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Can you do a Mother’s day story, please?

Can you do a Mother’s day story, please?

“Good evening, son.” Bruce changed the tone of his greeting without any notice, drawing his inspiration from Alex’s uncertain appearance at the manor. He stood arms cross, scowl heavy, feet planted wide apart as he witnessed the disheveled attempt of his eldest son (with his wife) to sneak into the west wing hallway undetected after failing to arrive at the time he committed to.

The surprise was visible behind the wavy strands of sandy blond hair that covered his face, proving that Alex was no sleuth like his father was. “Oh, uh… hiii, daaad.” He greeted him like he was a child caught stealing some ice cream from the kitchen, rather than a grown man crawling in through the window of a well lit hallway of a house as guarded by security cameras as Wayne Manor was. It wasn’t the foolishness that irritated him, oh no.

It was that cheeky smile that sent him into the role of the authoritarian parent that he reveled in.

“It’s not me you should be talking to. It’s your mother.” scolded Bruce.

“Well, if she was the one who found me like this, I would have said hi to her too.” Alex said, knowing full well that he was getting on his father’s last nerve. He witnessed the grown man before him fumble with his grip on the window frame, rocking back and forth while he tried to calculate his next move, only to fall forward. The noise his body made when it hit the hardwood was so heavy, Bruce hoped that it hurt him, even a little bit. But he knew that the only man in the world born with Amazonian strength would have felt nothing more than a mere tap on his side when he landed.

Disappointment written on his face, Bruce decided to try guilting his son in order to draw out some sign of remorse from his otherwise cheery disposition, “Penelope arrived at noon, Silas came by for dinner and Iris made sure to call to let us know that she’d only be able to make dessert, but is now sleeping in her old room so she can have breakfast with us in the morning.”

“Wow, what a… happy family we have here.” Alex chuckled, clearly intending for his words to be taken with a grain of salt. Unable to find a single reason to frown, he managed to keep his grin in tact while he rose up off of the floor and fixed up his outfit. As per usual, he was wearing his tattered jeans and a stained graphic t-shirt for a band or a show that Bruce had never heard of before. His sneakers were worn, but they couldn’t compare to that old rucksack that he got for his eighteenth birthday. The one his mother had selected, the one he had paid for, the one they had filled with the necessities he’d need to travel abroad.

That was three years ago.

“You haven’t changed at all, Alex,” Bruce complained. “I thought the Peace Corps would have helped fine tune this willy nilly attitude of yours.”

“Did… Did Bruce Wayne just say ‘willy nilly’?” Alex asked, sounding absolutely thrilled to have been present at that very moment to witness such a thing.

The way his jaw clamped down in response to his son’s teasing was nothing new and neither was the irritation that usually caused him to respond to Alex in such a way. “I’m very tired,” he admitted for the sake of defending himself. Then, he turned away from the source of his frustration and began to stomp his way down the hall. “And so is Diana. You know how busy we are, and how much today means to her.”

“Of course I do, because she means the world to me.” Alex admitted freely as he caught up to Bruce. He fixed the strap of his rucksack on his shoulder and carelessly followed his father without any clue as to where he was leading him to.

Dissatisfied with his actions in comparison to his words, Bruce felt it was fair to interrogate him then and there. “Then where were you? Did your transcommunicator break?”
“Nooo,” Alex answered slowly. “The… connection doesn’t reach where I went.”

Bruce didn’t need to hear another word. He knew exactly what that meant and the anger he felt – the brand of fury that he felt belonged specifically to his half-Amazonian son – threatened to choke the words he had rising up the back of his throat. “Themyscira!?”

Though he stopped walking, Alex did not. At the very least, he took two more paces forward than his father before he agreed to their standstill and stopped himself from reaching the staircase. His broad shoulders rose up to meet the curly mop of hair on his head before falling back dowards, indicating a rather heavy sigh escaped him. Bruce saw a glimpse of awareness in that single action but it wasn’t enough to soothe his aggression. It wasn’t a secret between him and his sons that he did not want them attempting to visit the isle of the Amazons, but there was one son in particular who could never seem to listen.

(One of his sons with his wife, that is.)

“I had my reasons, dad.” Alex implied that he had a proper excuse all without providing one.

It mattered not to Bruce. “And I have mine whenever we have this conversation! Your grandmother never seen me as her family, so why would she accept you? You know what she did to your mother – why even she isn’t allowed back there, after all she’s done to save the world time and time again. Do you hear anything I say to you!?”

“Bruce?” Came a gentle call from behind one of the many doors in the west wing.

“Dammit.” Bruce cursed, knowing that their argument was about to be cut short.

