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In the Middle of a Broken Constellation – PT. …

Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: T / 14A
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
Previous Chapter: <- Chapter 13

“Donna!” Diana cheered as she stared up at her sister, surprised by her sudden appearance in the apartment’s window. With the plastic dinner table pressed up against the wall, it took a moment or two for the shock to subside before she rearranged her ‘dining room’ furniture and welcome her guest inside. Dressed in her black armoured suit, it looked as though she had arrived with the expectation of a brawl.

But as she slipped into the apartment, she quietly looked around the room, landing softly on her feet on the hardwood floors in the exact moment her surveying gaze reached the wooden slats. “It’s good to see you, both of you.” Donna assured them both, but focused her gaze on Jason.

It looked as though he was returning a smile when he answered her. “You too. You answering our distress call?” His posture was relaxed, his grin was tender. Diana knew there was a possibility that they worked together as Titans before. She had just never had the luxury to ask.

The tone of voice that Donna used was very casual, solidifying proof of their friendly bond. “Well, it sounded like you might need a helping hand. Gotham City isn’t usually on my radar, so I imagine that the situation here is rather bleak.”

A nervous glance was exchanged between Diana and Jason instantly. But neither had the chance to truly describe the situation and all of its gorey details to her at that moment. The dramatic pause of their conversation was filled with an odd beeping. It was unfamiliar to her, but she watched as Jason’s reflexes kicked in and he pulled back the sleeve of his sweater to reveal an elongated wristband. Familiar with the gadgets of the Batman family, she knew instantly what it was.

“Red Hood here.” replied Jason to the summons of his cuff.

Though fighting an irritating static, Dick’s voice came through the communicator inside of the wristband. “We need backup! I’m at Miller Harbour fighting off Falcone’s goons, but he’s escaped in one of his fancy Cadillacs and he’s headed into the East End!”

“I’m on it.” Immediately, Jason was raring to go.

“Huntress is on his tail, so watch out for her.”

Sensing that the call was about to end, Diana piped up. “Wait! Nightwing, do you need help?”

To her surprise, Jason hung up the call before running off to his bedroom. Over his shoulder, he called out, “Just go! He’ll say he can handle it, even if he can’t.”

Donna sighed at her side. “He’s right.”

“Well then,” Diana hummed, reaching for the top of her zipper at the back of her neck, giving it a rather sharp tug. She hadn’t anticipated jumping into another fight today, nor had she wanted to. But with her sister by her side and her pent emotions having spilled out of her just moments ago, it seemed like the perfect outlet to destress after a rather tiring day. “After you.”

Diana landed on the shoulders of one the mafioso the moment she arrived at Miller Harbour. The man staggered, and his surrounding cohorts gawked at her with a fear in her eyes that she assumed they saved for Batman. But while they were distracted by her presence, they were in no way prepared for Donna bulldozing through them with her shield acting as a battering ram. Her pure strength charged through their unsuspecting bodies with such a ferocity, she mowed them down in the blink of an eye.

There was a crowd of one hundred thugs, meaning they’d be done rather shortly.

She heard the hammer of a pistol tug back from behind her, causing her to turn around with her bracelet already drawn up over her face. Diana felt nothing, but she did hear the familiar sound of a bullet casing reflecting off of her armour. Taking that as a challenge, she faced forward once again, leaned over her the head of the man she was still standing on top of, then threw her body backwards. Her foot came out immediately and she kicked the goon in the face before landing behind him.

“Does Mr. Falcone not allow you to watch the news?” Diana wondered aloud. Taunting them was all too easy when every other villain continued to unintelligently use firearms against her.

An array of firearms were directed her way in an act of blatant retaliation.

All she could do was sigh when the shots rang out, her arms moving fluidly to shield her from the horde of bullets firing at her. Unimpressed, uninterested in such a match where her power was superior to their mortal strength, Diana was ready to wrap things up quickly. Her legs tensed before she ran toward the group of criminals without any discrimination. Her fists were already balled when she pulled her right one back and slammed it into the gut of the first person she could reach. The impact stole his breath away, so she utilized his lifeless form and lifted him off of the ground. She spun him around like a human propeller, then threw him into the crowd on her left.

It pushed their numbers back on one side of the battlefield, allowing her to focus on the other. Ten men tried to pile themselves on top of her at once, with two of them grabbing the wrist she’d used to nail their comrade in his jaw. Diana tried to tear her arm away before anyone else could dare touch her, but she felt someone weave their arms under hers and try to lock their hands behind her head. The gaul of these crooks were really beginning to infuriate her.

She could easily predict that another two goons intended to subdue her left hand too, but she wouldn’t allow that. Diana threw her elbow back and slammed it into the bridge of one man’s nose. Then, just as swiftly, she slammed the side of her hand into the throat of the next person who tried to approach her. To remove the three people attached to her, she’d decided it’d be best to use her other limbs. Throwing her foot back, an unnecessary amount of Amazonian force was used to knock one of her bracelet-holding men off of their feet. With less weight to manage, she knew she could handle the rest of her adversaries in a matter of seconds.

One, she allowed herself to fall back and land on top of the man trying to pin her shoulders back. The sound of the wind being knocked out of him flew passed her ear, and he loosened his hold on her a fraction of a second later.

Two, her feet planted themselves on either side of the man’s fallen body so she could fling herself upright once again. The motions had dizzied the last of her human shackles, which she used to her advantage. Their gazes met – hers carrying the fire of battle within them, his revealing the fear he felt deep within his soul – just before she ripped one of his hands off of her.

