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In the Middle of a Broken Constellation – Pt. …

Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: T / 14A
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
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Author’s Note:
This chapter is a little late because I am trying to figure out what direction to take this all in. Originally, I planned for a serious thriller of a story, but it doesn’t seem like that appeals to many readers. I worry that if I don’t have obvious WonderBat moments in most chapters, most WonderBat fans aren’t interested in the build-up of this plot. If I could get some feedback on this chapter/story, that’d be great. If people don’t like it, I can just abandon it, but I want to know what the consensus is. Thanks!

There was an itch at the back of her neck that she couldn’t seem to scratch. Diana had simmered in her fury since the night before and it made her feel like as though a rash was running over her body. Her so-called allies had spent the morning arguing with her about what they were supposed to do with Arthur’s trident, and how they should go about solving the mystery of it appearing suddenly in the back of Falcone’s shipping truck. The team she had collected to help Bruce suddenly turned against her when she arose that morning, with Dick’s words still ringing in her ears.

You’re here because you’re worried about Bruce, right? Let us worry about Aquaman.

Couldn’t she be worried about more than one of her friends at the same time!?

As devastating as the sludge monster infestation had been, the situation had simmered down considerably after Bruce stopped fulfilling his role as Batman. However, once she had decided to move into Gotham and participate in a solution, more and more concerns kept popping up every day. She had confessed to Jason how overwhelming everything had become, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be excluded from anything. Perhaps finding Arthur and Barry would lead to helping Bruce, which was definitely an area of interest for her.

“Ah, I was just about to go looking for you,” said none other than the billionaire she’d been thinking of, surprising her as he stood in the open doors of the elevator at Wayne Tower. Diana hadn’t realized that she’d been so deep in thought, she’d nearly missed her chance to exit the car. As startled as she was to see him, Bruce looked undeniably smug to catch her off guard for a moment. “I almost thought you’d called in sick or something.”

“No,” she promised a little too quickly. Diana fixed her rose-colored dress despite its loose fit while Bruce joined her in the elevator. He pressed the button marked forty-two and watched the doors shut at a rather sluggish pace. It was when she tried to peek over at him did she recall the pair of glasses she’d brought with her. Staring down at her clutch as she held it tightly under her arm, she knew she’d want to bring them out as soon as they sat down in his office.

“Did you manage to get any sleep last night?” Bruce inquired, breaking the silence.

Looking over at him with a pleasant smile, Diana answered him honestly. “Actually, I did. Only a few hours, though.”

He released a hefty breath, looking much more flummoxed than he had yesterday when she’d returned from the hospital. “That’s more than I expected. I can’t imagine what you went through in there.” Bruce admitted softly.

Despite his genuine attempt at empathy, his words actually struck her deeply. He did know what that kind of battle was like – the ones where you feel powerless in the face of an unknown enemy, where any slip up could be the end of you. The Bruce Wayne she knew had so much more experience with these types of matters than he ever gave himself credit for, however, he could probably imagine exactly what she’d been through with one of his many adversaries from his rogue gallery. Hearing him speak with such a lack of awareness of his own life experience left her speechless for the rest of their time in the elevator.

Luckily, the ride to the forty-second floor was rather swift.

They stepped out of the car in sync with one another, each with their right foot first. There was a large desk for a pool of secretarial staff divided by a hallway, leading to an impressive pair of black doors that was only a few feet beyond them. “Good afternoon, Mr. Wayne.” A chorus of voices greeted him, and a wall of sound collided with Diana as they passed the group.

“Afternoon.” He answered them emotionlessly. Instead of devoting a moment of his time to his staff, Bruce walked with a noticeable impatience down the length of the hall. When his hand reached the doors, he threw them open as if he was tapping into the strength of the Batman. Diana felt the rush to enter his office and heard the doors close behind her just as much as she felt them. “Someone’s eager to get started.” She was compelled to tease his sudden forcefulness.

Then, she looked around his office with wide eyes. The motif of the floor-to-ceiling windows was carried throughout the building it seemed, from the lobby to Lucius’ conference room to Bruce’s personal space. The walls were decorated with spliced shelves in the shapes of shadowboxes, some containing books while some held cultured accessories. His desk was the same wooden color, a deep brown shade contrasting the brightness brought in by the natural light of the sun. It was a modern room that was particular cold if she focused on it for a moment too long. But that was very Bruce-like, she acknowledged.

To appear distant while trying to be progressive.

Diana strolled over to her seat in front of his desk, loving the echo she heard from her steps. Bruce noticed right away, and even dared to make a joke. “Glad to know you had another pair of heels at home to wear, after losing your shoes yesterday.”

It made her feel much more comfortable to hear him say something so ridiculous. “My belongings haven’t arrived yet so I had to make sure I had at least one more pair of shoes on hand. Although, I was more concerned about one of the heels breaking, not losing them at a hospital.”

“Well, let’s get through this report quickly then, so we can go out and get you some more.” Bruce suggested while he clicked away on his computer, most likely searching for the forms they’d need to fill out.

“Mr. Wayne,” Diana stopped him right there with a sharp pronunciation of his name, “I really don’t need you to buy me anything.”

His fingers froze over his keyboard. Slowly, he turned to look at her and she immediately recognized the challenge in his eyes. It appeared as though defiance was a natural trait for Bruce Wayne, no matter what he could or could not remember. As he spun his body to face her in his seat, he brought his palms together and clasped them tightly, presenting himself as a firm, unmoving boss. “I thought we agreed yesterday that your belongings would be replaced by the Wayne Corporation, as an apology for the horrible incident you endured yesterday.”

“We did,” she agreed easily enough. Sitting up straight, however, allowed her to emit a strikingly powerful air as well. “But after careful deliberation, I realized that if I accepted your offer, it could look like favoritism for your new hire and could create animosity between me and my peers.”

“Why? I’m not going to tell them.” Was the reply of the CEO.

“That’s not the point.”

“Look, Diana, we replace many people’s belongings here all the time. From company pens to affordable housing, I’ve given out a lot of money. After what you went through yesterday, I doubt anyone would accuse you of taking advantage of the company if we offered you shoes in exchange for you not suing us over your first day on the job. Without any kind of insurance, there a lot of people who would do much worse than by taking our kindhearted gesture of a trip to a boutique–”

“But it’s not ‘we’.” Diana pointed out.

“What?” Unafraid to look unpolished, his expression of confusion shifted the entire look of his face.

