in front of him. “I’m going to crush it,” he said, finally turning his attention to Diana, offering her another smile.

Diana smiled, giving him a small nod, as she graciously accepted the cup of tea Alfred handed her. “Thank you Alfred,” she said, before turning back to Tim. She took a small sip of the hot liquid, watching as the butler gave her a large grin.

“You’re welcome Ms. Diana,” he said, turning just in time to see Tim sneak a muffin from the counter. He shook his head, watching as the teen took a bite of the baked good, his mouth opening when the still hot food hit his taste buds. “I do believe Master Bruce did a good job,” he said, nodding at the dress she wore.

Diana looked down at the dress she wore, a smile on her face as she nodded in agreement. “And where is Master Bruce?” she asked, grabbing a napkin and using it to pluck a muffin off the rack in front of her, having learned from Tim’s mistake. She quickly pulled off a piece of the muffin and put it in her mouth, her smile growing when the muffin hit her taste buds. Not only was Alfred a remarkable cook, but his baked goods were to die for.

Alfred poured himself a cup of tea and stood across from Tim and Diana. He caught Tim’s eyes with his own and raised an eyebrow, to which Tim responded with a slight nod of his head. “Master Bruce had something to attend to,” Alfred responded, before he pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to Diana. “But he did want me to give this to you.”

Diana grabbed the envelope, carefully looking over at Alfred, her eyebrow raised in confusion. “What’s going on?” she asked, watching as Alfred shrugged, before he took a sip of his tea, trying to occupy his mouth . He knew he couldn’t lie to Diana, but he also knew he couldn’t spoil the surprise Bruce had been working on for the past month. Diana, knowing she wasn’t going to get anymore information from Alfred, turned to Tim, who had tensed when he felt her gaze on him. “Do you know anything about this?” she asked, raising the sealed envelope in her hands.

She watched as he cautiously shook his head, his eyes avoiding hers. She noticed Alfred shake his head, telling Tim to remain quiet, before she crossed her arms over her chest. “Timothy,” Diana warned, causing the young teen to panic. Diana never called him by his full name unless he was in trouble, and although he wanted to tell Diana what Bruce had planned, he wanted her to be surprised.

Tim quickly shoved the rest of his muffin into his mouth and hopped off the stool. “Presentation. Can’t be late,” he said in between bites, before he grabbed his backpack from the floor, slung it over his shoulder, and rushed out of the room.

Diana listened as the front door slammed shut, before she shook her head and chuckled to herself. She broke off another piece of the muffin in front of her and placed it into her mouth, turning to glance up at Alfred. “What is he hiding?” she asked, her eyebrows raising, amused by Tim’s behavior.

Alfred merely shrugged once more, finished his tea, and placed the empty cup into the sink. “I do believe I should take Master Tim to school.” He walked around the breakfast bar and gave Diana another smile, before he nodded towards the small envelope in his hands. “I believe you’ll find an answer to one of your questions inside.” With that he walked out of the room and out of the manor.

Diana took another bite of her muffin and let out a small sigh, before she ripped open the envelope in her hand, pulling out the note and placing the damaged envelope onto the breakfast bar. She quickly unfolded the paper in her hands, a smile unconsciously gracing her lips when she saw Bruce’s handwriting once more.


Meet me where we had our first kiss.

And you better be ready to kiss me again.



Diana’s smile grew when she read his note, happy to see he had made time to see her today since they hadn’t had any time together for the past few days. He had been busy with both Wayne Enterprises and his nightly patrols in Gotham, and she had been working tirelessly with some of the other League members, they had barely seen each other, let alone had a decent conversation, during the last week. She was more than ready to get some quality time with him.

She quickly hopped off her stool and walked out of the room. She made her way to the room where the grand piano was, pushing open the door, before she leaned against the door frame. She remembered when she had first saw Bruce play, how he had amazed her with how skilled he was, and in all the years of knowing him, she wondered how he had been able to hide that part of him for so long. She remembered confessing her feelings to him and his response had been to grab her face and kiss her sweetly, before she laid her head on his shoulder and continued to listen to him play. In the year since that day she had heard Bruce play a handful of times, only feeling inspired when she sat by his side. She didn’t mind though. She loved being his muse, and she loved watching him play. A love for music was something they both shared, and she couldn’t have imagined a different way for them to have shared a beautiful moment, and a beautiful kiss. But as she leaned against the door, a smile on her face, she suddenly realized something: it had not been their first.

Their first kiss, which had been made during a desperate attempt to hide her and Bruce’s identities from the Thanagarian soldiers, had been in an Indian restaurant. She remembered it vividly, and although she had tried to talk to Bruce about it for months after, he had refused to discuss it until they had started dating, when he had told her he had wanted to kiss her again, but he knew they had more pressing matters to attend to in that moment; he had more than made up for it since.

She quickly pushed off the frame of the doorway and turned on her heel, trotting down the hallway until she reached the front door to the manor. Quickly slipping on a pair of heels, Diana opened the door, making sure to grab her purse that had been hanging near the door, and walked outside.

Alfred was still driving Tim to school and she knew he wouldn’t be back for another twenty minutes, but she could not wait that long to see Bruce. Instead, she jumped into the air and flew off towards the familiar location, knowing she would be able to see Bruce soon.

She quickly landed in front of the restaurant, startling a few pedestrians, before their eyes grew wide in awe. “Wonder Woman,” she heard some of them whisper as she made her way to the front door, flashing them a dazzling smile before she opened the door.