“Dad,” Alex whispered. “Just let me explain-”

“If you wanted to tell me anything, you would have done so before-”

And that was the end of their dispute, for the time being, as the bedroom door of the master suite swung open and a robbed Diana came out into the hall. “What on Earth is all this stomping and yelling about–Oh! Alexandros!?”

“Hi, mama.” Alex greeted her so genuinely, his smile could be heard in his words.

Bruce merely stepped aside and did his best to refrain from rolling his eyes while the two of them hugged. It had been almost a year since Diana had last seen Alex in person, and she always complained that video calls were never enough. The two of them had such a precious bond that was visible to someone as cold hearted as the Batman, and given that it was Mother’s Day, he didn’t want to let his ‘sourness’ ruin the mood, as his ‘sweet’ wife referred to it as.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” Diana sounded rather emotional as she stroked Alex’s messy hair. Bruce watched her look over her ‘little warrior’ as if he had just come inside from a scuffle in a sandbox; no matter how old he got, she always treated her firstborn boy like he was much more fragile than he actually was. He had assumed it was because she had grown up believing that men were not as strong as the Amazons of Themyscira, but her relationship with Silas was nothing like what it was with Alex. She saw something in him that needed to be protected.

Which would most likely explain why Bruce was always tougher with him.

“Of course I’m here!” Alex exclaimed. He moved back just enough so he could see his mother, but not so much that he’d have to let go of her waist.

Diana, having felt the separation more than he did, immediately calmed herself so that she could cock her eyebrow at that beaming expression of his. Without hesitation, she reminded him, “Where was this attitude for my birthday then? Or any of our family holidays? Or your birthday, for that matter?”

When Bruce thought that Alex might buckle, he instead chuckled at the barrage of questions being flung at him. “There was something special about today, that no other day could compare to!” He cheered.

“Oh please,” Diana hummed low, warning of his disbelief. “Do explain.”

Intrigued, Bruce arched a brow now too. He eyed that massive backpack that his son took with him all over the world and wondered what could possibly be inside of it. Did he bring his mother a shield from her homeland? Maybe a book on the history she’d missed out on while having been exiled? Something that she could only get on the island of Themyscira?

To his surprise, Alex didn’t go anywhere near his bag. He simply reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a piece of paper. It looked crumpled and worn from the trek it must have went on to get all the way to Gotham City, much like his relationship with his own son.

“What’s this?” Diana wondered aloud, clearly unaware of the backstory behind her gift.

Softly, all Alex had to say was, “Just open it, mama.”

Forever the curious type, Diana didn’t need to be told twice to throw open the creased halves of the letter and scour the page with her wide-eyed gaze. Once the letter was in her hands, Bruce was incredibly nervous, somewhat wishing he’d had the chance to look over the contents of the letter from her home if only to make sure that it wouldn’t cause her any pain. He could hope all he wanted that Hippolyta would say something kind to her daughter for the first time in centuries, but from his experience with her, the chance of something amicable being written in that letter was highly unlikely.

“Alexandros… What…?” Diana was teary-eyed once again, only now she was also shaking. Bruce took a step forward, ready to pounce if his wife needed his support.

Never without a look of pure joy on his face, Alex nodded at his mother. “It’s only an offer to the Reform Island, but it’s a start.”

“What? What is?” Bruce demanded to know.

Diana, on the other hand, collapsed against her son, unable to speak as she held onto him for dear life. That grip looked like it channeled all of her strength, but Alex could take it, and he did so happily. Over his mother’s shoulder, he looked to Bruce and finally revealed what the surprise gift entailed, “After I performed a few trials for the gods amusement, they guaranteed that mama could barter for an end to her exile on Themyscira. She only has to pray to Athena and a date will be set.”

“You performed trials for the Olympian gods?” Bruce, tackling each point of the reveal at a time, started with the most startling fact in his eyes: his son could have fought Ares or Zeus alone!?

Alex laughed off the concern, “Nothing as horrible as what Hercules went through, so I think it’s safe to say that they like me more than him.”

“You’re amazing, my darling.” Was all Diana could manage to say while battling with her current state of emotion. She refused to leave the crook of Alex’s neck, burying her head there to hide her tears should they fall.

Seeing the exchange of pure emotion between his wife and his son made Bruce reel, and he quickly realized that his focus had been wrong at first. No matter the circumstances, Alex had done something that not even Diana herself had achieved. He had done something that Bruce had never figured out how to do: he forged an opportunity for his mother to see her mother again, and even presented to her on Mother’s Day. It wasn’t a holiday that could have dated back to ancient times, but the title of the day managed to elevate the gift giving that Alex did.