Refusing to back down, she pressed on. “It’s not ‘we’, Mr. Wayne. It’s you. You’re offering me this kindhearted gesture verbally.”

Again, just as aloof as a CEO should not be, he answered, “So?”

It infuriated Diana to no end that he could be so full of himself whenever it best suited him. That itchy feeling crawled up her spines and rushed over her shoulders, forcing her to sit up straight to lessen the sensation. “There is most definitely a conflict of interests, then!”

There was an impenetrable pause after she shouted at him, so obvious that it made her bite back saying anything else. It was embarrassing that he managed to get a rise out of her over something she believed shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. His ability to rile her up was yet another facet of his personality that was forever a part of him. What she wouldn’t give to spar with him in that moment!

As if he heard her internal wish, Bruce arose from his seat and walked around the length of his desk to meet her. He sat himself down in the seat next to her, silently observing her as he moved. It took him a moment too long to speak, in her opinion, when he finally responded to her claim. “I respect you, Diana.”

Unprepared for his sincerity, she didn’t have a response ready for him.

So, he continued. “I can appreciate how aware you are of your situation here, but you have to understand something: I’m not asking you for permission here.”
“Mr. Wayne—!”

“Were you on company time when you lost your shoes? Were you doing something that pertained to your job here? Were you put in harm’s way while fulfilling your role as the Community Outreach Specialist for the Wayne Foundation? Yes? Then I have every right as both your boss’ boss and the man who funds that hospital more than anyone else in the world to do what I want. Now, you can either come with me and pick out a specific pair of shoes or trust my judgment, even though I do not claim to be a fashion expert. You don’t want me wasting hundreds of dollars on ugly heels, do you?”

For a few moments, she sat in awe of his argument. Then, she regained her consciousness and spat out, “You are the most stubborn man I’ve ever met.”

“Only when I need to be.” He smirked at her, proud of himself.

Eager to deflate him, she muttered, “I highly doubt that.”

Bruce hadn’t expected that response and nearly expressed his shock with a gaping mouth. Luckily for him, he caught himself before looking like a total fool, ready to blurt out the next obnoxious thing that came to mind. “If I wrote up a contract and we signed something physical, would that make you feel better?”

“It would make me feel ridiculous but much less ridiculous than if I simply agreed to your words.” She explained.

“Great,” Bruce sighed and immediately spun his computer screen around on his desk. Grabbing his wireless keyboard, he sat back in his seat, opened an empty document that was drawn up with a contract-like template, then began filling in the blanks with the terms they’d set. “I, Bruce Wayne, agree to replace the missing belongings of Diana Prince. Said belongings were damaged and have gone missing after an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon at Gotham General Hospital. The list of items to be replaced includes one pair of woman’s heels, one woman’s handbag, one cellphone…”
“One set of car keys,” Diana added, trying her hardest not to laugh. She realized she had lied when she said it would feel less ridiculous to have a physical copy of their agreement. It felt like they were teenagers that need the law to act as their parents, ready to intervene if things became obscure.

With a brow arched, he turned to her and asked specifically, “How many keys need to be replaced?”
Unable to hide her awkwardness, Diana accidentally chastised him personally. “Bruce!”

He didn’t appear disappointed by her usage of his name. Instead, he looked as though he was relieved to know she found the entire situation as hilarious as he did. “And one set of car keys. It is the responsibility of Mr. Wayne to provide transportation to and from any shops visited, as well as any meal that is consumed whilst shopping. When Miss Prince is satisfied with the purchases, Mr. Wayne is to escort her home.”

Diana leaned over the armrest of her chair. It was her turn to add her own legalities to the contract since her name would be on it too. Making sure she spoke with proper articulation, she stated, “Should Mr. Wayne fail to fulfill any of his obligations, he must provide Miss Prince with one week of paid vacation to any destination she chooses, all expenses paid.”

“What? What happened to being too virtuous to take any money from me?” Bruce complained immediately, indignation heard in his tone.

“A contract has clauses, you know. I’m merely protecting myself in our agreement.” She claimed, all while visibly fighting off the urge to smile. After the way he made her feel when he fought her polite refusal of his gift, it was nice to turn things around on him.

That would only last a moment or two, however. Typing furiously, Bruce read aloud what his clause would say in their contract. “Should Miss Prince refuse a replacement for all of her belongs, the transportation to and from any shops visited, the meal consumed whilst shopping and/or the escort to her home, Miss Prince will be required to…attend the 37th Martha Wayne Charity Auction.”

Instantly, Diana cocked her head to one side. “That doesn’t sound at all like a punishment.”

“Trust me,” Bruce scoffed as he typed away. “It is.”

“When is it?”

“Next weekend.”

“Alright, I don’t have any plans.” Diana accepted the terms, sliding back into a proper seat. Having attended many galas and high society parties in her day, she knew that some could be rather mundane, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t survive.

Whereas Bruce would most likely suffer internally for years if she bested him and managed to get a free vacation out of their inane contract.

“By signing below, both parties indicate that they have read, reviewed and agree to the terms of this contract.” Bruce declared. Once he was finished typing, he stood up, returned his keyboard to his desk, and signed his signature on the touch screen of his computer. Following his example, Diana arose from her chair and did the same. Since the computer was positioned off to the side, she was forced to lean forward and cross over his personal space in order to reach the screen. She scribbled her name as quick as can be before looking up at him, shooting him a confident grin of her own.

But when she met his gaze, she didn’t see the jovial man she had been teasing a moment ago. The confidence that radiated off of him was something she’d seen before, in meetings where he would get his way, in moments where he could put down even the strongest Metahumans in the Justice League. She moved carefully so as to preserve the image in her mind, as it encouraged her to see the version of Bruce Wayne she was trying to save. The Batman existed inside of him even if she couldn’t reach him directly.

But this version of him, the one she would be spending her day with, had the charms of Bruce that she wasn’t always privy to.

Face to face, she saw a glint in his eyes that was mischievous, no matter how fleeting it was. He cleared his throat and offered her his hand, but Diana didn’t take it right away. She couldn’t help but feel like she was searching more, like she was greedy for… something. Everything she was doing – everything she had done with her civilian life and all of her resources as Wonder Woman – was all geared towards this enigma of a man. Having him next to her, alone, where she could truly marvel at the person he was beneath the Kevlar and the trickery was worth more than any pair of shoes they’d find at the mall.

And it made her feel flush in a way she didn’t dare acknowledge while standing with him in his office.