Her senses were immediately assaulted by an assortment of smells and sounds, and her stomach began to grumble, letting her know she should have finished her muffin before she left the manor. She quickly stepped inside, letting the door shut behind her, before she watched the owner walk up to her. “Wonder Woman,” he said with a smile, the slight accent in his voice bringing her back to that night over two years ago. “So nice to see you. Come, come. Mr. Wayne is waiting for you.”

He motioned for her to follow him into the next room, before he moved aside, allowing Diana to see Bruce sitting at a private table, his phone in his hand as he stared intently at the screen. “Thank you,” Diana said to the owner, watching as he nodded before he walked into the kitchen, leaving the Amazon to stare at Bruce.

She watched as he typed something on his phone, his eyes narrowing at whatever he was working on, before he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He carefully laid the phone on the table and let out a sigh, before he glanced up and saw Diana standing in front of him. His face immediately lighted up, his lips curving up into a smile when he saw his girlfriend standing a few feet in front of him. Without a word he rose from his seat and opened his arms, his smile growing when she walked up to him and into his arms. “Morning Princess,” he whispered, his arms wrapping around her, keeping her firmly pressed against his body.

“Morning,” she mumbled against his chest, taking a deep breath, breathing in a mix of his cologne, aftershave, and body wash. It was intoxicating, and until recently, she hadn’t realized how much she had missed smelling him besides her at night.

Bruce dropped his head, letting his nose fall into her hair, taking in a deep breath. Likewise, he had missed smelling the vanilla of her conditioner in bed, and having her there in his arms made him realize how he didn’t want to go that long without seeing her again. “Sorry I didn’t wake you this morning,” he said, placing a kiss on the crown of her head, “I knew you were exhausted and wanted you to rest.”

He pulled away from Diana, stared into her eyes, and watched her give him a nod. “I appreciate it,” she said with a smirk, “But I would have appreciated a kiss more.”

Bruce let out a chuckle, before he leaned in and kissed her lips. “How’s that?” he asked, pulling back from her face, watching as she scrunched her nose and shook her head, before he leaned down and captured his lips once more, this time moving his hand up to gently cradle her face, using the pad of his thumb to gently stroke her cheek.

He slowly pulled away from Diana, watching as she opened her eyes slowly, the smile on her face too big to hide. “Much better,” she whispered, before she pulled away from Bruce and took a seat at the table. “Who was on the phone?” she asked, crossing her legs as she leaned back into the chair.

Bruce took a seat and gently shook his head. “Just work, Princess,” he answered, his hand finding hers on the table. “Nothing to worry about.” He gently intertwined their fingers, taking a moment to glance over her body, before he gave her a grin. “You look beautiful by the way.”

Diana looked down at the dress she wore and gave him a smile. “I think my boyfriend has some excellent tastes,” she replied, watching as his grin grew.

“Your boyfriend is a lucky man,” he said, before he reached into his jacket pocket. “And he would like to ask you a question.” He quickly pulled another envelope out from his jacket and placed it on the table near their adjoining hands. “I have to go away for a bit,” he began, watching as her eyes narrowed.

She let out a sigh and bit the inside of her cheek, trying not to show her disappointment. “How long?” she asked. She knew Bruce was a busy man, and running a multi-billion dollar company required him to take frequent, and sometimes long, business trips, but she was hoping she would be able to spend some time with him before either of them had to leave again.

“A few days,” he responded, before he pulled his hand off hers and reached for the envelope on the table. “But,” he began, opening the envelope. “I wanted to know if you’d like to join me.” He pulled a photo from the envelope and placed it on the table, watching as her eyes widened. “It’s not Themyscira, and I will still have to have at least one business meeting, but I think a few days in Greece, away from Gotham and the League would do us both some good.”

Diana looked up, her eyes meeting his, unsure of what to say. “Bruce,” she began, taking the photo from off the table and bringing it closer to her eyes. She remembered the spot fairly well, having spent a few days there last year when the League had helped end a ring of arms dealers. She had loved the small island, feeling like she was back home, and had told Bruce she would have loved to visit once more, but under better circumstances. “I would love to go,” she said, “But Gotham, the League-”

Bruce shook his head once more. “Already taken care of,” he replied, “Clark says to enjoy yourself. As I’m sure I will enjoy you,” he added with a wink.

Diana chuckled and gave him a nod. “Sounds promising,” she responded with a wink of her own. She watched as Bruce nodded, his smirk growing as she moved her foot up his leg, startling him. “When do we leave?”

Bruce leaned back in his seat. “After lunch,” he said, watching as the owner walked over to their table, his hands full of food. “Alfred has everything already packed and ready to go.”

Diana laid her head on Bruce’s chest, letting it rise and fall with his heavy breaths. They had arrived in Greece the morning before, and although Diana had wanted to go out and experience the sand between her toes, the sunlight on her face, Bruce wouldn’t let her leave the bed of their suite. They had spent the last twenty-four hours familiarizing themselves with each others’ bodies, glad to finally spend time together, with no distractions. “This was well needed,” Bruce said as he placed a hand under his head, supporting his neck, as he glanced down at the woman on his chest.

Diana turned to face him and smirked. “The sex? Or the vacation?”

“Both.” He placed his hand gently on her back and began to run gentle circles on her skin with his finger. “But as much as I’d like to stay in this bed with you, I have a meeting to get to in an hour. And this prospective client is not the most patient.”

“That’s fine,” Diana said, lifting off his body. She crawled off the bed and walked into the bathroom, calling over her shoulder, “Maybe I can meet you for dinner.”

