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No update for my story today…

I am participating in another event for a different fandom and won’t be able to update today. But I have two things I’d like to say:

1.) I would love for some feedback from those of you who are reading it. We are about 7 chapters in and we have had some WonderBat, so I’d like to know what you think!

2.) I do have something to share with you all later today… something for an event of our own. Hope you’ll be passing through tumblr later this afternoon.


If you don’t follow 🌟dee_stroyer🌟 on twitter for beautiful WonderBat art like this, you’re missing out! ~ Maiden

Holiday event anon here—thanks :)

Holiday event anon here—thanks 🙂

No problem whatsoever! I really do appreciate you sending in your ask! ~ Maiden

Could it be a holiday event? Gal Gadot is Jewi…

Could it be a holiday event? Gal Gadot is Jewish and DC made Batman ethnically Jewish a few years ago (when making Kate Kane his cousin )

You’re absolutely right! I usually put holiday but it slipped my mind. I apologize for the mistake. It WILL be a WonderBat holiday event, thank you for correcting me. ~ Maiden


Not trying to brag at all, but look what @deebauchary (otherwise known as the talented dee_stroyer) drew for my bday! 🎉 This is the bestest gift that any WonderBat fan could receive, I love it! 😭


Not trying to brag at all, but look what @deebauchary (otherwise known as the talented dee_stroyer) drew for my bday! 🎉 This is the bestest gift that any WonderBat fan could receive, I love it! 😭



Shout out to Wonderbat shippers

I’m not one of you. But I am impressed by you. In all of this time during Tom King’s run, through the marriage proposal to Catwoman, to the shipteasing in #39 and 40, I never once saw any of the typical toxic shipping cliches that would normally accompany such events.

I didn’t see a deluge of comments bashing Selina as a common thief, I didn’t see a parade of posts decrying Tom King as a hack or a misogynist, or worse yet, people boasting about tweeting him about how awful he was. Or essays besmirching anyone that ships Batcat

No, instead what I’ve seen of Wonderbat is lovely headcanons, fun gifsets, and fantastic fanart. You’re a great bunch and while no shipping community is perfect, yours is wonderful!

This is such a kind sentiment, thank you @supercapo16! I can’t speak for all in this fandom, but knowing we all love these characters and want what we believe to be the best for them is something we have in common. 💖

#WhyIShipWonderBat 💘

Dear DC Comics,

Today is the day! Us WonderBat fans have come together to let you hear the voice of a devoted, loving community, using the hashtag #WhyIShipWonderBat, and we hope our words reach you.

We merely want to explain why we love these two together & hope you will too! ❤️

As many of us might say, it all started with the amazing characterizations in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series. The love showcased in the vision of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, and the incredible chemistry between the undeniably talented Susan Eisenberg and Kevin Conroy was/is everything.

Not only did we see them as individual characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, but their respect for one another and their heartfelt bond was truly powerful. From Bruce traveling to Kasnia to keep an eye on her to him singing ’Am I Blue?’ to save her from life as a piggie!

This show sticks with you, and this version of Wonder Woman has always been my personal hero. She stayed with me since I was a child and rewatching the show (on DVD!) reminded me of why these two are night and day. Light and darkness are essential in any real relationship.

It is because of this show that I became fascinated with superheroes and why I looked into the comics. And what do I find? This. This issue that triggered such an emotionally beautiful & absolutely gutting WonderBat arc in the comics that resonates within the WonderBat community.

That cover by Doug Mahnke is so simple but it hits home & I think it represents how us WonderBat fans feel – they’re in reach but they never fully touch. The kiss (attached) written by Joe Kelly rocked not only Bruce & Diana’s lives but ours too!

They died shortly after that, only to come back to life and feel the need to discuss what that kiss meant! With delay after delay, Diana uses the Transconsciousness Articulator (know that name by heart!) to see the possible futures. Holy Hera, the first one is legendary!

It’s the inevitable end in the best timeline for them, but there are so many others captured in this single issue. We see their possible daughter fighting crime with dad in Gotham, we see her wake up to his love, we see Diana being unable to have kidsso many possibilities!