Carefully, she shook his hand and offered a cordially smile. Then, she said. “Before we can move on to fulfilling the promises of the contract, we have a report to fill out first, right?”

Bruce withdrew his hand and stomped around his desk in the blink of an eye. The absence of his presence was felt right away, but it was the coldness of his answer that stood out to her. “Yes, of course.” He dropped into his seat, fixated himself with his computer and began setting up the report file. It didn’t shock her to see him retreat into himself, but Diana noticed right away that it wasn’t such a harsh separation as she was used to with him.

Maybe, once the old Bruce returned to her, some of these softer traits of his would remain.


Batman #35 – Endgame Part 1

Batman #35 – Endgame Part 1

Art by Greg Capullo





In the Middle of a Broken Constellation – PT. …

Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: T / 14A
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
Previous Chapter: <- Chapter 12

Diana didn’t mean to slam her apartment door when she returned home that evening, but she was just too irritated to care about the strength she used to close it.

“Whoa!” came a startled yelp from the kitchen. She shot her blue-eyed glare across the hall, only to find a nervous Jason preparing dinner at the stove, a sizzling pan in one hand and a spatula in the other.

And an adorable apron with frills making him look the part of the perfect homemaker.

It was shocking enough to smooth out her temper just enough to smile. “Sorry,” she mumbled. After a deep breath and the removal of her emergency black flats, Diana entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. “I didn’t know you’d be home.”

“Where else would I be? I haven’t heard about any leads from you or the League, it’s not dark enough for criminals to be roaming the streets yet, and I was getting hungry.” Jason explained, covering all of his bases to justify his time at home.

Except for one, which Diana decided to bring up for him. “Nightwing wouldn’t let you join him and Huntress?”

Surprisingly, an honest scoff was his answer. “Nope.”

She did her best not to giggle as she reached into the fridge for her water filter and bring it with her over to the cupboard. While taking a glass off of the shelf, she listened to the sound of the meal being prepared and felt her stomach grumble. When she caught the scent of it, a second grumble shook her body. “So what are we having?” asked a famished Diana.

Proudly, Jason announced. “I’m making my world renowned burgers.”

“How is it ‘world famous’?” Diana inquired as she took her first sip of water all day.

“Because I’ve had to cook for myself many times while traveling from place to place, so I’ve made this particular recipe while I was all over the world.” Was his half-witted explanation. It immediately occurred to her that she could – and rightfully should – correct his understanding what ‘world renowned’ meant, but it didn’t seem like it would be worth the effort after the day she had had. Not only that, but the food did smell particularly delicious and she didn’t want to risk having her portion revoked.

Conceding to his logic, Diana put her cup down on the counter and headed towards her bedroom. “Did any of my belongings arrive today?”

“No, sorry.” He yelled down the hall after her, his sympathy genuine. Sighing to herself, Diana entered her bedroom and looked at the barren space. The hardwood beams that caught the light of the street gleamed with a rather pale glow, making the entire space feel all the more hollow. There was no bed for her to sleep on until it was delivered next week, and there were no dressers or night stands for her belongings until next weekend; she felt like she was on a sting operation rather than integrating into Gotham City, when her new home looked as barren as it did. Despite knowing that all of her possessions would be set up for her in a matter of days, she couldn’t feel settled in until she could see herself all over her new bedroom.

It wasn’t the first time she had to sleep on a cold floor though, and it probably wouldn’t be the last.

She decided to move beyond her self-pity and open up her carry-on bags that she had placed in her closet. Whenever she traveled to the States, she always packed extra outfits in case she ever lost her suitcase during the trip, so she was absolutely prepared to dress down into her pajamas. She changed into her satin set of a button up shirt and shorts within a few minutes and exited her room with a new determined attitude.

The scent of beef seemed farther away than it had before, and Diana realized that Jason had brought their meals into the living room. Her slipper-wearing feet carried her down the hallway until she spotted a rather surprising set up for their dinner. “Oh, you found us a table?” Her question merely stated the obvious, but she was actually impressed. It was simply a foldable surface that he had placed near their window, but the matching pair of chairs meant that they actually had somewhere formal to sit and eat until everything else she owned arrived.

Jason was laying down their plates while answering her, rather focused on the table setting looking just right as he refused to look her way until he was finished with it. “It’s not much, but yeah. I didn’t think we’d want to eat on the floor when we have our own place. It’s kind of cramped, but it’s a table.”

Diana couldn’t argue with him there. “It’s a great table,” she praised him earnestly while walking the expanse of the long living room. She reached her seat and made sure she looked him in the eyes as she added, “Thank you.”

Jason nodded in acknowledgement of her words before sitting down and digging in.

For a moment, it seemed rather calm in her apartment. Her roommate had made her dinner so she didn’t need to cook as soon as she got home, the sun hadn’t set yet on the summery day in Gotham City, and there wasn’t a single police car or ambulance siren wailing off in the distance.

“Oh,” a thought struck her just before she picked up her burger. “Did you see me on the news?”

Jason quirked a brow while his mouth was completely stuffed. “No? We don’t have cable, and I was finding us this table.” Somehow, she understood what he was saying through the massive bites of food he was shoveling down.

Maybe it was because she was able to understand animals…

She decided to take a bite of her own dinner, chew it properly and swallow before she filled him in on everything he had missed today. “I was locked in the isolation ward at the hospital with the people who had been turned into sludge monsters.”

“You WHAT!?” Jason exclaimed, firing bits of food at her unintentionally.

Diana ripped her napkin off of the table and dabbed at her face, brows furrowed ever so slightly. “I went there today on behalf of the Wayne Foundation, and somehow, I was locked in there with about fifty people who had been transformed by the sludge. I couldn’t fight them or escape without giving away that I’m Wonder Woman, so I had to just survive until Superman showed up and rescued me.”

For a moment or two, Jason couldn’t speak. The story she had told him was running through his mind and his mental process of digesting her words showed on his face plainly. So startled was he, he put his world famous burger down and invested himself entirely in her recap of her day. “How the hell do you get locked in an isolation ward at a hospital?”

“That’s what I’d like to know, and it’s just another thing added to our list of mysteries to solve.” Grumbled Diana as she spoke her realization aloud. It felt to her as though their mission to save Bruce was becoming more and more complicated without leading to any answers, and her patience was wearing thin, especially after her ordeal at Gotham General on her first day on the job.

“Is that why you were so angry when you came home?” Jason questioned her gently.
Taking a rather hefty bite of her dinner, Diana simply nodded as she chewed.