Bruce nodded, even though she was no longer able to see him. He quickly reached down and grabbed his phone off the floor, before he opened the last message that had popped up on the screen.

I will be there, but not for you. I’ll do it for her.

Bruce walked up to Diana, a smile on his face as he pulled her into his arms. “Glad you found it,” Bruce said, kissing her cheek. His meeting had gone a lot later than he had planned, but he knew he would be done in time for dinner. So, Diana had offered to meet him at a nearby restaurant, wanting to finally experience the beauty of Greece from someplace other than their hotel suite.

“It wasn’t that hard,” Diana said, looping her arm in Bruce’s, letting the sleeve of his shirt gently brush up against her bare shoulder. He led her into the restaurant, waving at the bartender as they made their way to the table near the back. “How did your meeting go?”

Bruce smirked, the memory of the past few hours fresh in his mind. “Surprisingly well,” he responded. “You look beautiful by the way.” He glanced down at the dress she wore, a smile on his face as he took in how the light blue fabric stopped just above her knees, swaying gently with the casual breeze. He would definitely have to pay Alfred and Tim for rummaging through Diana’s closet and choosing the perfect attire for their trip….then again, she’d look beautiful in anything.

“Thank you,” Diana said with a smile, leaning in to kiss his cheek. “So what kind of business was this?” she asked, watching as he smirked.

“Oh, no more business talk,” he said, patting the back of her hand, “Right now, I have a surprise for you.”

He continued to lead her to the back, watching as she stopped in her track when she saw who Bruce had been having a meeting with. It had been the last person she had expected to be here, let alone meeting Bruce, but when she saw the blonde stand and take a step towards her, she couldn’t help herself.

She quickly rushed into the woman’s arms, her face resting in the crook of the blonde’s neck, as the tears in her eyes threatening to spill over. “Don’t cry my little sun and stars,” Hippolyta said, gently patting her daughter’s back.

Diana hugged her mother tightly, never wanting to let her go. It had been nearly a year since she had last seen her mother, when she had gone to explain her and Bruce’s relationship, knowing her mother needed to hear it from her rather than hear the news elsewhere. Hippolyta hadn’t been too happy, in fact, she was downright angry that her daughter had decided to have a relationship with a man, when she was supposed to be working as a hero. She was supposed to be an ambassador of Themyscira, there to help mankind, not run around with men, starting romances and flings with people who did not deserve her time.

Diana had left the island that day heartbroken, wanting nothing more than for her mother to accept Bruce and their relationship, but she knew it would take time. She had been meaning to go back and demand she meet Bruce, allow him the opportunity to show her mother how much they loved each other, and show her what they had was real, but the League and Gotham had kept them both busy.

“How are you here? You left the island?” Diana asked, her eyes wide with realization. She pulled away from her mother and looked into her blue eyes.

Hippolyta’s eyes glanced over at Bruce, before she let out a small sigh. “Hermes came to me, saying I was needed off the island. When I arrived with him, he informed me Bruce had prayed to the gods, wanting to get in contact with him, begging to get a message to me.” She watched as Diana looked over at Bruce, her eyes widening when she heard Bruce had prayed to her gods. Since the moment she had met him, Bruce had been against the idea of her gods existing. He hated magic, and he never wanted anything to do with it. Why the sudden change? “Hermes showed me how to get in contact with Bruce,” she said, flashing the small phone in her hand, her eyebrows furrowed from the frustration with the device.

She watched as her daughter continued to stare at Bruce, her smile widening as she looked at the blushing man. “What are you doing here?” Diana asked, “Why did you contact my mother?” Her last question was directed towards Bruce, and she watched as he shrugged, before he placed his hand gently on her shoulder.

“I wanted to surprise you. I knew you needed to speak to your mother, and I wanted to give you that opportunity,” Bruce explained. He watched as Diana continued to stare at him, the tears spilling out of her eyes, and he smiled, before she jumped into his arms and pulled him into a hug

“Thank you,” she whispered, before she pressed her lips against his. “I love you, Bruce.”

Bruce placed his hand on the back of her head, holding her close, as he kissed her once more. “I love you too, Princess,” he replied. He watched as she smiled and placed her head on his chest, before he glanced over her shoulder at Hippolyta.

She glared at him, her eyes narrowing at the sight of his arms around her daughter. He was a mere mortal man, how dare he think he could touch the Princess of the Amazons. “Diana, I would like to speak with you,” Hippolyta began, watching as her daughter pulled away from Bruce, her hands remaining on his chest. “Alone,” she said, continuing to stare at the duo.

Hippolyta watched as Diana turned away from Bruce to stare at her mother, her eyes narrowing when she realized what she was doing. She was trying to push Bruce away, but she didn’t know just how connected the two of them were. “Mother,” Diana began, stopping when she felt Bruce’s hand fall on her shoulder.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, his eyes meeting Hippolyta’s. “You two enjoy the day together. I’ll be waiting at the hotel.” He gently placed a kiss on the back of her head, before he walked away from the two and out of the restaurant.

Diana watched Bruce leave, a small sigh escaping her lips, before she turned to face her mother. “I’ve missed you,” she said, watching as Hippolyta cracked a smile.

“I’ve missed you too.”

Diana walked side by side with her mother, smiling as Hippolyta continued to tell her latest news from Themyscira. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed home, but seeing her mother, and listening to her talk about her Amazon sisters made her realize how homesick she had truly been. Maybe she should plan on visiting sometime soon.

“So I take it things between you and Bruce are progressing well?”

