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1989 Batman Poster

by Julien Rico Jr

Batman The Animated Series by Dan Mumford

Catwoman by Woo Chul Lee

Batman The Animated Series by Raf Grassetti

New Hot Toys Action Figure 
Henry Cavill – Superman
Justice League 

Pre-CGI/Reshoot Version 
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Batman: The Adventure Continues  is available at Comixology  and other digital platforms today. The price comes in at a very affordable 99 cents. The new comic series is inspired by DC Direct’s action figure line and the first issue was written by animated tv legends, Paul Dini and Alan Burnett, with art by Ty Templeton.

A great way to read this comic is with Shirley Walker’s beautiful music, from the old animated series, playing in the background. A couple of major DC villains make an appearance in this inaugural issue, with one other bad guy making a more subtle one (in the shadows). Titled, Hardware Part 1,  the issue is a really nice start to a promising new series, which most fans of the old tv series should enjoy. The issue is also a springboard for other Justice League characters, who will undoubtedly make appearances in later issues. In fact, expect a number of characters, heroes and villains, to grace the pages of this series, as DC is pushing an action figure line through it.



April Fools’ Day

by Batman and Sons

Batman: The Animated Series

by Simon Delart


This is for @undeadroshi on Tumblr. Sadly they never received their item for the WonderBat Secret Santa event we had back in December. I apologize that it has taken me so long to get this to you, but Maiden and I wanted to make sure you got at least something!

Christmas. Growing up on an island paradise secluded from the world of man, I was unfamiliar with the concept. There was something about the thought of a man dressed in red, who entered houses in the dead of night, that did not sit well with me. But the more I listened to Wally and Clark’s stories of the holidays, the more I understood the holiday, and the others that were during this time of year, were not about this Santa Claus, but rather time with family and friends. Having abandoned the only family I had back in Themyscira to help on Man’s World, I was more than happy to celebrate this time with the friends I had made within the League.

Shayera, though impulsive and a bit withdrawn, had become my first friend. The two of us had bonded over being the only two female members of the League, and although our views on the opposite sex were quite different, I knew I could appreciate her knowledge of topics unknown to me; she had been quite informative when I had approached her with questions regarding the male body.

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Batman: The Adventures Continue

Inspired by DC Direct’s action figure line, the first issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue hits digital platforms tomorrow! Written by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett with art by Ty Templeton.