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This is for @itickledthesleepingdragon on Tumblr. Unfortunately they did not receive anything from their WonderBat Secret Santa so Maiden and I decided to insure everyone that participated received something. I’m sorry it took this long to get it to you, but I hope you enjoy it.

There’s something so invigorating about a good sparring session. The way my heart pounds as my breathing quickens, the way my mind races as it thinks of strategies to win….it’s addicting and I can never seem to get enough. It is a part of who I am. I will always love the thrill of a good sparring session, but since coming to Man’s World it’s been hard to find a good partner.

Shayera was always eager to fight, willing to help sharpen both of our skills as warriors, and for a time that was nice. But after her betrayal, and subsequent absence from the league, it was never the same. Even when she had returned something was different. The trust was gone, and although we were still trying to build that trust back up, it was different.

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This is for @undeadroshi on Tumblr. Sadly they never received their item for the WonderBat Secret Santa event we had back in December. I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this to you, but Maiden and I wanted to make sure you got at least something!

Christmas. Growing up on an island paradise secluded from the world of man, I was unfamiliar with the concept. There was something about the thought of a man dressed in red, who entered houses in the dead of night, that did not sit well with me. But the more I listened to Wally and Clark’s stories of the holidays, the more I understood the holiday, and the others that were during this time of year, were not about this Santa Claus, but rather time with family and friends. Having abandoned the only family I had back in Themyscira to help on Man’s World, I was more than happy to celebrate this time with the friends I had made within the League.

Shayera, though impulsive and a bit withdrawn, had become my first friend. The two of us had bonded over being the only two female members of the League, and although our views on the opposite sex were quite different, I knew I could appreciate her knowledge of topics unknown to me; she had been quite informative when I had approached her with questions regarding the male body.

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In the garden of withering trust…

Hell is freezing over ….

And the light is long gone ….

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I think it’s something more…

Something darker….

No matter what happens,

I’ll still ship WonderBat 

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Jealous (Wonderbat Headcanon)

(For the anon who asked for a Jealous!Bruce Headcanon – hope you like it!)

(Slight M rating)

– Bruce hates parties and galas at the best of times, he grew up attending them and knows how they work without so much as having to blink. The drinks, the flirting. The guys looking for a beautiful woman and the women looking for a rich guy. He hates it all, the pretense, the charade. 

– Diana always makes them bearable, her beauty drawing every eye in the room to her when she walks in on his arm. Or maybe, he walks in on hers. It doesn’t really matter much to him because whilst everyone else only gets to look, he gets to touch her and be with her and know at the end of the night she’ll be coming home with him out of everyone else in the room. 

– That doesn’t stop him from getting jealous at all the rich playboys (men more like he used to be then Bruce cares to remember) tripping over themselves to talk to her. Diana is always polite and charming and graceful as she works the room and she’s always touching him in some way, a hand in his, fingers tucked into the crook of his arm. 

– Bruce hates feeling jealous, Diana would probably scold him for his childishness if he told her about his insecurities. That he wasn’t good enough for her and everyone else in the room knew it. So, he doesn’t tell her. He stays by her side and works the room with her and is the perfect gentleman whilst he bites his tongue at the obvious flirting from a few cocky playboys with more money than sense. Diana only has eyes for him and that’s enough. 

– As soon as they get home though, Bruce gives into his insecurities and his jealousy and if Diana has worked out why they hardly make it through the door before Bruce has her pinned up against a wall and is kissing her senseless then she never comments (but Bruce is sure she does know because she’s much smarter than he is).

– Bruce is eager and desperate as he strips them both out of their clothing to feel Diana’s body pressing against his. He wants to hear her, those moans she makes, those sounds he rings from her body because he knows her this intimately now. He wants to feel the way she grips him tighter, takes him in and kisses him passionately until he is panting and lightheaded. 

– He worships her because he can. He is allowed too. Because for some reason she loves him and is with him and wants him and Bruce still can’t wrap his head around that. He’s too old (despite her being much older), and bitter and selfish for her but then Diana has her fingers on his trousers and is tugging at his tie and he doesn’t give a damn anymore. 