Diana glanced up at her mother, making sure not to run into a tourist who had stopped to take a photo in front of them. She watched as Hippolyta placed the last of the chocolate in her mouth, a small smile on her face as she savored the last piece of the sweet Diana had introduced her to after dinner. “Bruce and I are great,” Diana said with another smile, watching as her mother nodded and let out a sigh. “But that is not why you wanted me alone, is it?”

She watched as Hippolyta crossed her hands behind her back, one hand holding the other’s wrist, before she gently bit her bottom lip, contemplating how to move forward with the conversation. After Hermes had informed her that Bruce had requested an audience with her, Hippolyta knew it could only mean one thing: he wanted to marry Diana. She had hoped she was wrong, having wanted Diana not to worry herself with any relationship, whether it be with a man or woman, but when she had seen Bruce in that restaurant, his eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the ring in his hand, she knew she had no such luck.

Hippolyta had asked Hermes to give her any background on Bruce, as during their last meeting Diana had been vague with details of who her beloved was, and he had shown her what he could find on such short notice; she was not impressed. Bruce Wayne, according to the papers, was a selfish womanizer who had too much money to know what to do with. He didn’t take things seriously and would always be a party boy. The Prince of Gotham was what the news reports had called him, making Hippolyta scoff and toss the article into the trash, angry with the title; a true member or royalty would never act as he had.

When she had actually spoken with him, and he had told her his intentions of marrying Diana, Hippolyta had shook her head in protest, adamant about keeping her daughter away from such a man. Bruce was respectful, she’d give him that, but he wasn’t afraid of her. He had contacted her because he loved and respected Diana, and knew she would want her mother to be a part of this important milestone of her life. She hadn’t known just how much he had pushed his pride aside and prayed to gods he wasn’t entirely sure he believed in, but he did it for Diana.

“I don’t like Bruce,” Hippolyta replied, taking another step down the street alongside her daughter. She watched as Diana followed her actions, crossing her arms behind her back, and gave her head a small shake.

“You don’t know Bruce, Mother.” Diana glanced at her mother, taking in her regal posture as she took another step down the street, unphased by her daughter’s rebellious words. “Bruce is much more than he appears to be.”

“Ah yes,” Hippolyta began, “The Batman.” She watched as Diana quickly turned her head to face her, her eyebrows furrowing as she pressed her lips into a firm line. “And what does that do for the two of you?”

Diana paused for a moment, before she let out another sigh. “I fell in love with The Batman, and I fell in love with Bruce,” she said, her voice low, trying not to attract the attention of the few people around them. They may have been in another country, but she still would protect Bruce’s secret. “The longer I knew him, the more I came to realize they were the same person, and I love both parts of him. He is a warrior, Mother, and he fights for those who cannot fight for themselves.” She looked her mother in the eye before she added, “And he treats me more than just another woman. He loves me for who I am, the woman and the warrior, just as I love the man and the mask.”

“So you would say yes? You would allow Bruce to be a distraction from your responsibilities?”

Diana raised an eyebrow. “Yes?” she asked, “Yes to what?” She stopped walking and turned to face her mother, letting her arms drop to her sides. “And Bruce would never be a distraction, Mother. Bruce helps me with my mission as Wonder Woman, and I like to think I help him with his in Gotham.” Diana watched her mother take in her answer, before she raised an eyebrow. “And what would I have said yes to?”

Hippolyta narrowed her eyes. “Bruce wants to ask you to marry him.” She watched as Diana nodded, not fully understanding her words. “He showed me the ring,” she said, watching as Diana’s eyes widened, finally fully comprehending what she was saying, “And as your Queen-”

“As my Queen, you banished me,” Diana said, tears starting to form in her eyes. “I understood why you did what you did, and I am grateful you allowed me back, but-”

Hippolyta placed her hand on Diana’s shoulder, stopping the Amazon from speaking, before she wiped the few tears that had fallen from her face. She knew Diana had been hurt, betrayed, by her banishment, but in that moment Hippolyta thought she had done what any good Queen would have. If it had been another Amazon, if it had not been Diana, she would have done it without a second thought, but that day haunted her every waking moment. She had sent her only child away, disregarding Diana’s feelings just to uphold the law; she was grateful she had been able to right her mistake, even if it was years later.

“I understand, my child,” Hippolyta began, her voice growing softer as the emotions she was beginning to feel began to rise to the surface. “I don’t know Bruce, and maybe with time I will come to accept him, but I do know one thing: As your mother, I want only your happiness, and if that is with Bruce, then so be it.”

Diana gave her mother a small smile, sniffling as she realized this was her mother’s way of giving her her blessing. She may not have liked Bruce, but she was willing to set her feelings aside for her daughter. “Thank you,” Diana whispered, rushing into her mother’s arms, her smile growing when she felt the Queen’s arms wrap around her. “You’ll come to love him too, I promise.”

Hippolyta chuckled and patted Diana’s back gently. “For both of our sakes, I hope you are right.” She watched as Diana pulled away from her, the tears now absent from her eyes, before she grabbed her mother’s hand gently. “Go on,” she urged, “It’s late, and I should be getting back to the island. Gods know Antiope will only keep the throne warm for a moment, before she is tempted to go back out and train your sisters.”

Diana chuckled and nodded, knowing the Amazon general and her habits all too well. “Safe travels, Mother,” Diana said, pulling her mother into another hug, closing her eyes as she smelled the scent of her childhood radiating from Hippolyta’s blonde tresses. “May we meet again soon.”