But none of these were realized. When Diana does wake up to Bruce, they mutually agree to be friends, to accept that they could be the greatest love or the most tragic. But the phrase from their first possible future – “Just one more day?” – is imprinted on them forever.

1Since then, we’ve had WonderBat moments sprinkled throughout the years, which has meant the world to us. There was the gorgeous kiss in Blackest Night, written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Nicola Scott and Eduardo Pansica. There was the infamous Hiketeia, by Mr. Rucka too!

As recent (and morbid) as this past year, the talented Scott Snyder wrote about WonderBat in multiple worlds, mentioning that they had children in some. Why would this make us happy? Because there is a mention of kids? No, because it was like we saw another future realized.

However horrific, it was a new story to be told that respected their characters. It might not be WonderBat to some, but any story that is willing to acknowledge the possibility of WonderBat is important to us. Just like a certain cinematic universe, one might argue…

What Zack Snyder gave us in those 7+ minutes of Gal Gadot was absolutely Wonder Woman and her interactions on screen with Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne is the physical embodiment of what us WonderBat fans have always wished to see.

It isn’t canon, but seeing this modern take on the WonderBat dynamic feels like a comic come to life. So many of the people who follow my fyeahwonderbat blog on tumblr do so because the Batman v Superman revived our love and inspired others to see the beauty that is WonderBat.

Animated, illustrated or blown up on the big screen, WonderBat showcases the hearts of two famous heroes w/o dimishing either in each other’s light. They are friends before allies because their hearts are rooted in the same place – they’ll risk eveything for peace.

So we are using this hashtag #WhyIShipWonderBat today, not to push ourselves onto writers/artists/anyone at DC Comics, but to say that we love the #WonderBat we have received over the years, in many styles, and we hope they can have at least one happy, complete future.

This community is patient and kind because we keep each other going, we’re supportive & we share our love of #WonderBat so openly together. So it’s not only because of the heroes themselves, but because of the community I’m so blessed to be apart of. That’s #WhyIShipWonderBat 💘 ~ Maiden

I’ve heard that there’s a petition…

I’ve heard that there’s a petition to make Diana bisexual in Wonder Woman 2. This is already a canon fact from the comics, but what do you think about that?

That’s an interesting question!

I know Diana was stated to be officially bisexual years ago, and I think the only concern I have is, is it natural for her to be bi in WW84 or would it appear cheap?

I believe they could pull this off at some point and I know Gal would be okay with it too. But it makes me worried about the ‘tragic gay’ trope that plagues media – would her female love interest meet a terrible ending, since we know how detached Diana was in BvS?

I don’t think that the way Diana is written right now would really honour a romantic relationship she would have with any woman. I will say that once they move beyond her past and bring the JLA into the future, it is possible. The DCEU is it’s own universe entirely and I know that both Gal (and Patty, if she were to direct a storyline like this) would give it time to breathe.

All in all, I’m down for it, I just want to see it fit seamlessly into a story and should the relationship end, it’s because of a falling out and not by perpetuating a terrible trope… I hope that answers the question! ~ Maiden

Possible Events to Come!!


This year, we’ve already had two events for WonderBat, and even with short notice, you Amazons and BatPeople have stepped up to the plate each and every time!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce a couple of event ideas I have, and see which appeal to you all the most!

😍 #IShipWonderBatBecause 😍- we want to let the people who ship WonderBat or have shown support for it at DC to know that why they mean so much to us! We will pick a day, and ask that anyone who has Twitter to join the cause!

🎁 WonderBat Advent Calendar 🎁 – In November, I’ll ask for theme suggestions, then I’ll make a calendar of the month of December and attach one theme to each day. Once it’s posted, contact me and let me know which day you want to create something for! You are NOT expected to do the whole month – just whichever themes speak to you the most~

💕Double Date with WonderBat 💕- I know we all have other pairs we love in the DC Universe, so for one day, let’s pay tribute to WonderBat interacting with another OTP from DC!

We won’t be doing every event mentioned above this year, but I have them lined up for the future. Let me know which ones speak to you the most, which one you’re inspired to take part in! ~ Maiden

My schedule is clear and I am ready to plan!! Let’s see which event will be next!! Be sure to let me know your thoughts!! ~ Maiden