His overly cheery, eternally optimistic, always smiling from ear to ear son, Alexandros Wayne.

And all of that sunny disposition was a testament to his wife, Diana Prince-Wayne.

“I’ll see you two later.” Bruce mumbled to the two of them as he decide to take his leave. He patted Diana’s shoulder with the most affection he could provide her with in that moment, while also staring down Alex with a firmness in his eyes. It wasn’t as cruel or harsh as it was when he fell through the window. No, now, he glanced at his only Amazonian son with a type of pride that was earned by him. He could grill him further in the morning.

Tonight, he was Diana’s darling son and they deserved their time together.

He left them alone, wandering into the master bedroom and closing the door softly behind him. Bruce stood there in awe of what he had truly just learned, unable to fathom what it was Alex had done to make the gods bend to his will. An achievement that even his parents couldn’t obtain now belonged to him, and yet, he saw what Alex had done as a testament to his parents. In all honesty, it belonged entirely to Diana. Through an accomplishment of his son, he was once again – for the umpteenth time over the course of their tumultuous relationship – he couldn’t help but marvel at the woman who had agreed to be his wife, who agreed to be the mother of his children.

He was so glad that Alex came home, because Diana truly did deserve the most joyous Mother’s Day, and he gave that to her.

((Belated by a few days, but I hope you all enjoy! I figured I should use my WonderBat kids at some point, and this seemed like a really cute way to do so. I hope you like Alex, and this cute little drabble! ~ Maiden))

this, is this from a movie/series or fanmade? …

this, is this from a movie/series or fanmade? twitter(.)com/BrandonTalbot10/status/1126279546502774785

That is a fanmade picture, sadly, but a really good one! I like to believe that if we get our JL Reunion, there’s a chance that could be real though! ~ Maiden




In the Middle of a Broken Constellation – PT. …

Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: T / 14A
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
Previous Chapter: <- Chapter 15

“Diana, meet Magdalena Marques,” Bruce sounded comfortable, cheerful even as he introduced Diana to his personal shopper. Everything in the department store looked high class and opulent, and the middle-aged woman approaching them presented herself like everything contained within the mall’s walls was hers. “Maggie, this is a new employee of mine, Diana Prince.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Prince. Welcome to Evident.” Magdalena spoke slowly while her big brown eyes roamed over the two of them. She didn’t even bother to try and hide her obvious intrigue about their relationship, despite the fact that Bruce just told her who they were to one another: colleagues.  

Diana, unbothered, offered out her hand to the woman and waited for her to accept the gesture before speaking. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh, you as well. I take it he bullied my staff to get this appointment for you, miss?” she asked the two of them, but didn’t wait for their answer. Her hand slipped out of the handshake with the utmost poise before she spun on her heels and began to walk towards the women’s section of the store. On Bruce’s signal, Diana skipped forward to follow Magdalena’s dedicated pace towards their destination.

Shouting so she could hear him, Bruce explained, “The Wayne Corporation owes her for her hard work, and I thought this would be the best place to spoil her.”

“Of course it is. After all, you’re a loyal customer, you have garnered a lot of business for my store,” Magdalena sounded as if she was listing off the positive qualities to having the wealthy Bruce Wayne on her roster of regulars, then she stopped talking at the exact same moment that she stopped walking. Reaching to her left and grabbing for a blazer off of a nearby rack that was meant to be tied at the waist rather than buttoned, she unbuttoned her lips and added the last trait of his that she adored so much. “And all of your credit cards are on file.”

“Every single one of them.” Bruce chuckled, confirming her words to be true with a boyish shrug. Watching him respond to this woman as he did gave Diana pause when she least expected it.

“But we are only here to buy a handful of things, so you’ll only really need one of them.” She enunciated the ending of her remark to make sure that the keywords reached his determined mind.

He turned his head to face her but the rest of his body didn’t even flinch. With a crooked grin he decided at that moment to inform her of his secret plan, “But I have to take into account the emotional, physical and mental toll the entire situation took on you. So I think we can look into a few spring jackets and some sun hats too.”

“Mr. Wayne.” The way she said his name was meant to act as a warning.

The way he tilted his head to show her the warning he carried in his gaze, “Miss Prince, let Magdalena do her job, and let me do mine.”

“Your job isn’t to dress me like a doll.”

“My job is to make sure that you are properly compensated for the efforts you made yesterday. If I deem that you earned one of everything in this store, as your boss’ boss, should that not be a testament to you rather than a detriment to me?”