Hippolyta nodded, pulled away, and kissed Diana’s forehead. “Of course, my little sun and stars,” she whispered, before squeezing her daughter’s arms, knowing she could not wait until the next time she saw her child.

Diana entered the hotel suite quietly, careful not to wake Bruce should he be asleep. Inside it was dark and Diana let out a small sigh as she gently closed the door. She knew Bruce had wanted to spend time with her on this vacation, but she had been so excited to see her mother, she had spent more time out with her than she should have, ignoring Bruce; seeing all the lights off in the suite made her feel bad that she hadn’t let him take her out to dinner like he wanted to.

She walked further into the suite, dropping her purse near the door, before she made her way through the dark room, her mother’s words still ringing in her ears. He showed me the ring. Bruce wanted to propose to her, and apparently he wanted to do it soon. He had a ring already, and he had brought it to Greece with them; was he planning to do it during the trip? Or did her mother’s reaction to him make him second think his decision; did he even want to marry her anymore.

She quickly shook her head free of those thoughts. She loved Bruce and didn’t need a ring to be happy with him. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t curious. She quickly glanced over her shoulder at the closed bedroom door, making sure the light inside was off, before she made her way to the entertainment center.

Diana had lived with Bruce long enough to know where he hid things, and she knew he would never stay in a place without checking for more hideouts. She quickly rummaged through the drawers, careful not to make any noise that would wake Bruce. When she found nothing, she let out a defeated sigh and stood, before she made her way to the bedroom. She knew there were other potential places where Bruce could have hid the ring, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized she wanted it to be a secret, even if her mother had ruined a big part of the surprise.

She quietly opened the door and peeked her head inside, her lips curling into a smile when she saw a lump on the bed she knew to be Bruce. She silently slipped inside, letting the door shut behind her, enveloping her in the darkness. Careful not to bump into anything, she shuffled across the floor, letting out a small groan when her foot collided with the bedpost.

Her eyes widened as she covered her mouth with her hand, not wanting to wake Bruce, before she exhaled harshly. “I was wondering if your mother had taken you back with her.”

Diana jumped, startled to hear his voice. The light near the bed flickered on and Diana saw Bruce turn to face her, a smirk on his face when he saw her eyes begin to wonder over his nearly naked body. “Bruce,” she began, trailing her eyes down his body until they landed on the waistband of his boxers; the only item of clothing he wore. “I didn’t know you were still awake.”

Bruce sat up and shrugged, watching as she took a seat on the edge of the bed, before he rested a hand gently on her thigh. His fingers gently grazed the skin that had exposed itself when she had taken a seat, the dress she wore hiking up on her long legs as she leaned into one of the pillows situated on their shared bed. “I couldn’t sleep without you,” he confessed. “Besides, I wanted to ask you,” he began, his eyebrow raising when he felt her muscles tense under his touch.

Was this it? Was he going to actually propose right now?

Diana watched as he scooted over in the bed, resting next to her, before he chuckled. “How was your time with your mother?”

It was Diana’s turn to raise an eyebrow in confusion, as she stared at Bruce, unsure of what to say. Did he know she knew? Was that his plan all along: have Hippolyta tell Diana so she would be anticipating it every second? No, that wasn’t it. Bruce loved to have the upper hand. He would not have been able to sit next to her so calmly if he knew she knew.

“It was great,” she said, reaching up to pull her hair out of the ponytail she wore. She let her hair cascade down her back and over her shoulders, turning to give Bruce a sultry smile, letting him breathe in the scent of her shampoo. She heard him release a small groan, before he leaned in and placed a kiss on her bare shoulder, letting his hand wander up to the thin strap of her dress. “I really appreciate what you did Bruce.” She looked him in the eye, her face softening when she remembered what her mother had said. “Did you really pray to the gods?”

He nodded, his eyes never leaving hers, as he answered. “I did.” He paused for a moment, contemplating his next few words, letting his fingers gently stroke her face. He didn’t smile, his lips remaining in a tight line, as he leaned in to kiss her lips softly. “I didn’t think it would work, but you needed to see your mother, and I wanted to give that to you.”

Diana let Bruce kiss her lips once more, gently resting her hand on his arm as he leaned his forehead against hers. “But you hate magic,” she said, letting him run a hand through her wavy hair.

“I do,” he whispered, “But I love you more.”

Diana smiled wide, letting Bruce run his fingers through her hair once more before she let him kiss her lips again, this time lingering a bit longer. She felt Bruce’s hand fall to the back of her neck, pulling her close, before she let out a small sigh. “Why the trip to Greece all of a sudden?” she asked, watching as he sighed before he placed his head on her shoulder, defeated.

“Your mother told you, didn’t she?” He watched as she nodded, her smile fading as she watched his face. “And what do you think of the idea?”

“Of marriage?” Bruce nodded. “Bruce, I don’t want you to feel like you have to marry me to make me happy. I love you and I am happy with you and our relationship and I don’t want you to second guess anything.” Bruce quickly jumped off the bed, switching on the light, before he searched the floor for his discarded pants. “Bruce,” Diana said, standing from the bed as she saw him grab his pants. Was he leaving? Had she scared him off?

She watched as he walked to where she stood, the pants in his hand, before he rummaged in his pocket and pulled out a small box. He looked up at Diana, watching as she took a seat on the edge of the bed, the realization suddenly hitting her. “You were going to propose tonight,” she whispered, watching as he nodded, gently turning the box in his hand as he dropped the pants back onto the floor. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Bruce shrugged. “I could have planned another proposal, but you weren’t guaranteed another visit.”