“Well, we knew this wasn’t going to be easy when we started out,” he tried to pacify her with reason. “We were all coming into this thing with Bruce a month late. Yeah, it sucks that we keep unearthing more problems than solutions. But I think we’ve all realized by now that rushing into things isn’t going to work. The sludge is contained, Bruce is functioning normally – or what it appears to be his new version of normal – and we pretty much have a superhero army on the case.”

Diana was ready to fire off a retort the moment he started listing their different tasks. “We know that the sludge isn’t contained because Aquaman and the Flash were last seen fighting off a new version of it, and we haven’t heard from them since. Should we send someone to check on them? Should we try to contact Atlantis? I don’t know!”


His attempt to counter her logic only urged her onwards. “Bruce isn’t normal because we know he has some kind of cognitive impairment, but we don’t know what it is! I am spending the day with him tomorrow, and I can try to scan him again, and hopefully Cyborg can determine what’s wrong with him. Meanwhile, we have roughly fifty people in Gotham General who are infected with this sludge that has no cure, along with the people in Metropolis and the people in Central City. Superman is dividing his time between Metropolis and Gotham to help us find out as much information as we can, but Central City is still unprotected while the Flash is missing.

“We think Oracle has been consumed by the sludge, we think Vicki Vale might have been too, and all of those innocent people are left suffering in those mindless, violent sludge monster bodies until we can try to find a cure. But we don’t have any ethical procedures put in place because we don’t know anything about this substances. I can’t ask Cyborg to touch it though or we could lose him too! This entire situation is absolutely maddening! And I’m sitting here, in an empty apartment, trying to move my life from Paris to Gotham, when I should have just taken an extended leave from work and… and…”

She couldn’t think of what her alternative would have led her to do, and it resulted in a rather heavy silence in the middle of their conversation. The absurdity of her day finally caught up with her and she couldn’t stop herself from venting to the nearest crime-fighting human being. The longer she spoke, the more embarrassed she felt about her outburst, creating a rather petulant rant she hadn’t expected. It was true that she felt overwhelmed by all that was going on, lost in terms of what options she had, disappointed that no results had been yielded after putting forth a plan that involved the Justice League.

For the first time in a very long time, she felt anxious when she realized that she had absolutely no control over anything going on in her life.

That feeling of disappointment in herself doubled in size when Jason got up from the table suddenly. “Jason,” she called to him, ready to apologize. However, all he intended to do was retrieve his home that was plugged into a charger in the wall, then he returned to his seat while unlocking his device. Then, a question spilled out of her against her will. “You have a phone?”
He didn’t look up at her as he kept his fingers busy. “It doesn’t have service. I found it in the garbage once while I was in Canada and it was in perfect condition. I just hobo off of other people’s Wi-Fi to watch videos online or type up encrypted notes for myself when I’m working on something.”

“Oh.” Was all she could think of to say.

He glanced at her over the top of his device, then showed her a pale white screen, with only the words ‘Moving In: Checklist’ written across the top. When she didn’t react, he clarified his intention slowly, “That’s what we’ll call this mission.”

Still uncertain about the meaning of his actions, Diana simply replied with a similarly paced, “Okay.”

An unimpressed look crossed his face, but Jason recovered and began typing away, moving on without her. “So we have you, me, Cyborg, Superman, Aquaman and the Flash on the case, right?”

Diana nodded. “We also have Nightwing and Huntress, and possibly some more allies from my side.”

That last comment of hers caused him to lift his head up. “Your side?” He paraphrased her, one brow arched high on his forehead.

“I sent for help from the Amazons, and asked Donna and Cassandra if they’d help, should we need them. Even though I haven’t heard back from anyone, I wouldn’t count them out entirely.”

“Well, I’m only going to include who we have with us now,” Jason stated, rather efficient about his note-making. “If we break this list down person by person, what is everyone doing? Which mission are they apart of?”

Diana sat up straight and counted each person on her fingers as she tried to figure everything out. “I’m working at the Wayne Foundation to guard Bruce from any other possible attacks, and to make sure his condition doesn’t worsen.”

“And to see if you can scan him so we can figure out what the hell happened to him.” Jason tacked on.

Diana let him add that to her to-do list, but didn’t wait very long to carry on with her rundown. “Cyborg is trying to analyze the sludge back at Headquarters, though he knows he can’t touch it. Once I scan Bruce, he’ll analyze that information too. He’s essentially filling in for Oracle now that we know she’s been consumed by the sludge.”

Across the table, Jason’s body twitched momentarily. He continued on typing, never looking away from the screen, piping up rather softly to ask, “So you think she’s gone, or you know?”

One second too late, Diana realized that she had been rather crude in relaying that information to Jason. There was no doubt that they were friends, given that they both worked for the Batman at one point or another. Her tone was a tad guarded when she responded to him. “According to Clark, she’s been gone just as long as Bruce has.”

“Well, I’ll add a visit to her place onto my to-do list,” Jason promised, his voice as rigid as his expression. “Speaking of Superman, what’s he up to?”

“He told me he wants to hunt down Vicki Vale, see what leads she had. He thinks she’s disappeared, that someone thought she was getting too close to the mystery of the sludge and took her down before she found anything.”

“Dammit, this could have so many more layers than we realize,” Jason cursed and bit his lip as he typed away furiously on his phone. He was beginning to empathetically understand her frustrations from earlier, making her feel much less ashamed of her whining. “Either this is just one bad dude or there could be a bunch of people in on this. They’re taking out reporters, they’re infecting cities…”
“And then creating a single sludge monster to appear off the coast of Maine just to take away the Flash and Aquaman.”

“Do we know they’re missing?” Instantaneously, Jason shot his head up, staring her down from across the table. He was absolutely determined to only deal in facts, as evident in his claim to visit Barbara’s house. She wasn’t any different, however, Diana found it a tad upsetting that he felt the need to question her about what she and Cyborg had already agreed upon.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Diana stood her ground when she addressed his subtle disbelief. “They’re officially MIA. They went to handle the monster and haven’t been heard from since. Their Comms are dead, and we can’t confirm if they are alive or dead.” The blunt way in which she had to speak to him was rather painful, but she handled herself with poise to avoid another bout of volatility.

He didn’t question her when she stood up to him in such a way. Instead, he approached the situation from another angle, “Do we have plans for a rescue mission?”

That question deflated her. “No, we don’t. Given how thin our resources are already, I don’t have anyone else to spare. We need to contact someone from Atlantis if we are going to search for them, since the fight they had with a new version of the sludge monster was over water.”