Diana pursed her lips to stop herself from saying the first thing that came to mind, as it wasn’t the kindest nor the most intelligible thing she could utter in that moment. If he hadn’t been missing parts of his memory, she could have responded so cleverly with a remark regarding some of the designs he’d made regarding the BatClan’s first set of suits. She could have brought up that his stylistic tastes involved donning a cowl that sometimes made it impossible to turn his neck from side to side.

However, if she had the luxury of mentioning those moments, it would have meant that he wasn’t suffering from severe memory loss, and they wouldn’t even be together at the mall in the first place.

Thinking of their situation as a happy accident calmed Diana greatly. If nothing else, she knew she could keep the tags on everything and hand the entire wardrobe she expected him to buy her back over to him once he was well again. For now, as selfish as it was, she imagined what it would be like to spend time with Bruce without the fear of sludge monsters or villains for the first time in a long time. Then, she turned her thoughts into reality. “Some employers just offer their employees a raise or a plague when they want to reward their good behavior.”

Bruce grinned from ear to ear the moment he picked up on her submitting to his request. “I think you’ve been in Gotham long enough to know that nothing that happens here is normal, by any means.” He said coolly.

Diana turned away from that smile of his for a reason she couldn’t place, taking that wry remark as her cue to catch up to Magdalena and look over a handful of items that the woman had already selected for her. Giving into Bruce wasn’t something she did easily, whether he wore the cowl or not. Maybe it was because she was playing the role of a civilian and he had been turned into the fully realized version of his mortal self, but she had to admit that the levity of the moment made her think that the walls of the mall were somewhat of a safe place.

That Evident might be the one place where Bruce could get what he wanted from her, and she could perhaps sneak a peek into the version of Bruce Wayne that he hid from her whenever he donned his superhero clothes.

When she exited the dressing room for the very first time, it was somewhat of a shock to see Bruce sitting on the peach-toned leather couch, awaiting her return. He was hunched over his knees and typing furiously on his phone, so Diana honestly hoped that she could walk out of her room and model her simple slacks and blouse combination without him noticing. After all, she’d learned rather early on in her clothes-shopping days that the lights in the changing room weren’t always the most flattering. It was because of a habit that she reemerged before him, nothing else.

There was no ulterior motive, truly.

But when Bruce lifted his head and switched over from excitement to shock to obvious disappointment, Diana couldn’t help but laugh at his inability to control himself. “Were you expecting me to come out here like Julia Roberts?” She questioned, coy.

“Huh?” Was his dumbfounded reply.

Adjusting her buttons and the tuck of her shirt, Diana explained, “I’d been in a luxurious red dress and your generosity would have saved the homely woman from her unfortunate fashion circumstances.”

“Ah, no. No, I was just…expecting you to try on that green lace dress first.”

“Lace?” She repeated him while looking at him in the mirror.

His eyes found hers and she’d never seen such panic in them before, not even on the battlefield. “Isn’t that fabric? Maybe it was tulle.” He grumbled, trying to recover. The way he took to his phone in order to avoid her scrutiny was so dramatic, she couldn’t determine if it was all an act or if he was genuinely embarrassed. However, he understood what she was implying by focusing on the sheer material and that alone tickled her fancy.

“Bruce,” she called to him as she returned her attention to her look. “I think I’m good with just this.”

“Really?” His head shot up so quickly, she had blinked and missed the sight of him sitting up straight in response to her comment.

“I rather like this material, and the cut of both the blouse and the pants suit me really well. There are no loose threads, and I don’t need to get the pants hemmed. It’s actually perfect for me.” Her admiration of the outfit was so authentic because it proved to her that Evident was a quality store.

So caught up in her analysis of the fit of her slacks, she hadn’t heard Bruce’s shoes against the tiles. He had snuck up on her in a matter of seconds, standing directly behind her when his voice drifted towards her in a hushed tone, “At least try on the blazer Maggie picked out. It’d go with this.”

Aware of the shivers that were ready to bowl her over, Diana pivoted her upper body to face him as best as she could. That tense edge in his jaw confused her, since she could typically deduce what it was that was causing him stress. Nevertheless, he stared her down with something undecided in his eyes, in his energy. He either wanted to pin her to the spot or he wanted to say something else to her that was on the very tip of his tongue. But his mouth was forced shut as he stood within mere inches of her, asking her to add one more piece to her new outfit.
“I don’t need to,” she admitted gently. “That’s one item I wouldn’t leave without.”

“Good.” Bruce sounded relieved when the corner of his lips jumped up into a smile for no more than a second. Then, it sunk back down and he looked like his serious old self once again.