Diana stared at the man as her heart beat a little faster with his confession. He had thrown away all his plans to propose, something he had probably worked on for weeks, all so she could have a few hours alone with her mother. Gods, this man was truly amazing, and she loved him dearly for everything he did for her.

Her eyes trailed down to the box still settled in his hands, the corners of her lips turning up into a smile. “Yes,” she said, watching as Bruce raised an eyebrow.

“Yes?” He watched as Diana’s eyes glanced towards the box in his hands, before he chuckled. “I haven’t asked you anything yet.”

“Well then ask me,” she said growing impatient and anxious.

Bruce shook his head as he continued to laugh. “So impatient,” he said, before he lowered himself down onto one knee. “Diana,” he began, grabbing one of her hands, “I love you, and I wish I could have given you a big and grand proposal, but I can’t wait to ask you this. So, Princess, will you marry me?” He opened the box, revealing a beautiful ring. The princess cut diamond sparkled in the light, and Diana didn’t realize she ever find a piece of jewelry so magnificent.

She looked into Bruce’s eyes, her smile widening. She took in Bruce’s attire and chuckled to herself, suddenly not caring that he was proposing to her in his boxers, in their hotel room. He could have proposed to her in a broom closet and she would have thought it was perfect. “Yes,” she exclaimed, jumping into his arms. She placed her lips onto Bruce’s, smiling against his lips when she felt his arms wrap around her waist.

“I think this is for you,” Bruce said, pulling back from Diana just enough to slip the ring on her finger. He placed a kiss on the back of her hand, smiling when he realized the most beautiful woman in the world had just agreed to be his wife.

“It’s beautiful Bruce,” Diana whispered, lifting her hand to get a better look at the ring. She placed a kiss on his cheek, before she moved to kiss his lips, smirking when he pulled her into his lap. “You brought my mother here to ask permission?” she asked as she felt Bruce’s hands roam over her body.

Bruce scoffed, before he placed a kiss behind her ear, watching as she shivered before he kissed her neck. Batman didn’t ask anyone for permission to do anything, but this was Diana. He was going to do anything he could for Diana. “Not permission. Just her blessing.”

Diana nodded before she ran her hand through his hair, listening to Bruce release a small growl as his hands gripped her thighs tightly. She felt his lips continue to kiss her neck and she knew there was no other place she would be than here with her fiance. She couldn’t wait to marry this man.

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For the final day of WonderBat Milestones Week the theme is kids and I of course had to contribute some of my batfam stuff! I have loved contributions and contributing to this week so much! I can’t wait for the next one! ❤️💕💙 Thanks so much @fyeahwonderbat 😍

These are also so PERFECT! Thank you @thebatfaminsta for always giving us the realest glimpse at what the WonderBat family would be like on social media! 😂 ~ Maiden


Last Theme for WonderBat Milestones week!

I had the best time during this event, and also it was the first time I had ever participated so I appreciate everyone who enjoyed my work! And thank you @fyeahwonderbat for helping create this amazing event for Wonderbat! This is my final submission. It’s called “What if we could fall in Love?”

Diana sat on the edge of her bed thinking to herself. She held up the pregnancy test. It was hard to think of a way to break the news to Bruce. He was the only one she hasn’t told yet and it made her nervous. With his birthday so near she didn’t know if he would be ecstatic or regretful. She heard the door open and stood up, tucking the test into her pocket, pulling her shirt down over it. Bruce smiled at his wife.

“Hey, Princess.” He greeted. She gave him a smile. He kissed her. “What are you doing?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. Just thinking about what to do for your birthday.” Bruce groaned.

“The most dreadful day of the year. One more of this wretched day and I’ll be officially old.” Diana rolled her eyes.

“Forty is not old. Besides Mr. Wayne, if you were old you’d be handsome.” She said, jokingly. He smirked.

“Mrs. Wayne, are you telling me I’m not handsome?” He asked, pulling her closer. She gave him a devious smirk.

“Bruce, you were sculpted by the gods. If there was a word better than handsome I’d use it.” She told him. He smiled and kissed his wife.

“Okay, you have to go while I get your surprise.” She said, pushing him away. Bruce groaned again with a smile. He left and Diana sighed. She pulled out the test and glanced at it. She smiled, finally realizing what to do.

She moved around quickly in the living room, placing little decorations on the coffee table. Jason blew up a balloon until it popped, scaring Damian. Damian turned around pulling up a sharp object and cursing in Arabic. Diana shot them a look, causing them both to smile at her. She turned to everyone.

“Okay, now when the cake gets brought out we’re going to sing Happy Birthday but with a twist. There’s a pad in the kitchen with the song. You all have to remember it.” She said.

They all quieted down at the sound of the door opening in the foyer. Bruce walked into the living room to the scream of a surprise. He jumped, looking at his family and friends with wide eyes. He shook his head and smirked.

“I have no idea what’s happening.” He said. They laughed. Diana went up to him, giving him a soda in a blue baby bottle. He looked at it weirdly before giving her another smirk. “Are you kidding me?” She laughed.

“I thought it would be funny.” She shrugged. He smiled and kissed her.

When Bruce seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, Diana motioned at Alfred to bring out the cake. She turned off the lights, causing everyone to turn around at the sight of the candle on a white cake in the shape of a pacifier. They all started to sing, causing Bruce to groan loudly, covering his face to hide from the embarrassment. He gave a confused look at the sight of the cake.

