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This is my entry to the WonderBat Holiday event created by @fyeahwonderbat for the theme Birthday. You can find it on ao3 here.

I’m super late but this is my first Wonderbat fic and I was super intimidated by all the talented writers in the fandom. Hope you enjoy!

The invitation was lying on her desk when she entered her office at the Metropolis Museum of Art. Diana had finished her work for the day and was about to gather her belongings and leave when the stiff envelope caught her attention. Inside, embossed in silver ink, was an invitation by the Wayne Trust to celebrate their founder’s birthday.

“Oh, these arrived with that,” said Marcia, poking her head inside. She held out the elegant arrangement of flowers that somehow matched the colour scheme of the letter. “He really is smooth, like everyone says. Or does he just have an excellent assistant?”

Alfred does have distinguished taste, Diana thought privately. She took the bouquet from her intern. While the flowers smelled wonderful, as a gift she considered them to be quite ineffectual. “Thank you, Marcia. You can keep them, actually.”

“Oh, wow. Um, are you sure?”

Diana nodded as she pulled up the calendar on her phone. Her departure to Paris was scheduled on that day…

“So, yeah about the flight to Paris,” Marcia asked. “Should I cancel the ticket?”

She looked away, considering. Louvre had lent her to the Metropolis Museum for their exhibition on Greek art. Her term was coming to an end, but lately Diana had found herself pushing the dates back further and further. While Paris was a charming city, there was something about Metropolis –or more specifically, about its grim sister city- that held her back. “Yes, do that. I’ll postpone my departure.”

Well, she wasn’t planning on missing his birthday.

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It may be late but it’s always welcomed! More WonderBat fanfiction for our lovely holiday event, so please give it a read if pure still craving some WonderBat goodness 💕 ~ Maiden


Aaand that’s a wrap! ❄️

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our WonderBat Holiday Event! If I missed sharing your entry, please let me know!

If you’d like to see all of our awesome submissions, feel free to look through the “WonderBat Holiday” / “WonderBat Holiday Event” tags! I also tagged every entry with the chosen theme and the person who made it~

This has been so amazing, seeing all this amazing WonderBat love! Happy Holidays to you all, and to more WonderBat love in the years to come! ❄️ ~ Maiden

oddlyescapingfriends: My submission for the W…


My submission for the Wonderbat holiday event hosted by @fyeahwonderbat

Chosen theme is “Holiday”

Ah this is so cute! And using the JLpromo pics is a nice touch 😉 ~ Maiden




74: “Would you like to try it on?” From @fyeahwonderbat ’s wonderbat holiday event. A bit late because when I saw what the others did I was shook and wasn’t sure if I still wanted to post this. Also a bit short because I am me

This is so freaking cute, I didn’t expect how this would go! ~ Maiden

Fanfic: Number, Justice League | FanFiction

Fanfic: Number, Justice League | FanFiction:


A fanfic inspired by Alfred’s line in Justice League: “You’re the one who has her number!”. A little story about how Bruce got Diana’s number. 😎😉 Much less angst than my last fic I promise haha!

For @fyeahwonderbat
Wonderbat 100 Themes Challenge
Theme #18 – Number

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Alfred is our WonderBat champion! ~ Maiden

adelainev: Page Two! of a four-page comic ins…


Page Two! of a four-page comic inspired by @midnightsapphiremoon‘s amazing cosplay. Also my entry for the final day of the Wonderbat Holiday 2017, hosted by @fyeahwonderbat. Two more pages to go, our holidays will last until the New Year’s 🙂

Page One:

I can’t wait for more!! ~ Maiden

Wonderbat Holiday submission



Lock and Key – Chapter 1

After Superman’s funeral, Diana disappears. Bruce realises he still knows almost nothing about her and attempts to draw her out.

These are the ‘missing scenes’ between Bruce and Diana from the end of BvS to the beginning of Justice League.

A fanfic for the @fyeahwonderbat Wonderbat Holiday event. Chapter 2 will be up later in the week.

Lock and Key – Chapter 2

Update: Diana’s photograph turns up again, but it’s not the one Luthor found.


Really great part two to an already great story! That last line feels so true to Bruce. ~ Maiden

thebatfaminsta: A WonderBat Holiday – For my …


A WonderBat Holiday – For my final (no I don’t want this to be over!!! 😱) submission for WonderBat 100 challenge I have done what Bruce and Diana would do for the holidays. Of course featuring the BatFam.

Theme #3 – “Social Media” – Day 7 (Finale)- “A Wonderbat Holiday”

Submission for @fyeahwonderbat WonderBat 100 Themes Challenge.

Happy WonderBat holiday week y’all! With this being my final post for this challenge I am officially open to any requests one may have so let me know and I will try my best!

Thank you all for all the love and a big thank you to @fyeahwonderbat without whom I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to create this stuff!

Okay, they’re watching Beauty and the Beast!? It’s like these were made for me!

Thank YOU @thebatfaminsta for participating everyday with such beautiful entries! ~ Maiden

adelainev: Bruce Wayne said, “If we make it t…


Bruce Wayne said, “If we make it through the night, you can stay in the shadows forever. Dress up as a bat. I won’t even sue.” And then Diana Prince decides to take him up on his offer.

Shameless plug of Occam’s Razor, featuring purple tentacle monsters and all the shenanigans it implies.

Today is Day 5 of the Wonderbat Holiday 2017, at @fyeahwonderbat

YES! That line in the movie was just asking for beautiful fanwork like this ~ Maiden

new-orleans-1988: Number 91. Photoalbum for t…


Number 91. Photoalbum for the WonderBat Holiday Event hosted by @fyeahwonderbat (and lovingly curated by Alfred). Gotham is a dangerous city especially during the holidays 😉 and Bruce slept because of the painkillers Diana forced into him when the kids got to his leg. Happy december everyone!

This is so cuuute, despite the broken leg. Alfred knows how to really capture WonderBat 😉 ~ Maiden