– Some nights he’ll tease her, push her into the chair in the Batcave and drop to his knees in front of her with his head between her legs until she is panting and the leather of the armrests is creaking under the strength of her grip, his name the only thing on her lips. Some nights he’ll devour her, not even bothering to make it to a bedroom before he lifts her up to push her dress aside and take her against a wall. His back will ache come morning but he knows it will be worth it. Other nights he’ll take his time, driving into her softly and slowly so they can both feel every sensation and moment passing between them amongst the sheets of his bed as the night outside turns to morning.

– He’s never been the jealous type before, he’s never really cared enough for the relationship to get anywhere close to that but he gets jealous with her. He wants to be enough for her (and is in her eyes, he knows, just not in his own) and love her the way a woman like Diana deserves to be loved. She’d laugh if he told her that though so he doesn’t. Instead, he shows her with his hands and his mouth and his lips. 

– Diana always wraps herself up against him afterwards, almost lying onto of him so Bruce can feel every shift in her body and breath from her lips against his chest. She doesn’t question him on the desperation he showed moments before or scold him on his behaviour. She merely kisses his chest lightly, right over his heart, which does something to Bruce that makes him want to hide away from her. He doesn’t, instead leans over to place a responding kiss on her forehead.

– As he drifts off he hears her tell him that she loves him and Bruce briefly wonders if he is dreaming or she actually said it but he’s too far gone to question her about it.


Diana was stuck in Paris, the storms had picked up over the last few days and the airline deemed it unsafe for travel. She’d been in the city as a favour to a friend, lending her expertise to a new collection of items being brought into the museum and whilst she was happy to do it, the idea of having to extend her stay wasn’t something she had planned for. 

She missed Bruce. 

It would be early in Gotham, but he’d still be up. Maybe drinking his morning coffee with Alfred as he prepared for his meetings of the day, no doubt after spending the night as Batman. 

This thing between them was still so new and uncertain, a few months in of them figuring how it would work. How they would work. 

This distance tugged at Diana’s heart uncomfortably, despite the little amount of time since her and Bruce had given into their feelings for each other she found herself restless without him in bed beside her. 

The skies were dark in Paris, it was late and Diana knew she needed to try and get some sleep but her mind seemed unable to rest. She had even changed into one of Bruce’s shirts that she had stolen from him a while back, white and crisp yet smelling enough like Bruce to comfort her. 

Sighing, she grabbed her phone off the nightstand, typing out a message to Bruce with a small smile. 

Diana: Have a good day 🙂  

Barry had taught her how to use emojis and she knew it would make Bruce smile. His reply came quicker than she expected. 

Bruce: It’s late in Paris, Princess. Everything okay?

Diana: Everything’s fine, I just can’t sleep

Bruce: Hopefully this storm will pass through and you can come home. I have the private jet on standby

She smiled at the use of the word ‘home’. It sounded nice. 

Diana: I hope so. I miss you. 

Bruce: I miss you too Princess. 

Diana snapped a quick photo of herself, making sure her shirt was visible before sending it to Bruce. 

Bruce: Is that my shirt? 

Diana: Maybe. 

Bruce: Well, no one told me the princess of the amazons was a thief

Diana: I didn’t steal it. I borrowed it.

Bruce: This sounds familiar…

Diana: It smells like you.

Bruce: It looks better on you anyway, Princess.

Diana: It would look better on your bedroom floor.

Bruce: Diana! I’m on my way to a meeting!

She smiled into her pillow at the thought of a flustered Bruce Wayne walking into Wayne Enterprises with her picture being the only thing on his mind.

Bruce: But you’re right. I can’t wait for you to come home so I can peel it off you.

Diana: You’ll be late for your meeting.

Bruce: I don’t care.

She smiled again, turning onto her back with her phone in her hand. Well, if he didn’t care than she didn’t either. She bit her lip as she typed out her reply. 