“Happy birthday dear Bruce you’re going to be a daddy, happy birthday to you.” They sang, finishing the song. Bruce didn’t blow out the candles, going wide-eyed instead. He looked at Diana.

“I’m sorry, what?” He asked, causing everyone to laugh. He held up the baby bottle, gasping before setting it down and covering his face.

The room grew silent, a smile on every face present as Bruce made the realization. Diana covered her mouth to keep herself from crying. Bruce laughed and took a breath. He squeezed his eyes shut to stop the tears.

“Are you really pregnant?” He asked. She nodded. “Oh my God.” He cried, hugging her tightly.

The rest of the party seemed to cry of joy and Bruce burned the memory of the day until it was all he could ever talk about. This was the final milestone in his and Diana’s relationship and he couldn’t be happier to spend his life with his princess.

Bruce jumped at the hand on his shoulder and looked around to find himself sitting at the founders’ table alone with Diana at his side. He looked up at the woman and gave her a confused look. She flashed a smile at him.

“You spaced out during the entire meeting. Are you okay?” She asked. He stood up.

“I was thinking about what would happen if we met differently, and from there how things would be different between us.” He explained. She crossed her arms and smiled.

“Bruce, we met at the bar in midtown, remember? Then you helped me out in London and then you stopped me from going back home. We got married the day we were going to propose to each other, and then we had Thomas.” She said. “Whom we should pick up from school by the way.” She added. He smirked.

“So all that really happened?” He asked. She nodded.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He nodded. She gave him kiss on the cheek before turning around.

“Diana,” he called. She turned back around. He just smiled. “I love you.” She smirked.

“I love you too.”

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Title: My New Everything

Word Count: 1,370

Author’s Note: I never posted yesterday’s Marriage theme because I’m struggling to end it so I’ll probably post it tomorrow. It’s fine: I have a personal headcanon that Diana gets pregnant and that’s what motivates the marriage so chronologically this story takes place first anyway. With that said this is more of a Diana-Alfred bonding piece than Wonderbat fluff but I’m really proud of it. Enjoy 🙂


Diana was pregnant. Pregnant as in she would be a mother soon. Pregnant as in there was a baby growing in her right now. She, made of clay and zapped to life by the king of gods, had laid with a man and had created life with one. Life that she would have to nurture, who may or may not receive her powers, who may or may not be a boy. She, Diana, Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, was pregnant.

And she, for the first time in her life, was terrified.

Perhaps her fears were irrational, she tried to tell herself. But as Diana gazed at the sleeping face of her lover, the icy tentacles of terror threatened to strangle her. She leapt out of bed, barely making sure Bruce was still asleep before she swept out of the room.

Everything seemed to make her skin tingle as she rushed through the enormous manor. The shadows took the shape of suffering and abandoned children, failed by their mothers. The sounds of sleeping children — Bruce’s sleeping children — were like screams of failure in her ears. With every step, her silk negligee brushed against her stomach and it nearly made her want to throw up. She could already feel her stomach stretching and growing until she couldn’t fight, couldn’t defend, couldn’t help, was completely useless and helpless…

Somehow, Diana found herself in the back garden. She fell to her knees by a bed of roses, understanding true panic for the first time. Diana was a warrior. When the world fell apart, that was the one thing she always knew. Since her hand could make a fist, she held a sword and now motherhood was going to rob her of that.

“No,” Diana whispered, fists shaking as she clenched them. “Your mother is a warrior and her mother was too. Motherhood is just another battle to be won… “ Her voice was laced with uncertainty as she spoke. She hated the feeling of doubt but she didn’t know any other Amazonian that’s been in her shoes before. She had been the only child on Themyscira until Donna was created for her and neither of them had been made the “natural” way. She had never wondered how their all-female population reproduced, had assumed that all of them was sculpted from clay like she was. Hell, she didn’t even think it was possible for them to reproduce like this. She’d never met her mom’s mom; all her information came from stories. Now that Diana thought about it, her mom was the only mom on Themyscira and she couldn’t give advice about being pregnant.

Diana was truly alone in this.

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My entry for the final day of @fyeahwonderbat‘s WONDERBAT MILESTONES EVENT.

I don’t know what drove me to do this but I find it quite endearing. I just remembered one of Ezra Miller’s interview that Batman and Wonder Woman were the parents of the team. And I know that Aquaman is supposed to be the uncle but… eh. I was also planning on adding Clark somewhere but this one was such a process for me. It was around 6 hours of graphite and endless google searches of their faces. I believed I whimpered at one point, heh.

This is sooo cute! It’s basically a rendition of what we all imagine. ~ Maiden


For the fifth and final day of the #wonderbatmilestones event I am continuing with a series of posts in conjunction with @fyeahwonderbat for each milestone! Here is day five: children which will correlate to maiden’s story!!! 😍❤️👍🏽 The theme of the posts in general will be Bruce and Diana going to Disney World. 🐭 We have had such fun creating these i hoe you all have enjoyed them! Unfortunately this is the last day but wish this could go on forever!!! 💜💕💙-thebatfaminsta

There was a famous saying about the downfalls of making assumptions, and Bruce was reminded of it when he foolishly hoped Diana’s singsong laugh was indicative of something uplifting. “What?” He asked blindly while keeping his eyes on the open road ahead.

Her laptop was packed on their ride back so that they could bask in their last few hours alone together, before reentering the reality of their lives after their magical time at Disney World. The inside of his Mercedes seemed like a protective bubble that tried to protect them from the outside world, until Diana read something of her phone as if she was quoting something.

