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Dick Graysonby Loston Wallace

Dick Grayson


Loston Wallace

Titans Episode 5 – ‘Together’Premiere: November 09, 2018Jason…

Episode 5 – ‘Together’
Premiere: November 09, 2018

Jason Todd meets Dick Grayson in a brand new episode of ‘Titans’.

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After rescuing Rachel from Dr. Niles Caulder (BRUNO BICHIR), Dick and Kory hit the road with Rachel and Gar. But when the Nuclear Family again tracks them down, all four decide the time for running is over. For the first time, they work in unison. As they take on the Nuclear Family, we witness the birth of the team that will come to be known as “The Titans.” 


“Doom Patrol”Titans Episode 4 is definitely the most enjoyable…

“Doom Patrol”

Titans Episode 4 is definitely the most enjoyable of the series so far. It premieres today on DC Universe. 

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World’s Finest #139by Kerry Callen

World’s Finest #139

by Kerry Callen


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1966 Batman & Robinby Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray

1966 Batman & Robin

by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray

The New Teen Titans Nightwing 1/9 Scale Limited Edition…

The New Teen Titans Nightwing 
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DC Universe ~ Titans ReviewNext week ‘Titans’ becomes the first…

DC Universe ~ Titans Review

Next week ‘Titans’ becomes the first big premier for the new DC Universe streaming service. I was fortunate enough to receive the first 3 episodes of the long-awaited series from Warner Bros for review. The biggest thing I should note here is that ‘Titans’ is definitely for mature audiences only. There is plenty of foul language, violence and general adult content making it not suitable for the younger comic book fans.


Led by Batman’s longtime sidekick Dick Grayson, the Titans finally get their live-action small screen debut. Grayson is played by Brenton Thwaites, who also portrays the character’s alter-ego Robin. Dick works for the police force, somewhat like the character did in Chuck Dixon’s legendary comic book run. But unlike Dixon’s run, Grayson isn’t Nightwing yet. I found myself really liking Thwaites portrayal of both Dick and his alter-ego Robin, even though at times he’s seems to be a bloodthirsty punk with a fowl mouth. It’s a shame too, because Thwaites is a very likable actor. Watching the actual scene where he drops his famous (trailer) F-bomb, I was left scratching my head and asking myself, “why did he just say that … what’s the point?” It dampened what was a cool fight scene.


The other character the show seems to be built around is Rachel Roth/Raven played by Teagan Croft. Roth is set up as a kind of John Connor type of character. She’s finds herself on the run, because her life may control a darkened future. I have a lot of problems with the Roth, mainly because she plays a character I should care for, yet I don’t. 


Other DC characters who get there live-action treatment are Kory Anders/Starfire (Anna Diop), Dawn Granger/Dove (Minka Kelly), Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Garfield “Gar” Logan/ Beast Boy (Ryan Potter).

Starfire’s character has some identity issues, but she definitely seems to enjoy her own brutal way of handling problems.


I’m not really sure what Hawk and Dove are up to, but that’s okay, I don’t think they know what they’re doing either.

I had a lot of problems with ‘Titans’, the main one being the “super heroes” didn’t seem too heroic. The overall storyline seems rushed, I never had time to invested in the team. Hopefully as the series goes on, there will be time to get to know the main characters a little better.


With all its problems, the show does manage to score on some levels. The fight scenes are well choreographed. The supporting characters are also well acted and enjoyable, especially the villains who are posing as a 50′s styled family … they steal the show IMO.


Even with all its downfalls, there are reasons I want to continue watching ‘Titans’,  but that list isn’t that long.

Final grade C