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July 25th – tension

July 25th tension

#WonderBatKeywords event starts July 22nd!

July 23rd – adoration #WonderBatKeywords even…

July 23rdadoration

#WonderBatKeywords event starts July 22nd!

Definitely a cornerstone for Wonder Woman and …

Definitely a cornerstone for Wonder Woman and Batman, July 27th is all about commitment. A relationship of any kind is, in a way, a commitment, no? ~ Maiden

July 26th is all about the intelligence that b…

July 26th is all about the intelligence that both Diana and Bruce have, but there are nine types of intelligence overall: Naturalist (nature smart), Musical (sound smart), Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart), Existential (life smart), Interpersonal (people smart, )Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart) and Linguistic (word smart)! 

Which do you think WonderBat could relate to the most? ~ Maiden

What is your favorite WonderBat moment?

What is your favorite WonderBat moment?

My personal favourite WonderBat moment has to be… I started that sentence knowing the answer and then I realized I have two! Can I have a tie?

First one on my mind was the kiss that Aphrodite let Diana have with Bruce in Blackest Night. She was possessed by the Black Lantern ring and the only way to calm her, to free her from its power was for her to see Bruce again and kiss him. That moment also allowed her to become a Star Sapphire, which is my favourite Lantern Corps. It’s a full page kiss scene, it’s more recent, and it’s beautiful.

The second moment comes from Batman V Superman. That conversation at the party that they had was sizzling! The dialogue was in character, their chemistry was on full display, and Diana proved that she was someone worth trusting while also demonstrating that she was a force to be reckoned with. Bruce went in there expecting to hit a home run and he kinda struck out because Diana caught every ball, and served it right back to him. It’s so simple on the outside but it holds so much weight if you know then and how they function.

I guess that’s one moment for the comics and one for the movies. What are some other great WonderBat moments? Reply or send in an ask to let me know! ~ Maiden

100-Word Prompt 1/?

“A mission where you’re posing as a couple with Bruce?” Clark repeated Diana’s word, but he seemed uncertain of them. Sitting next to him at their dinner table was Lois, who wore that inquisitve expression that even Wonder Woman feared.

“Yes,” Diana murmured.

“How long?” wondered Clark.

“A week.” Diana replied.

Lois jabbed her fork into her steak and inquired, “What does this mission entail?”

The urge to be honest prickled under her skin, and Diana, knowing she was exposed, murmured, “We’re… testing our compatibility.”

Clark choked on air. “So it’s a date!?”

Diana blushed. “A mission.”

Lois smirked, “Right.”

– @mjf44305

((Send in your 100-Word Prompts for WonderBat as an Ask today! ~ Maiden))

Got a 100-Word Prompt for me?


I’m working at my desk this afternoon, and I have time to do a few prompts! Hit me up with a small idea you have for a ficlet in an ask and I’ll churn as many out as I can! ~ Maiden

What would be their first date?

What would be their first date?

Hmmm, good question!

I think it depends on whether they get to go out as Bruce and Diana, or they’re stuck being heroes and miss a true first date opportunity (like in JLA).

If they’re stuck being Batman and Wonder Woman, I hope they take advantage of the Invisible Jet or the BatPlane to chase the sunrise. They might not have time to stop their busy lives to date, so they could say they’re scouting for trouble – following a lead – and just chase the sunrise in a plane. They’d put the thing on autopilot, spend the entire time talking, and address the connectivity between them.

If they were Bruce and Diana, I’d want them to go to a unique dining experience. Not just somewhere expensive, but something that you’d see on “World’s Weirdest Restaurants”… but pricey. He’d use his connections to take her somewhere ridiculous but gorgeous, a place even she hasn’t seen (maybe he’d use his detective skills on her to try and locate somewhere that even the centuries-old Amazon hasn’t been to?).

But she’d ask him to dance despite there being no music where they are. Being the gentleman he was raised to be, he’d oblige her. She’d ask him if she’s pushing his buttons, he’d say no more than usual, and then she’d say that perhaps dating her would be something he could survive. And Bruce would confirm that he definitely could.

Hope those answers feel WonderBat-y for you, anon! ~ Maiden


Wanna talk WonderBat?

I’ll be around for the next little while, so I thought I’d offer the chance to send in your WonderBat thoughts/questions to me! Let’s talk WonderBat! ~ Maiden

Justice League (2017)

Justice League (2017)