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October 13th – Please help me

Late post today because I was without wifi all day. There’s still plenty of time to submit your creations for the theme of Honesty for our #WonderBatKeywords event!


Day 4’s theme is one of the best one’s in my humble opinion: Tension! Be sure t share your post with #WonderBatKeywords and tag @fyeahwonderbat in the text of your post!

Also, everyday they flag this gif and then I have to wait for an appeal… why tumblr? Maybe it’s the sexual tension? 😏

Day 2 of the #WonderBatKeywords event revolves around “Adoration”!

Be sure to use the tag and @fyeahwonderbat to let me know when you’ve made your submissions!

July 27th – honesty

#WonderBatKeywords event starts July 22nd!

July 27th’s theme is all about honesty – a trait both Bruce and Diana require to do what they do! What can you make that relates to WonderBat and this theme for the sixth day of our event!? ~ Maiden

The World’s Finest – Batman: The Animated Series:

A comprehensive review of Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-Ray, written by yours truly!

Batman: The Animated Series has been out on Blu-Ray for months now. Usually, reviews coincide with the Blu-Ray’s release date. So what’s the point in typing one up so late in the game? Well, this series has 109 episodes. I guarantee that almost no-one went to the trouble of watching all of these episodes when they reviewed this set! And that’s understandable. Watching 109 episodes is a huge undertaking and time-consuming task, and concurrent reviews needed to be put together quickly! That’s where I come in and that’s how my comprehensive review differs from nearly all of the other ones out there. I finally watched “Judgment Day” (the last episode in this collection), so I am at last poised to go into great detail in reviewing this set, its quality, the ways in which the episodes differ from their DVD versions, and more. Click the link to check it out!


JLU: This Little Piggy / JL: Maid of Honor


Have you guys watched JL vs F5 yet? What a solid return to the DCAU! Felt just like an episode of JLU.

If I had to give a one sentence review, I felt it was to JL/JLU, what Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero was to B:TAS.

By the way, Bruce Timm said that if the movie does well, we’ll get more DCAU movies! So please, support it!