Three, Diana tore his grip off of her just before she sent him flying into one of the people she had previously knocked down, unwilling to allow him to stand.

Four, she leapt into the air and reached for her lasso. The hoop was made larger and larger while she scouted the grounds of the dock. Donna had handled a great mass of them, while Dick was still struggling with the men who relied on their guns.

Five, she threw down the opening in her Lasso of Truth, capturing the mafia members belonging to Mr. Falcone. Confused, crumpled on the ground in the different piles of criminals they had all made, she tied them together like the untamed creatures they were. They whined and whimpered but she couldn’t care less.

Falling back down to the ground, Diana gave a sharp tug on her lasso to guarantee the tightness of the hold she had on Falcone’s men. She couldn’t help but to glower at them all, letting the adrenaline of the battle wash over her one last time before it left her system. Only once she felt Donna come to stand next to her did she snap out of her hateful daze.

“Good idea,” Donna managed to say before taking a deep breath.

“We’ll just need to tie them up with actual rope before the cops come.” Nightwing pointed out as he made his way over to them, returning his signature sticks back into their holsters.

Trying to appear as light as her friends were, Diana attempted some dry humour. “Luckily, I think we’ll be able to find some here.” She then nodded in the direction of the tethered boats nearby at the port, implying that she’d be willing to lift any ship onto the shore if they needed it.

“Yeah,” Nightwing agreed softly, before turning his attention to Donna. Just like Jason, he was immediately focused on the appearance of her Amazon sister more than anything else that was going on. “Hey, Troia.”

“Hello, Nightwing,” she answered him sweetly. However, Diana couldn’t help but notice the tiniest rise in her pitch when greeting Dick. “I hope you don’t mind that we crashed your party.”

It took a great deal of control not to side-eye her sister. Diana had known many superheroes who made quips after a battle, trying to lighten the mood with the most simplest attempts at a sassy retort. She’d never known Donna to be one of those people, though. It was absolutely intriguing to her now that she inquire about her fellow Amazon’s relationships with the other men in the Batman family, when she next had the chance. There were more pressing matters at the moment at the harbour. “So what was Mr. Falcone doing here tonight? Why did he bring so many men to the docks?”

“We were following a lead,” Nighting began while keeping his attention locked onto Donna. Once the seriousness of his mission reoccurred to him, he physically withdrew from his stupor and spoke to them both. “Huntress found out that Falcone had a package being delivered here at harbour. Something called ‘fisherman equipment’, which sounded really… well, fishy.”

Donna agreed, deducing her own suspicion from the information they were given. “I can’t imagine the man of a powerful criminal organization caring much for a shipment of fishing rods and lures.”

Diana nodded. “So what was he really receiving here tonight?”

“Let’s find out together.” Dick smiled as he led the two of them over to an unmarked delivery parked next to the dock gates. Diana looked over the small vehicle and found it ever more curious that there no less than a hundred men present to guard whatever the shipment was, yet there weren’t enough cars or trucks or boats at the harbour for all of the men to escape. It seemed quite possible that Falcone had been willing to sacrifice men if it meant a handful of them had gotten away with his special delivery.

“I had pulled the driver out of here” – he explained to them how he knew the keys to the truck were still in the ignition as he retrieved them from the driver’s seat before moving to the latch on the back – “to keep him from driving off. I called Jason for back-up before jumping in to make sure they didn’t leave with this.”

“What do you think it could be?” Donna inquired, referring to the expert on Gotham City crime. She had already stuck her hand out toward the latch on the rear door, but Dick still reached for it at the same time.

For some reason that didn’t register with Diana, they each hesitated, exchanged glances, before  before Donna dove for it and tossed it back with ease. Their focus once again drawn to one another, a pregnant pause sat upon all three of them for much longer than it should have, before she stepped aside and let him throw open the back door. Again, Diana was oddly intrigued by the tension between ‘Nightwing and Troia’. It was both comforting and a tad frustrating to know that every generation of the Batman-Wonder Woman families had to square off with one another every chance they could get.

‘Riveting’ was another word for it.

But nothing was as riveting in that moment than what the ‘fishing equipment’ turned out to be.

Diana’s gasp garnered Dick and Donna’s attention, both of them turning their heads towards her sharply at the same time. When she couldn’t manage the words to describe what she was looking at fast enough, they followed her gaze to see what could have caused her to feel so aghast. She heard them gasp just as loudly as she did, only with the pair of their voices sounding louder together. Nevertheless, they couldn’t overtake the sound of the powerful vibration coming from Aquaman’s trident, laying unceremoniously before them in the back of a mafia leader’s shipping truck.

((Well, Diana was worried about Arthur and Barry, and now she knows she had a right to be! Who got ahold of Aquaman’s trident? Why did they think to send it to Falcone? Also, what the heck is going on with Dick and Donna!? Well, if you stick around, you’ll find out… something next Monday! See ya! ~ Maiden))


Detective Comics #1000 by Patrick Gleason



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Detective Comics #1000 preview by Tony S Danie…

Detective Comics #1000 preview by Tony S Daniel & Tomeu Morey

Young Justice: Outsiders29 brand new photos  They appear in…

Young Justice: Outsiders
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Nightwingby Chris Ring


by Chris Ring

Batman: Prodigal by Chuck Dixon This classic story is final…

Batman: Prodigal by Chuck Dixon 

This classic story is final back in print! One of my favorite comic book story arcs ever. If you’re a fan of Batman and/or Nightwing it’s a must read.

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