Nervous about the silence coupled with his seriousness, Diana wondered aloud, “Is there something else…?”

“What do you mean?” He inquired, as if he couldn’t tell why she was slightly perturbed by him.

Turning around to face him properly, Diana explained, “You left your seat to look me over.”

“Well” – he sighed as he began his response, but he carried out his sentiment without an ounce of shame by the time it was done – “I didn’t think there was a woman in the world who could make a mere suit look so attractive.”

Diana gave him a moment to take it back or pretend he was joking, but when he didn’t offer her any kind of humor to base his comment on, she implored him to continue. “And?”

Bruce scanned her face with those burning, searing eyes of his while he had his moment to think. After a few seconds ticked by, he finally concocted an answer for her. “And… there are paparazzi outside.”

“What?” Diana asked, gawking.

“I just got a text from mall security that someone tipped them off that we are in here, meaning we are going to have to make this a shorter trip. I’m sorry, Miss Prince.” Bruce explained with honest to goodness regret seeping into the lines of his face.

Diana realized then and there that what Bruce was doing wasn’t harassment – he was shielding her from being photographed with him. If someone tipped off the press that Bruce Wayne was out and about with a female friend, they would create a very unsavory narrative about her and frame her in all sorts of horrible ways. Not only would the public shaming be unfair, but the attention could prove to be a major detriment to her undercover mission.

If the person who was after Bruce could pinpoint who she was to him and where they were, they could both be in danger.

No matter how disappointed she was, Diana nodded her head ever so softly to indicate to him that she was ready to move. Seemingly impressed by her resolve in such an awkward situation, Bruce swore to her in such a deep whisper, it made his voice sound gravelly and unintentionally sexy, “We’ll go for lunch at a more secure location. For now, when I count down from three, we run like a pair of bats out of hell, okay? Just follow my lead.”

Oddly enough, the circumstances being what they were, she didn’t find them to be so stressful anymore. Escaping something sinister with Bruce when he referred to them as bats was oddly cathartic to Diana. If only for her own enjoyment, unknowingly at his expense, she answered him the only way she knew how to, “Ready when you are, Batman.”

((Something cute for this chapter, since the next one will involve a more intimate setting. Will the paparazzi prove to be just as dangerous of an enemy as the sludge monsters!? …Well, obviously not, but they are now interested in Bruce and his mystery date, so I wonder where that could take them? Hope you enjoyed this month’s installment! Be sure to check out my other fics while you bide your time! ~ Maiden))

toughguywithbossygirlfriend: (Edited from an …


(Edited from an Add of The Brave and the Bold (1955) Issue 143 of Sept/Oct 1978)

waynesjustice: JLU: This Little Piggy / JL: M…


JLU: This Little Piggy / JL: Maid of Honor

Here's just a thought, Bruce who has bee…

Here's just a thought, Bruce who has been awake for days refusing to go to sleep. Diana sick of arguing with him picks him up and carries him to bed, Imagine her walking by Alfred while Bruce squirms and demands to be put down,

The punching bag reacted to Bruce’s punches like it was frightened by every hit, but he refused to stop his assault on the leather-bound bag. Every time his knuckles collided with it, the sound challenged every grunt that came out of his mouth. Teeth gritted and brows knitted, he was nothing more than a wild creature slugging a stationary enemy, channeling all of the anger and pain that was threatening to swallow him whole for the past week and a half. In the comfort of his BatCave, where he didn’t need to wear any kind of mask as a hero or a man, it was the only catharsis he knew.

“Bruce,” he heard a familiar voice hum his name and it rang within his soul. She possessed the dangerous gift of silencing parts of him that he wasn’t always comfortable letting go of, so when Wonder Woman surprised him with a visit at such a late hour, Bruce wasn’t at all amused.

He went so far as to pretend he didn’t hear her over the smacking sound his punches made. So desperate to avoid her, he moved faster, throwing all of his body weight into every hit like the punching bag would dare to hit him back the moment he was distracted. Unfortunately, Diana took his coldness as a challenge and approached him with her warm heart on full display. She grabbed the bottom of the bag when it swung back and refused to release it from her Amazonian grip. Then she stared him down and offered him another chance to address her properly.

Bruce didn’t say a word until she arched her brow at him. Recoiling slightly, he muttered, “It’s late, Diana.”

“Luckily for me, I was given the access codes to the mansion, so I can come and go whenever I want.” she reminded him cooly.

“Thanks for reminding me, I need to change those tomorrow.” Bruce bit back. The flush of heat from his workout had nearly fallen to a simmer and he refused to let that happen. Lifting his fists up to his jawline, he arched his brow at her as an informal invitation to give him back his punching bag. Though she refused to release it, he was shocked to see her lower it enough so that he could resume his training.

She was offering to spot him, but didn’t need to announce it to him. Instead, she sparred with him verbally and said, “I’ll be sure to get them from Alfred in the evening, then.”

Bruce threw an unprofessional punch forward as an immediate reaction of disfavor regarding her words. He felt a jolt of pain in his thumb due to his haste yet he refused to show the discomfort on his face. Instead, he threw out his other hand in a tight first and moved with more caution. Diana’s presence was much too distracting for his liking and he was more than prepared to ask her to leave.

“Can I do something for you?”

“You can,” she admitted calmly, then paused before telling him what it is. “You can tell me what’s bothering you.”

The fact that she would think it was her place to ask him such a personal question motivated him to fire off a few more swings, regardless of how proper his punches were. “You did not come here just to chat.”

“Maybe I did.” Though she didn’t say it, there was a question that sounded like it needed to be tacked on to the end of her sentence: what are you going to do about it?

The urge to swing at her face came to mind, if only to distract her with a sparring match and keep her out of his head. However, he knew how cunning Diana liked to believe that she was, meaning she’d most likely attach a bet to their match and demand he confide in her if she won. It was much too early in the morning to deal with her sentimentality, so Bruce decided he’d move on from the punching bag altogether.

Turning away from her, he shouted over his shoulder without considering his volume whatsoever, “Wonder Woman’s time could be better spent somewhere else, where she’s needed.”

“I decide where I am needed, Bruce.” Diana informed him with a snap in her tone. She made it clear that she was not a fan of his dismissal of her, but she still refused to leave.

Spinning around at his waist, Bruce glowered at her and bellowed, “And it’s not here. Go home, or go find someone else to play charity case with.”

“If you actually tried to have a normal conversation with me, instead of biting my head off without even trying to be civil,” Diana warned him of his missteps as she walked towards him. She stopped herself from reaching him by planting her feet into the floor a few feet away from him, providing them both with some necessary space. “Maybe I would have left by now. But you’re much too proud to let that happen.”

Her boldness matched his own and it dismantled his confidence somewhat. Normally, he had to rile her more for her to pick up the gauntlet of a hostile conversation. Instead, at such a late hour on a rather stormy night, Diana was having none of his backtalk. Whatever the goal was in her mind, it only put him off of speaking to her even more.

“Go home.” He ordered her bluntly, unconcerned with how she’d take it.

Bruce turned away and took a step toward his weights, only to hear her drag her one of her Wonder Woman boots along the cemented floor behind him. Curious, he walked forward again, and the same noise followed him. He didn’t know if it was her own pride that was causing her to stick with him or if she was actually as benevolent as she claimed to be, but he was having none of it.

Not tonight.

Not after what he had been through, the haunting memories keeping him awake until the early hours of the morning, punching the anxiety and regret out of his soul with evident futility.

His fists acted like nothing more than dead weight when he felt his body fly backward suddenly, the years of physical training he’d suffered through rendered useless when he was at the mercy of an impatient Amazon. Bruce knew he had been tugged by the collar of his shirt, but he was caught off guard the moment his boots left the ground. “Diana!?” He screamed, both reprimanding her and demanding an explanation.

She didn’t offer one, though. Instead, she chucked his two hundred and fifty-pound body over her shoulder and left the BatCave’s training space without any type of warning. Furious, erratic, he tossed and squirmed uncontrollably as he fought her clutches to the best of his mortal ability. Nevertheless, nothing he did slowed her down. She carried on with her unannounced trek from his at-home gym, to the staircase that would take them upstairs, through the secret entryway and into his front hall.

Bruce’s could feel the blood that rushed into his face when he roared, “Put me down, NOW!”

“You’re only making my job that much easier when you flail like a child.” Warned Diana. She sounded exhausted from her efforts of transporting him from the basement to the upper level of his house, but he had never asked her to handle him like a brute. It felt like his personal coping mechanism was being scolded, making him believe that she saw him as inferior when stacked against her eternal wisdom. The longer he was in her hold, the angrier he became.

When they reached the hallway leading to the bedrooms, Bruce heard a door open and knew at once that Alfred had been awakened by his wailing. “Alfred!” He called to his butler with a tone so desperate, it embarrassed him. He felt even more foolish than he already did when he blurted out, “Stop her! Do something!”

By the time they passed by Alfred’s door, it was magically closed, and his so-called friend was nowhere in sight. “Traitor!” He condemned his butler, nearly seething by the time they reached his bedroom door.