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214 Minutes 🎬 BRING BACK ZACK



They get married whilst the sun is setting in the sky on a warm summer evening, if married is the word to describe what this day is to them.

Bruce often thinks back to the moment he presented Diana with a ring, feeling both nervous and more than a little foolish as he dropped down onto one knee before a literal Goddess, a woman who’d been in this world long before Bruce Wayne and who would no doubt be there long after him. 

Still, Bruce has never been more selfish than he is with her and he wants this. A scary notion that takes him months to even admit to himself. He wants her, in whatever ways he can, in whatever ways she’ll allow him. 

When Diana agrees, he’s never felt lighter or fuller or happier and he already knows Alfred is somewhere in the mansion already uncorking the champagne. It’s a moment Bruce wants to live in forever though now he thinks this one might have it beat. 

Diana doesn’t understand the concept of marriage because she’s too smart and has seen too much of humanity to understand why people would make such vows and promises they don’t intend to keep. Bruce thinks she almost sounds more like the Batman than he does but he tells her for them, it can mean whatever they want it to mean. 

Diana wakes him up a few nights later with excited eyes and his ring sparkling on her finger in the dim light. She will marry him, she tells him, in a sense much older and more sacred than the sham convention marriage has become to everyone else. Bruce readily agrees to her plan. 

They marry at the mansion, on the pier overlooking the lake that surrounds the property. It’s private and intimate and no press are allowed. Only their friends. Clark conducts the ceremony wearing his tux without the glasses and Alfred seems honoured when Diana asks him to walk her down the aisle. Bruce knows he loves her as family and he could recognise the rare look of pride on Alfred’s face when he smiles at him that it almost makes all those years of worry worth it. 

Diana is a vision when she walks towards him, a bunch of wild daisies in one hand and more threaded into her hair, her dress is white and flowing and Bruce can’t help the emotion wash over him at seeing her. A Greek goddess made real before his eyes. Barry, Arthur and Victor are all there with them, Barry excitedly throwing rice into the air despite the fact it’s meant to be for afterwards. 

Bruce takes Diana’s hands in his as soon as she passes off the flowers to Lois and finally he can breathe again. Diana is beaming at him and reaches one hand up to straighten his bowtie like she did when they first met. 

“Are you ready?” Diana asks him softly.

Bruce gives her a signature smirk, “Born ready, Princess.” 

He wasn’t, they both know. Bruce Wayne and marriage are as far apart as the Poles but that was before her. 

They don’t give the traditional vow, neither one of them are religious (at least not to that God, in Diana’s case) but they managed to find ways to express themselves in a way they both like. A binding, as Diana described it, for body, mind and soul. Something deeper than marriage. A promise of a vow that is unbreakable. 

Bruce likes that.

Clark wraps a piece of red cloth around their joined hands, tying them together both symbolically and literally before adding Diana’s lasso around their hands as well. It had been Bruce’s idea, to make their vows in the present of her Gods as well as their friends, it was important for her to feel connected to them. Especially today. 

“Bruce, I share with you my mind, my body and my soul. That we may be joined together always in love and respect and passion. All that I am, I give to you. I am yours and my love for you is everlasting.” The words hit him in the chest as the lasso glows brightly at the truth of them.

“Diana, I share with you my mind, my body and my soul. That we may be joined together in love and respect and passion. All that I am, I give to you. I am yours and my love for you is everlasting.” He repeats the words they had chosen as an expression of their declaration and feels the lasso warm around his hand, a calmness and peace at his own words rushing over him.

Clark continues the ceremony and the world melts away. Diana is looking at him with such love and devotion and he has no idea how he managed to earn it but he’ll thank her Gods and his for the rest of his life. 

“You can kiss your bride.” Clark tells him with a smile. 

Bruce wastes no time in pulling Diana in, their hands still joined as he kisses her. It’s soft and passionate and he thinks he hears Arthur whistle at them but he doesn’t care because Diana has a hand in his hair and they’re married. They’re bonded. They’re together.