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Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 is finally out! Back to the world of Batman The Animated Series by the hand of Alan Burnett and Paul Dini.

You can get it  on READDC , COMIXOLOGY and AMAZON

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Catwoman by Raf Grassetti

The Phantasm by Raf Grassetti (INSTAGRAM HERE) 

Raf Grassetti (INSTAGRAM HERE) uploaded Man-Bat today. Amazing!

Artist Raf Grassetti ( has created life-like illustrations of Batman: The Animated Series characters. 

This is AMAZING! OUT OF THIS WORLD! I’m shocked. And he’s still working on some more, apparently leaving Batman for last!

 I will upload them here as he makes them. 

My favorite so far is Scarecrow. What’s yours?

Spectacular ‘Batman The Animated Series’ artwork by Dan Mumford.

First look at Batman from ‘’Superman: Red Son’’

First look at “Superman: Red Son”. This looks great! 

Cast also revealed, read about it HERE

Happy 27th birthday to Batman: The Animated Series!

Can you believe it? Kevin Conroy will play old Bruce Wayne in live action! On the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover!