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Woohoo. New WonderBat event!! Here’s my Day 1 submission for @fyeahwonderbat‘s WonderBat Key Phrases event.

“Please help me.”

Diana continues to glare my way, the smirk on her face betraying her threatening tone. She watches as I roll my eyes, throwing a smirk her way, before I stand from the chair I have been seated on, and make my way to her. She watches as I walk towards her. Her bright blue eyes continue to stare at me, the color magnified by the dark frames that have been thrown across her face.

“I thought you had it,” I say playfully, watching as her smirk disappears. Her biceps tighten as she attempts to keep the items in her hand from falling. “Thought an Amazon could do anything.”

She carefully places the items in her hands on the table besides her hip, before she turns to me. “Bruce,” she begins, her eyebrows furrowing. “We agreed to help.”

I shake my head and cross my arms over my chest. “No, Princess,” I begin, “You agreed to do this for Lois. I simply got dragged along.“ 

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LOTSLover’s submission for the WonderBat Keyphrases event!

October 13th – Please help me


WonderBat Keyphrases…<3

This event starts TOMORROW! So make sure you’re ready to use the tag #WonderBatKeyphrases and @fyeahwonderbat so I can charge your submissions here on the blog!

Remember, each day has an assigned theme:


Batman On Rooftop 

by Peter Habjan