“The face I made when Mom and Dad went to Disney without me.”

Such a peculiar line, Bruce took the chance to glance over at his passenger, only to see her face scrunched in an angry pout. If his eyebrow could have arched higher on his forehead, it would. “What? Who said that?”

“I think it’d surprise you if you knew, but that’s not the only outrage I’m seeing.”

“Seeing where!?”

“On Instagram.”

Of course it was on Instagram. After all of their posts over the last twenty four hours, and considering who followed them on social media, there were quite a few people who would give them flack for running off to the most magical place on earth without them. So many in fact, he couldn’t confidently put his money on a single person. Any of his so called ‘children’ would try to make him feel guilty about the private vacation that didn’t include offering each of them an invitation.

As if everything else he offered them was obsolete compared to a trip to Orlando.

When the world renowned Wonder Woman let out a snort and nearly fell over her knees, Bruce found himself asking a second time. “What? What are they saying!?”

Now that they were together, he felt much more comfortable showing her his exasperation.

“They’re calling us out!” There was false indignation in her announcement, but her amusement over the exchange she was reading on her phone was much too earnest for him to believe she was anything other than entertained. Unable to read whatever comments his wards had written online, the Batman cleverly took hold of one of his girlfriend’s hands in order to anchor her to the moment in the car.

“Read them to me.” On this trip, he had learned about the frequency with which he asserted his questions. He’d keep an eye on himself moving forward because he’d hate for Diana to develop the habit too.

“Okay,” She agreed so easily, it was clearly what she had been planning to do all along. Even though she no longer had her wooly blanket, she snuggled into her seat until she was perfectly situated to relay the messages to him, his hand clasped by one of hers the entire time. “Ready?”

Why did they feel the need to ask each other that lately? “Ready.”

Then, she began to impersonate the adult-children she was rading for. “As if I didn’t have abandonment issues.” She pretended to be mopey rather to imitated anyone specifically, but the words gave it away.



There was no mistaking that double-edged humour. “Respond on my phone.”

“What?” Was her graceless answer. From the corner of his eye, he watched her do a double take to see if he was serious about allowing her access to his iPhone. Bruce pushed set the Mercedes into auto-pilot on the highway for a few seconds so that he could use his steering wheel hand – not his hand-holding hand – to remove the device from his pocket. He handed it to her after his thumbprint unlocked the screen and he tapped onto Instagram.

Then, he instructed her with a grin as cruel as he imagined Jason’s was when he wrote his comment. “Make sure you tag him so he sees it right away.”

Diana didn’t say no, she merely asked, “What do you want to say?” They were behaving like teenagers – or at the very least, how he assumed teenagers must behave in such a modern age – but it felt so natural for the two of them. For the man who had been expelled from Gotham Academy in his youth, and the woman who ran away from home in order to fight for her own morals, it didn’t seem out of place for them to be so invested in such a digital exchange though.

Bruce straightened his spine and said, “Let’s not forget, Jason, who got banned from Universal Studios? Don’t want a repeat of that incident.”

“With a sad face.” Diana added aloud.

Bruce shook his head immediately. “No.”

She would not argue with him. “You sound so mean. Emojis lighten a conversation.”

“He called us out!”
“No, that was Dick.” She explained long after reading those words to him.

Irritated at the thought of using emojis, Bruce indicated that he was entering the fast lane on the highway and floored it. “They’re all calling us out.”

She put his phone in the cupholder between them after presumably hitting send, and Bruce knew she had not listened to him in the slightest. When she snatched her phone in the same motion, however, he grew curious as to what her next plan of action was. “You’re not commenting too, are you?”

This time, when she read aloud to him, it was clear she was telling him what her own comment would sound like, given the natural tone to her voice when she spoke. “We will bring you all next time I promise! As long as Jason promises to behave,” Then he felt her stare collide with the side of his face. “How’s that?”

All Bruce could do was scoff at her promise. “I suppose if Diana Prince can afford to rent that Cinderella suite on her own, she can pay for ten more people to go with her to Disney World.” He had thought that his humour was rather clever and was rather proud of himself.

Diana’s nails digging into the back of his hand told him otherwise.

She lifted the pair to her lips and rested them against the tops of his fingers, softly, silently. It was rather nerve-wracking as he tried to determine if it was a kind gesture or one of foreboding while the seconds ticked by. When he felt her mouth move against his skin, he was grateful the shiver it caused when down his back and not his bare arm before her. “If Diana Prince can afford the patience it takes to be Bruce Wayne’s lover, there’s nothing she can’t do.”

Damn, he couldn’t argue with that.

Ever so gently, Bruce tugged her their joined hands towards his own lips so that he could kiss her knuckles as a show of concession.

“But the Cinderella suite is for Bruce Wayne to purchase.” The traditionalist view that it was his responsibility to rent them the decadent room was rather amusing, but he reigned in his laughter so that he could continue showering her with affection.

Between kisses, he proudly answered her demand with a muffled yet earnest response. “Of course, princess.”

((And that’s a wrap! Thank you for following along with @thebatfaminsta and I as we told the story of a WonderBat trip to Disney! Her pictures take the story beyond where I wrote because her commentary is in a league of its own!

I’ve gotten this prompt a few times and never knew how to write how they would function in an amusement park – waiting for rides, deciding what to do next, who their favourites would be – but I think we handled it rather well. I hope you enjoyed the ride of our WonderBatMilestones tale, and be sure to look out for a possible epilogue where Bruce and Diana take their own kids. Thanks again for reading! ~ Maiden))