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Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 is finally out! Back to the world of Batman The Animated Series by the hand of Alan Burnett and Paul Dini.

You can get it  on READDC , COMIXOLOGY and AMAZON

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Batman: The Animated Series

by Simon Delart

Bruce Wayne’s Self-Quarantine Timeline

Bat-Family 2020 Unmasked

by Tim Levin

Masked version by Tim below:


Catwoman by Raf Grassetti

Batman vs Joker
Batman: The Animated Series

by Julien Rico Jr

The Phantasm by Raf Grassetti (INSTAGRAM HERE) 

Raf Grassetti (INSTAGRAM HERE) uploaded Man-Bat today. Amazing!

Artist Raf Grassetti ( has created life-like illustrations of Batman: The Animated Series characters. 

This is AMAZING! OUT OF THIS WORLD! I’m shocked. And he’s still working on some more, apparently leaving Batman for last!

 I will upload them here as he makes them. 

My favorite so far is Scarecrow. What’s yours?

Batman: TAS Reimagined

Artist Raf Grassetti is reimagining the characters from ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in hopes to one day getting a (non-LEGO) CG Batman movie.

Below is some of his truly amazing work so far: