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October 13th – Please help me

JOKER (2019)

@deestroyerart out here blessing all of our hearts! Please show your gratitude with a kind comment while I simply cry tears of joy ~ Maiden

Another great edit by LOTSLover! She doesn’t have a tumblr, so be sure to check her out by clicking on her name here 😁

LOTSLover is so damn talented!


2020 looks so bright


What!? A new event!? 😱

Yes indeed! To tide us over until our end of the year event, here’s a part two to the WonderBat Keywords event – WonderBat Keyphrases!

So how does it work, you ask? Well, let me explain! 

From October 13th to October 20th, there will be a keyphrase for each day that is relative to WonderBat! Make anything your heart desires that pertains to the theme as well as the Amazon and Dark Knight, from fanart, fanfiction, cosplay photos, homemade goodies, AMVs/MMVs and more! As long as it’s your own original content, feel free to join in!

Here are the themes:

October 13th – “Please help me.”
October 14th – “Love endures delay.”
October 15th – “Maybe you’re right.”
October 16th – “Now or never.”
October 17th – “Because I can.”
October 18th – “Safe and sound.”
October 19th – “Don’t be afraid.”
October 20th – “Let’s just dance.”

Post your work here on Tumblr and tag @fyeahwonderbat while using the #WonderBatKeyphrases so I can find your awesome creations! If you post on another platform, be sure to send me a link as a submission to the blog so I can share it here as well.

Whether you’re making something for the DCAU, the DCEU or the comics, let’s spread some WonderBat love this autumn season! ~ Maiden

Justice League (2017)