“Why don’t we do it?” Jason suggested, his tone flippant, like it was the simplest and most effective idea he’d ever had in his life.

Quizzical, Diana frowned at him. “Do what?”

Jason answered with an overtly cheeky grin. “I’m bored, we’ve got no plans for the night. Let’s go search for them.”

“Jason,” she prepared herself mentally for the conversation that was sure to ensue before she rebuffed his idea, “We can’t breathe underwater the way an Atlantean can. We’d have no way to search for them aside from flying Bruce’s plane over the ocean and hoping to spot something. It’s unrealistic.”

That reply did not appear to satisfy his curiosity, nor his supposed boredom. Holding his phone in one hand and following the rhythm of his answer with the other, he bit back, “But we aren’t going to find them if don’t do anything at all. What, you just want to leave them out there?”

“No!” Argued the incredibly offended Amazon, her combative instincts making her rise out of her seat. “It’d be foolish to travel all the way out there with no really plan on how to locate them. Our only plan is to talk to an Atlantean—”

Jason stood as well, invigorated. “Right! So let’s do that.”

“—but he never gave us a way to do that. We can go to Headquarters and check.”

“Then let’s go!” Again, Jason was prepared to leave the apartment and travel to the JLA Headquarters at a moment’s notice.

His eagerness was becoming more of a nuisance, steadily declining in endearment. Diana nearly shouted, “Then what happens if we can’t contact them, and you still want to go out there? What do we do if you and I are taken away as well? What happens to Bruce, to Alfred, to all of the people infected and any future victims if we leave Superman and Cyborg to handle everything on their own? We can’t just run into something like this without a plan.”

Jason’s responses was already on the tip of his tongue by the time she finished her last question, but instead of hearing his reply, someone else spoke in place of him. “Wow, I never would have guessed that I’d find you like this.”

The window had become her knew doorway, Diana thought, as she stared up into the eyes of her latest intruder. It was about time that someone from ‘her side’ arrived to help them defeat this evil that had infiltrated the Justice League’s livelihoods. She just didn’t expect it to be like this…

((Who could it be!? It was super important I organized the mission records for both Diana and you, my beautiful readers. There’s a lot going on and the different plot lines need to be spelled out before me dive into the romance- I mean, the friendship of Diana and Bruce. Hope you enjoyed this fun chapter amidst the serious tones of the last one, and hope you return next week to see who our guest is!

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In the Middle of a Broken Constellation – PT. …

Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: T / 14A
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
Previous Chapter: <- Chapter 11 

It had taken such an exorbitant amount of time for Diana to return to Wayne Tower after the accident. Even as a superhero who helped clean up the destruction of villains weekly, she felt absolutely drained by the time she had been examined by the EMTs, interviewed by the press and officially released from Gotham General. They hailed her as a medical marvel because she was able to escape the monsters without being engulfed in their sludge, but she tried to push the responsibility of her survival onto Superman as much as she could so that they wouldn’t continue pestering her about staying overnight.

Her first day on the job for Lucius was an absolute disaster, without a doubt.

The only silver lining she could think of as she rode the elevator to the thirty-fourth floor was that it had been her who was trapped in the Isolation Ward, not a civilian. If someone from Wayne Enterprises had to make that trip again, she’d gladly take their place. Her metahuman gifts were rendered useless by her circumstances but her instincts from battles over the years were the only reason she was still herself. It was frightening to even imagine herself being consumed by that sludge and… losing herself without any way to return to who she was.

Looking down at her hands, she curled them in towards her palms just to experience the movement and know she had control over herself. To think of the fifty or so innocent lives there were being held captive at that hospital made her stomach drop. What was it like for them beneath that liquified state? Were the aware of all that their bodies were doing or were they all mindlessly wasting away? She couldn’t allow the number of monsters to rise, in any of the three cities that were affected by the sludge. Today had been terrifying but she knew she couldn’t blame them for reacting to her the way that they had-

Because she realized, the person to blame would have been whoever had unlocked the anteroom door.

A digital chime signaled her that she had reached the thirty-fourth floor and in a moment of panic, she leaped out of the elevator. At that moment, it dawned on her that she hadn’t prepared a story to tell her boss about the events of the day. The air of the office was hectic, focused and driven while she wandered down the hall, making her uncertainty feel like insecurity. If he didn’t keep her as the Community Outreach Specialist for the Wayne Foundation, then her entire civilian identity would experience a crisis unlike any she had experienced before.

She needed to know if Lucius would tolerate her explanation, which drove her to bang rather loudly on his office door.

“Come in,” her boss invited her in without looking up from his desk, distracted by something he was looking at on his computer. The door had been ajar and she expected to meet his gaze immediately. Instead, she took three steps into the room before he lifted his head. Once he did, however, he looked absolutely horrified. “Diana!”

“Mr. Fox, I apologize for being so late. I-”

She wasn’t allowed to finish. Lucius reached for the intercom on his phone and nearly shouted, “Tell Bruce to come here.”

The floor fell apart beneath her. At least, that was how she felt. She wanted to see her friend as much as possible – that was why she took this job and relocated herself in the first place – but it didn’t bode well that the CEO was being called into a meeting with her on day one of her job. The only thing she could do was handle herself with the utmost dignity and pray that they were merely going to beg her not to sue them for emotional distress. “I wanted to return sooner, but something happened at Gotham General. There was-”

Lucius stood up from his desk and walked over to meet her face to face. He adjusted his glasses as if he couldn’t believe his eyes, and his tone of voice made her think that he genuinely didn’t. “I heard. We all heard about the hospital. I’ve been trying to call you since the story broke around noon.”

“They… I lost my purse in the Isolation Ward.” She explained delicately.

“Jesus Christ,” He groaned as he ran his hand over his face, stressed beyond belief and most likely imagining what she went through to have sacrificed her belongings. Once his palm reached his chin, he used his other arm to gesture to one of the seats in his office. With a grateful nod, Diana began to move into the closest chair, more than ready to relax after the long day she had had.

Until a hysterical man shouted from the doorway, “She’s here!?”

Hearing him stilled her, and her already weary heart managed to thump erratically in her chest. She heard Lucius call for him, but turning around and seeing Bruce after the day she had had was an unexpected godsend. The guarded man she knew looked wild when she faced him. He was clutching the door frame for dear life while his body leaned into the office, his eyes surveying her with intent and fear. The man she was used to would have known not to fret over her, yet this… forgetful version of him didn’t. She didn’t know how to feel about his evident concern.