To his dismay, Diana predicted his attempt at an escape and flattened his wrists against his sides so he couldn’t cling to the doorframe. He had handled villains with more respect than she was showing him at that moment when she went so far as to throw him down onto his bed. If there was one thing he hated, it was losing control of any situation. Glaring at her from his sprawled out position on his own mattress, it took everything he had left in his weary body not to tackle her to the ground and fight her right then and there. “Don’t ever do that to me again!”

She couldn’t have looked more repulsed by his behavior in the darkened state of his bedroom, with nothing but the moonlight coming in through his open window highlight the scowl on her face. Still, she pretended that she wasn’t wearing her heart on her sleeve and inquired, “Are you trying to manage your stress or overwork yourself into the grave? Sometimes, I can’t tell the difference with you.”

Those words struck him as if she had sent his punching bag right back at him. It felt like her voice was a can opener and his heart had been forcefully exposed when she dared to mention death around him. There was the typical reason as to why he loathed discussing grief, and then there was his newly founded reason.


Bruce felt sober all of a sudden. All of his efforts to expunge the hurt from his heart were revealed as completely fruitless under the careful eye of Diana, Wonder Woman, friend to all and savior to some. Her entire energy was such a shift from those people who lived in his city and were trapped by its demons, she had the force of an earthquake behind her when she tried to move his mind into perspective. He was just so rebellious to any way of doing things that weren’t his own, but the resurrection of his ward was something that he had the skill set to handle.

The way Jason yelled at him as he walked away from the chance to kill the Joker proved that to him.

Shoulders sunken and breathing shallow, Bruce glanced at Diana’s shadowy form and told her the truth. “Neither can I.”

He feared she would let a pause sit between them and emphasize the deplorable authenticity to his words. Instead, she graciously carried on like his admission wasn’t horrifying. “A great midway point is going to sleep.”

“How do you figure that?” Bruce said, stunned.

“Because,” she was humming again, speaking softly to him as she approached the bed. Diana dared to even sit on the edge of it when he had been rejecting her the entire time she’d bee with him that night. Impressed by her bravery, he said nothing when she made herself comfortable. “Sleeping replenishes the energy that stress can steal away, and when you’re asleep, the world doesn’t exist.”

“Sleep doesn’t exist in Gotham.” explained Bruce in a monotone voice.

To his surprise, Diana’s delicate touch grazed his forehead. She had leaned in while he rebutted her and brushed his hair off of his forehead carefully, tenderly. She maintained her gentle composure when she responded, “It will, once you close your eyes.”


“You’re the most powerful man in the city. You can schedule in sleep if you need to, and I’m saying you do need to.” decreed Wonder Woman. She still managed to appear almighty while speaking to him in the softest tone of voice he’d ever heard. He had witnessed her transform from a domineering dictator to an amicable ally within the time span of mere minutes. Nevertheless, he knew that both sides of Diana were based upon the respect she had for him.

Even when he didn’t deserve it.

A heavy breath escaped him while he summoned the courage to admit his agreement to her, both rising from deep within his gut, “I’ll try to sleep. I won’t make any promises though.”

He didn’t need to see her clearly to know that he had just made her grin. Diana lifted herself off of the bed, bringing herself to stand tall next to the bed as she praised him, “That’s all I needed to hear.”

“Wait,” Bruce exclaimed rather threateningly when he saw her turn to leave. After everything was said and done, he felt uncomfortable to have her usher him to bed and then depart. “You can stay here, in the manor, for the night. You never even told me why you stopped by but we can discuss it in the morning.”

A beam of moonlight landed on her shoulder when she stopped in her tracks, and it traced the length of her collar bone as she turned back around. When she faced him once again, she explained, “I came here to check on you, Bruce. I was worried about you. So long as I know you’ve rested – even a little bit – I’ll take my leave knowing you’re taking better care of yourself.”

Bruce felt himself becoming unhinged again at the suggestion. “There are more rooms in this house than I know what to do with. Just take one of them for the night. Please, Diana.”

“That’s not necessary–”

Bruce jumped out of bed in an obvious attempt at protesting her rejection of his offer. Before a single word of argument could escape that mouth of hers, he poorly veiled an order as a suggestion, “Either you stay the night, or I’ll just go back downstairs. You know I will.”

“Your stubbornness truly knows no bounds, does it?” It was not a compliment that she was giving him, but he took it was one to know he could get under the skin of a literal goddess so easily.

The idea of getting under something inspired him to find a compromise between both of their motivations. The king-sized bed next to him was so foreign to him at this point in his life that it wasn’t truly his own, so he thought it was fair to divide it between the two of them. “Stay here tonight. I’ll sleep, you’ll sleep. Deal?”

