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Batman The Animated Series by Dan Mumford

Batman The Animated Series by Raf Grassetti

Batman: The Animated Series

by Simon Delart

Artist Raf Grassetti ( has created life-like illustrations of Batman: The Animated Series characters. 

This is AMAZING! OUT OF THIS WORLD! I’m shocked. And he’s still working on some more, apparently leaving Batman for last!

 I will upload them here as he makes them. 

My favorite so far is Scarecrow. What’s yours?

Batman: TAS Reimagined

Artist Raf Grassetti is reimagining the characters from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in hopes to one day getting a (non-LEGO) CG Batman movie.

Below is some of his truly amazing work so far:


Batman: The Animated Series 
Harley Quinn Harlequinade Resin Bust

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Catwoman in Harley Quinn Season 2, out April 3rd. 

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Dr. Harleen Quinzel & The Joker

Suicide Squad (2016)