“Are you all right? They said you were locked in the hospital with the monsters, we weren’t sure what happened to you!” He explained his position with so much panic, it was evident that he had been fretting over her the entire day.

“I was” – as soon as she confirmed his greatest fear, Bruce entered the space and slammed the door shut so that he could hear all about the horrors she faced, uninterrupted – “but I was lucky to get out alive. Superman saved me.”

Name-dropping the man from Krypton didn’t seem to interest either of the men standing before her. Instead, Bruce continued to inquire about her time at Gotham General. “How did you get locked in there with them?” Preparing for her answer to bowl him over, he crossed his arms over his chest.

It was a question she didn’t honestly have an answer to, it was quite easy to play the hopeless civilian. “I don’t know. One minute, I am talking to Dr. Hunt about the sludge and the experiments he intends to do on them, and then suddenly, the door to their room opens. Dr. Hunt managed to escape the Isolation Ward, but I was locked in. I just assumed it was an accident with the security system.”

No she didn’t.

She didn’t trust the hospital one bit, especially Dr. Hunt and his department.

Something wasn’t right, but that was for Wonder Woman to deal with, not Diana Prince.

A chuckle drew her attention away from Bruce and onto Lucius. “I’m calling them now.” He informed both of them without any humor in his voice at all as he returned to his seat behind the desk and picked up his phone.

If she hadn’t fought for her life, she might have felt sorry for sending her boss after the hospital. If she hadn’t nearly been consumed by sludge, she could have thought to ask Lucius to let it go and to not let it impact the Wayne Foundation’s relationship with Gotham General. But it was because of a malfunction in their security system or, quite possibly, the horrendous intentions of someone employed there that she was put in harm’s way.

In all honesty, she just as grateful for Mr. Fox’s superpower as she was for Clark’s.

“Diana,” The sound of Bruce softly saying her name made her face him in her chair. “Did they make sure you were okay before letting you go?” He looked as if he was trying to hide the fact that he was absolutely gutted over what she went through, but failing miserably to do so. Did someone he remembered in his amnesiac get taken over by the sludge, and it caused him to fear it? It was possible, she realized, that there was a person or persons of interest in his life that might have been one of the people who was trapped in that Isolation Ward at that very moment.

She felt swayed by his worry in a way she didn’t quite understand. “Yes, that’s what took me so long to come back here.”

“You should have just gone home. Given us a call and taken a sick day.” Advised Bruce as he threw his hands up in the air before dropping into the seat next to her. He couldn’t believe her determination to return to the office was real, it seemed.

All she could do was smile weakly at him. “I was telling Lucius that I lost my purse trying to survive in there, along with my shoes.”

Together, they looked down at her feet, donning a sleek pair of black flats that she kept in her trunk in case of an emergency.

She found them amusing, but Bruce did not. She watched his hunched over body remain still as he observed her shoes with what she could only imagine to be a sorrowful expression. He didn’t know what she was capable of, only that she had been through an ordeal on her first site visit in her new role at his company. Despite his attempt to draw himself upwards and pretend that he hadn’t been staring at her shoes for much longer than necessary, it was evident that he was unaware of how to handle this situation, of his employee nearly being taken over by the very sludge his company was hoping to help eradicate.

The Batman might have offered an emotionless congratulations and expected her back at work the next day.

That’s what she expected from herself, as well.

The Bruce Wayne sitting before her had everything that Batman did except the experience on how to expect the unexpected and handle the aftermath.

It was with a melancholic smile that she said to him softly, “Don’t worry, I won’t be asking for an advance on my pay to replace my belongings.”

Using money in a comedic way seemed to reach him. Bruce chuckled and found the strength to meet her eyes again. “Well, don’t you worry, because we’re going to.”

“Oh,” Diana’s brows furrowed as she processed his words. “I really don’t need you to do that, Mr. Wayne.”

It was definitely subtle, though he tried to stop himself halfway through, Bruce did indeed shrug off her rejection of his offer. “You just moved to this city – one of the most dangerous in all of America, no, in all of the world – and were nearly turned into pink slime on your first day on the job. You haven’t made any demands of me or Gotham General to cover your hospital bills or your lost possessions?”

She couldn’t tell if he was genuinely suspicious of her, but his pointed gaze terrified her. Was he assuming that there was a reason as to why she was handling everything so well? It made her think of Clark’s suggestion that she swoon over him when he flew her down to the ground outside of the hospital – was she not playing the part of a normal, depowered woman as well as she thought? It was never so difficult to blend in with society before, and yet, it felt like Bruce was examining her the way he used to.

The way he would whenever he distrusted her and wanted to see what she had to hide.

Diana collected herself rather quickly, took a deep breath to steady her nerves, then took another stab at being a regular woman. “Well, I wouldn’t turn down a company car so I can drive myself home, then go out and replace my phone and car keys.”

“Your car keys…” Bruce repeated her with shock lacing his words, then he made a rather sour face. “No, here’s a better idea. Tomorrow, when you come in, we’ll sit down and fill out your report about the incident at Gotham General together. Then, I will take you to replace your shoes, your purse, your phone and your car keys all on the company dime.”

“Mr. Wayne-” On the outside, she looked shocked. On the inside, she was boiling. Who was he to take on the role of a dictator, simply because she was a woman without access to her car? It made absolutely no sense for him to take over her life and her career in such a domineering way, especially when he didn’t know her well enough to guarantee she would tolerate it.

Regardless, Bruce didn’t care. “I just so happen to have the afternoon off, so you’ll start at 11:30 and spend the rest of your day with me. I’ll teach you more about the company while we take care of your belongings on the Wayne Corporation’s dime, and then after that, you’ll return to work as… well, not usual. But you know what I mean.”

His tone of voice, his commanding air, and his almighty decrees wore down her ability to play the part of the distressed victim. It felt insulting to pretend that he could talk to her like that. The Amazonian blood pumping through her veins refused to allow that kind of talk, and the Lasso of Truth that was still hidden in her brassiere felt warm against her chest as she looked him dead in the eye. Bravely, she sat up tall and straightened her skirt as she proclaimed, “I don’t mind giving you my report, Mr. Wayne, but I’m not looking for money.”

Without missing a beat, or perhaps while stamping his mark on the end of hers, Bruce blurted out, “Then what are you looking for?”

