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Riddler Trophies

by Gerard Bruggeman

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 
Joker Official Gameplay Trailer

New Batman Video Game?

WB Games Montréal is teasing images again … possibly about a new Batman video game. Is Capture the Knight the working title?

What do you make of this recent post?

“Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight“


Coin Flip

by Lucas Nascimento

National Video Games Day


10 years ago today Rocksteady Studios released the first game in their series of Batman: Arkham games.

Batman: Arkham Knight

by David Yun & David Vargas

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Court of Owls Anyone?

With RockSteady hiring for key marketing and promotional help, rumors are swirling again about a new Batman Arkham game. For months we’ve been hearing about the new game being based on the popular Court of Owls storyline. Nothing has been confirmed.

Concept Art Revealed?

WB Montreal, which previously made Batman: Arkham Origins is now rumored to be working on yet another Dark Knight video game, which will be based on the popular DC storyline The Court Of Owls.


Some interesting concept art was posted today which could give us a glimpse of what the new game might look like.


Concept artist Eddie Mendoza posted his artwork this morning saying he “was 

really inspired by Greg Capullo’s panels and i wanted to translate them into a more cinematic/rendered style.” 


Eddie also said he “always wanted to see a live action or Arkham Knight style game for Court of Owls so I decided to do some keyframes for fun.”

Although this sounds like this isn’t official concept art for the new Batman Arkham game, Mendoza is a professional concept artist at Apple and it sure looks like the real thing. Doesn’t it?