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Gotham Sirens

by Patty Arroyo

I’m around ½ way through the 1st season of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn and I will say that it’s both clever and very funny, but I will also remind everyone this is BLATANTLY an *ADULTS ONLY* animated series … hence I’m refraining from posting the trailer here. There’s tons of bad language and violence. It’s definitely NOT FOR CHILDREN.

*Premieres November 29th on DC Universe

The Batman Movie Poster

by John Regan

All Star Batman 

Featuring Batman & Catwoman from the Tim Burton films.

by Bill Crabb


by Von Randal

Release the Snyder Cut

WonderBat Secret Santa Sign-Up Ends SOON!

Our WonderBat Secret Santa event is still able for sign-ups until Monday at midnight PST!

I extended the deadline by one more day so anyone can take advantage of Sunday to join us in our biggest event yet!

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Release the Snyder Cut

photo via Jay Olivia (Twitter)

Release the Snyder Cut