There was a twitch in the corner of her lips, urging her to make a willful retort. However, it slowly washed over her that the energy between them was shifting. His words echoed in her mind, playing over and over again until she heard the second meaning that was hidden behind the veil of their conversation. It occurred to her that he was right: wasn’t she looking for him? Her entire goal was to find him, watch over him, and take care of him until they found him a cure. That was her mission and the attack she had endured that morning was proof that she had taken on the most important role.

She had spent a month wishing she could look for him, and now here he was.

But why did she feel that question in the depths of her heart?

What was she still looking for?

“…Yes, hello. I’d like to speak to Mr. Hunt please.” Lucius suddenly spoke into his phone for the first time since promising he’d call Gotham General. When his voice broke through the silence, Diana understood in that very moment that he must have heard their entire conversation.

That knowledge made her cheeks feel warm, but she couldn’t fathom as to why. All she knew was that she was locked into a staring contest with the one and only Bruce Wayne. His confidence in this state was something she had seen before but had never felt in full effect, and it made her both excited to work alongside him once again while equally anxious for what tomorrow would bring them.




TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitte…

TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter:

A sweet fanfic written by @OldManBat and @AmazonGoddessD for our WonderBat Secret Cupid! ~ Maiden



WonderBat Secret Cupid for Beyza (innsolent_) 🎁

Bruce and Diana’s version of Hades and Persephone

All of my life I’ve been waiting for someone, To share all my kingdom with me…


#WonderBat  #Wonderbatcrew #JusticeLeague #Batman #WonderWoman




Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: T / 14A
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
Previous Chapter: <- Chapter 10

A small gust whipped past her as Dr. Hunt scurried off shortly after his terrified screech, and Diana was glad to know he’d gone. She wasn’t happy, however, about the circumstances that were unfolding right before her very eyes.

In a muddled, incoherent mess, the creatures within the once locked room begin to rise into surprisingly tall stances and make their way towards the vacant doorway. No longer confined, the energy of their once lifeless existences transformed into that of an angry mob without much provocation. Diana felt her heart become consumed by dread as she tried to slowly, carefully, remove herself from the anteroom. Like prey before a predator, she knew it was foolish to hope that her slow movements would avoid galvanizing the horde.

All she could think about was her theory about Arthur and Barry’s disappearance – she knew that escaping them was her best chance at surviving the sludge herself.

Code Brown! We have a Code Brown in the Isolation Ward! Code Brown, and Code Green!” an elderly female voice failed to remain calm as she shouted over the loudspeaker.

Diana had no idea what those codes referred to, but she understood that the mostly likely course of action that the hospital would take had to be a lockdown, meaning she now had no choice but to run!

With the poise of a ballerina and the strength of a soldier did she throw herself into the main hallway of the Isolation Ward. Just as she had correctly assumed, it infuriated the sludge monsters that she left their line of sight, and the misshapen blob of them trying to all push through the doorway at the same time rather disturbed her. They looked like a melted hydra in her eyes and she knew from experience that it was time to make her exit; the scent of the mythological creature was known to kill and the touch of this one could end up taking her life away from her if she dared to fight it!

Diana grimaced as she flew towards the double doors at the end of the hall that she had walked through mere moments ago. They were meant to stay closed to protect people on either side, but when she slammed her hand against the push bar and found that the door would not budge, she instantly felt isolated. In a moment of disbelief, she shook the bar a few more times simply because she knew that slamming through the doors was not an option for her. Not only would it put the other people in the hospital at risk if she acted so impulsively, but her new civilian identity would also instantly be obliterated if she attempted such an aggressive escape.

And her nerves were definitely urging her to fight her way to safety since she could not flee.

If her theory about Arthur and Barry was correct, she needed to find another way to keep herself safe until…


Until what?

A heavy, liquified hand slammed into the double doors right next to her body and Diana nearly jumped out of her skin. Instead, she spun around to find herself face to face with the front runners of the sludge monsters’ pack. The only clear path she had to avoid being swallowed whole by them was to, unfortunately, sidestep them and hope that they didn’t end up pinning her to the wall. It felt like all she could do was retreat to avoid their onslaught but it wouldn’t do her any good to simply play chicken with over fifty monstrosities charging at her. She couldn’t understand what it was about them that craved claiming her, because she knew that any contact would force her to join their pack.

Perhaps they only knew how to function like mindless animals that wanted to attack the person that was in their territory, but if she could figure out how to escape them, they wouldn’t need to bother themselves with her!

Diana tossed her body weight at the wall so that she could plant her favourite heels against its surface and propel herself over the cluster of creatures that had followed her to the doors. Though faceless, she felt their confusion while she soared overhead. As she eyed the spot she expected to land in, preparing to place her hands down upon the ground to catch her fall, the monsters at the back of the group clued into what she was attempting and dared to swipe at her falling body.

Her core activated as she tried to turn herself in midair to avoid their grabbing hands. It caused such a stark change in her course of action that she ended up slamming into the window of the room that had been next to their previous prison cell. It couldn’t shatter due to the low impact of her hit, so she was forced into a standoff with the rear of the group. All she had done was switch which half of the cluster she was dealing with.

They were still desperate to grab ahold of her too, as one of them swiped at her ankle in a cheap attempt to add her to their fold. Diana reacted reflexively first and foremost, which resulted in her trying to kick the sludge away from her. It was then she got to see the substance in action, how the sludge broke off into a multitude of smaller pieces, like rampant leeches, as it tried to claim her leg. Fearing for her life, she was left with no choice but to sacrifice half of her favourite pair of heels in order to avoid an ugly transformation.

She threw all of her might into the kick in the hopes of delivering some pain to the monster that took her shoe. Luckily, it did stumble back, and she counted that as a small victory. Nevertheless, the fact that one of them managed to grab hold of her in some way seemed to inspire the other monsters to try even harder to do the same. They were closing in around her now with a renewed sense of impatience, every line of sight she had was slowly being consumed by what she could only describe as wet, pink mud.

It became apparent that she’d need to start sacrificing what she had on her person if she intended to last. Immediately, she thought of her shoe, until she felt her purse swing back and smack her hip. On its chain-like strap, it was clearly the more appropriate weapon…

Especially when it contained a weapon she adored in her arsenal as Wonder Woman.

She ripped the strap off of her shoulder and swung it at them a few times in the hopes of warding away their eager hands, despite the sad ending that her shoe had when she attempted the same strategy.

