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DC vs Marvel: Arcade Warsby HotKenobi

DC vs Marvel: Arcade Wars

by HotKenobi



I really love dark & gothic. Hope you enjoy my edit for “GOTHAM DARK COUPLE” #wonderbatcrew #WONDERBAT #JusticeLeague #WonderWoman #batman



We all know Diana was happy with what this first issue revealed 😉


Now available: DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman – a book told…

Now available: DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman – a book told from Batman’s perspective … exploring the physical makeup of metahumans. Beautiful anatomical illustrations of 12 classic DC characters (by Insight Editions. On sale! 

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Wonder Womanby Stanley Lau

Wonder Woman

by Stanley Lau



Call Of Duty in Gotham ?? Batman & Wonder Woman need to investigate.😉

I hope it will be idea to you guys to do amazing drawing in your comics @DCComics @JimLee

PERFECT  DC  POWER  COUPLE #WONDERBAT #Wonderbatcrew #WonderWomanxBatman #BatmanxWonderWoman #BMWW #JusticeLeague #WonderWoman #batman

SaultNPeppah | FanFiction

SaultNPeppah | FanFiction:


For those of you who have read any of my stuff, and would like to continue to read stuff, I’m giving you the opportunity to vote on what you want to see. Please feel free to vote on the poll located on my profile. I’ll be closing it in a few days to get started on the next adventure. 




Those Moments

“You dont understand,” Bruce stated evenly, “there are 2 or 3 moments when a man knows. When a man knows who he wants and who he’s going to be with for the rest of his life.”

Bruce looked up at Gotham city’s skyline. “Its different, you know. Just like that night. When I met her, and we danced, I knew. I knew because I was smiling for the rest of that day until the morning. I knew because I said to myself, I’m going to love this woman. I’m going to love her because even the sky seems different.”



“The Dark Knight and The Amazonian Princess lived happily ever after….” 💖💖💖💖




#WONDERBAT #Wonderbatcrew #WonderWomanxBatman #BatmanxWonderWoman #BMWW #JusticeLeague #WonderWoman #batman

My OTP enjoying my favourite season! ~ Maiden



Shout out to Wonderbat shippers

I’m not one of you. But I am impressed by you. In all of this time during Tom King’s run, through the marriage proposal to Catwoman, to the shipteasing in #39 and 40, I never once saw any of the typical toxic shipping cliches that would normally accompany such events.

I didn’t see a deluge of comments bashing Selina as a common thief, I didn’t see a parade of posts decrying Tom King as a hack or a misogynist, or worse yet, people boasting about tweeting him about how awful he was. Or essays besmirching anyone that ships Batcat

No, instead what I’ve seen of Wonderbat is lovely headcanons, fun gifsets, and fantastic fanart. You’re a great bunch and while no shipping community is perfect, yours is wonderful!

This is such a kind sentiment, thank you @supercapo16! I can’t speak for all in this fandom, but knowing we all love these characters and want what we believe to be the best for them is something we have in common. 💖