As they circled around her defenseless form, the sludge that once made up fifty or some people began to fuse together and create a tidal wave-like disaster, towering over her with the intention of swallowing her entirely into their masses. She could tell that they even struck the ceiling as some bits fell from the top of their formation and crashed down onto the floor. “Athena, I beg you,” Diana murmured to herself in a last-ditch attempt to summon any excess strength that she could as she pulled out her last line of defense against the sludge monsters.

Her Lasso of Truth.

In her mighty hands, it glowed with the brilliance of the sun, its light unopposed regardless of the way the swarm of sludge that surrounded her. She swiftly reversed the lasso and, instead of trying to capture something in her grasps, she chose to use the opposite end of the rope and transform it into a whip; her indomitable will to live was channeled into each lashing she fired off at the misshapen horde without any remorse in that moment, because she knew that she had to survive this ordeal for herself, for the people trapped within the gigantic lump of sludge before her, but most of all, in order to save Bruce from whoever went so far as to orchestrate all of this in order to get to him.

The person that was behind these monstrosities was no ordinary person, and they would need to be punished for the horrible crimes against humanity that they had put all of these people through.

With every strike she landed, the sludge hissed as steam escaped the mass. Frantically did the fifty or so pieces that once made of the wave that meant to swallow her suddenly fly apart and latch onto all different corners of the Isolation Ward. They moved around without legs as if they couldn’t be bothered to return to a humanoid shape. She was able to spy the ones that were struck by her after they had all split off due to the way some of the mounds of sludge would wobble and shudder as if a ripple ran along the surface of their entire shape. Curiosity-driven, Diana flipped her lasso around and began to spin it over her head, eyeing the closest creature–

Then, a massive boom shook the very ground she stood on. With one heel on and one heel off, Diana felt herself nearly lose balance, but instead used the momentum of her swinging lasso to turn around and assess the cause of the sudden intrusion.

It was none other than Superman himself, having punched through the wall of the room that was directly behind her. As soon as their eyes met, Clark looked just as panicked as she had originally felt when she realized she had been trapped inside the ward. In that moment, however, she felt absolutely elated to realize that he had used his superhero identity to give her a plausible escape route. She kicked off her remaining shoe and punched the very window that she had rammed into before, using a great deal of her power to shatter it into pieces. Like an Olympian, she threw herself through her self-made opening and raced towards him at top speed. She leaped at her startled friend with enough force to send them outside of the hospital, into the late morning air.

“Seal it!” She commanded him while looping her arms around one of his shoulders. Holding onto him like a monkey, she made sure she wasn’t in his way in the slightest so that he could close off the opening in the hospital wall.

Clark didn’t need to be told what to do, and proved himself to be as quick thinking as she knew him to be as he inhaled his deepest breath and fired an icy squall at the crater he had made. His self-made flurry took one too many seconds to cover the damage in the bricks, but once it was finally patched up seamlessly, Diana realized in her state of shock that she had forgotten to breathe.

“Are you all right? Diana?” interrogated Superman when her response wasn’t instantaneous.

She nodded first as the entire encounter she had just escaped ran through her mind in reverse, her memory storing it away to dissect and analyze when she wasn’t hovering fifty feet in the air. “Yes, I’m fine.”

“I had to get Lois out of there, I’m sorry.”

“No, no, I understand. You showed up at the perfect time, anyway.” She encouraged him genuinely, even offering a lopsided grin with the hope that he’d believe her.

They exchanged glances but his chiseled features never seemed to soften. It was only while she waited to see if he’d justify his mood that the cries from below registered in her ears. Diana glanced down at the horde of people that were awaiting their landing, which seemed to give Clark the confidence to say, “I think I have my own mission to attend to now.”

“What?” she searched his face once again to see if there were any cracks in his solemn facade, but there were none.

While she frantically tried to stuff her lasso into her brassiere to keep it out of sight of, Clark whimpered like an apologetic pup. “I need to find Vicki Vale. This whole mess today wasn’t an accident – someone didn’t like that you were getting close to the sludge monsters and tried to attack you. Something must have happened to her as well, and I need to find out what she knew before she disappeared.”

“I think you’re right,” Diana shot out her answer as the screams turned into a massive cheer for their descent. “There are too many angles to this situation for us to focus all of our efforts in one direction.”

“Exactly… now get ready to swoon.”

“Excuse me?” Those words that he whispered in her ear threw her for a loop as their feet came to rest upon the ground. But once they were swarmed by the many charmed faces of the nurses and visitors, voices high pitched and hands clutching their hearts, Diana knew exactly what Clark was telling her to do.

Behave like a typical woman who wasn’t accustomed to Superman.

After such a dangerous battle, she wasn’t anticipating to put on a show now too. Still, the only reason she didn’t punch her way through the hospital after the monsters escaped was to preserve her new civilian identity, so that would mean…

“Oh, Superman! I don’t know how I can thank you!” she squealed at the top of her lungs, still retaining her classic dignity while playing the part of the fool. “I didn’t know if I was going to survive!”

Clark’s gleaming smile was a little too genuine when he posed, hands on his hips, one slightly cocked brow. “Well, you’re safe now, miss.”

The corners of her lips twitched and she had to fight off the urge to show him her dryest smile. She didn’t have the time to worry about breaking character though as the eerie sound of sirens grew louder and louder than the roaring huddle of people on the hospital’s sidewalk. She looked up just in time to witness a trio of cops cars race into the roundabout driveway in front of Gotham General. Some of the already shaken hospital staff were forced to leap out of the way of the invigorated police who barely came to a rolling stop before jumping out of their cars and attempt to manage the informal gathering.

Six officers began patrolling the scene, and all the while, Diana was on the lookout for Commissioner Gordon. Though they had never met, she imagined that he’d have been easy enough to spot, given that she didn’t expect to see him in a policeman’s uniform. As the entrance was taped off, while the shaken staff and their patients were corralled across the street by the rather aggressive police force, it dawned on her that she should be looking for someone else who appeared to be missing.

No matter which direction she tossed her gaze, Diana could not pinpoint the location of Dr. Hunt.

((Whew, this chapter was a bit of a mess, but it’s completed! I am so sorry it took me so long to write for you all. I had a rather serious family situation spring up and it has occupied my time for about two months now. Thankfully, things have begun to calm down and even though it took me all week, I managed to finish this chapter! 

We are back to the original update schedule, hurray! I hope you’re excited for next week, where – spoiler alert – we have to get Bruce’s reaction to what Diana just went through. So be on the lookout for your next update on February 16th! ~ Maiden))