She didn’t even hesitate to add her one clause to their agreement, “I claim the side closest to the door, then.”

Bruce held up his hands as his answer. Then, he crawled over to the side of the bed she hadn’t declared as her own and fell against the headboard in a slumped over position. His back had been facing her for no more than a few moments, but she had already climbed into the bed and laid down flat on her back. Dressed in her armor still, he realized quickly that he should present her with some time of sleepwear as well. Leaping out of bed and seeing her rise from the corner of his eye, he latched onto the handles of his wardrobe and threw it open in order to find her a long shirt of some kind.

The mattress didn’t creak as he searched, proving to him that she was merely observing him as he scavenged through drawers that he hadn’t looked at in months. As he dug for something appropriate, he came across an old t-shirt that was gifted to him years ago. It was a group he never listened to, but they were a favorite of the person who gave it to him. Seeing the red letters sprawled out on the black fabric even reminded him of the colors associated with…


“What?” Diana asked.

“It’s… It’s Jason,” Bruce fought the lump in his throat and forced the name of the revived Robin out of his body like he wanted to exorcize the evil energy attached to it. He threw the shirt back into the drawer, fuming. Refusing to relive the shock once again, he ground out the words he needed to say in order to supply her with context. “He’s back. From the dead.”

Diana didn’t say anything right away. In fact, she didn’t utter a single word until he decided upon a shirt and turned around to toss it at her. When she caught it, it was almost as if she had grasped the concept of what she wanted to tell him.

“Not in a way that benefits him, though.” Diana implied with her tone of voice that she assumed she was correct but was still open to hearing him divulge his point of view.

Bruce returned to the bed just as she stood up and began to unclasp her Amazonian girdle. In order to give her – and himself – some privacy, he faced the alarm clock on the nightstand next to him and fiddle with the alarm he’d need to set for the morning. “It isn’t how he’s back that’s the problem. It’s what he’s wasting his second chance at life on, and what he wanted me to do, to repent.”

He heard the fabric of his shirt being moved around as she surmised his meaning, “Revenge.”

“Murder.” Bruce clarified.

“One of your villains?”

“Yes.” He grumbled.

The bed dipped next to him and he almost didn’t turn over to face her. He felt absolutely stranded in the uncharted territory of their conversation, even though he had been the one to start it. Opening up about one of his greatest shames wasn’t easy, to the point that his chest tightened like it was compressing his heart to keep him for admitting to anything else he kept locked within his heart. His body was a cage for so many atrocities that his personality, his essence was so easily skewed by everything that was trapped inside.

The moment Diana touched his shoulder and grazed her fingertips against his sternum, Bruce felt a shiver rattle his spine. He threw himself into the middle of the bed to keep her from feeling the way his muscles shook, only to be met with the most understanding and empathetic expression he’d ever seen on her face, the face of Wonder Woman herself. Then, she pressed him further for more information, “But you didn’t do it.”

“No.” Was his instantaneous reply.

She didn’t look relieved or shocked. She looked exactly the same. She never expected anything else from him and that unspoken confidence touched him, even though he felt disassociated from the warmth it provided him with. “Then the only thing you can do” – she inhaled while processing what he had told her, trying to come to grips with what his life was truly like, most likely – “is hope that he sees the meaning behind your choice, and seek you out once again.”

“Right, but he might not–”

“He just might,” Diana said plainly. Bruce heard the finality of her statement and knew that it wasn’t meant to cause an argument. Instead of challenging his pessimism, she unintentionally pointed out an important piece of the puzzle: he no longer knew what this Jason was capable of. Perhaps he could travel down a darker path, becoming an adversary for the Batman rather than a partner in crime.
Or, maybe all he needed was to face his inner demons to see what he was capable of when given the chance to live again.

The high risk-high reward lifestyle was nothing new for the Batman. As he grew older though, Bruce secretly wished that he could play the odds less and less. More and more people were coming into his life through the Justice League meaning there was such a greater chance of loss. It wasn’t something Jason had toyed with when he was his partner, however. It was the Batman’s game, not Robin’s. Witnessing the cruelty of Jason’s circumstances after Dick’s desertion prior, it felt like his teammates were nothing but weaknesses to him at times.

Then, there was Diana with all of her godly might. She had stayed with him even when he hadn’t deserved it, which he could easily blame on her immortality and thousands of years of life, where she had been encountering prideful people for centuries in order to prepare herself for his ego in the present. Her fortitude wasn’t always something he admired, a fact that she knew all too well. Tonight, however, it was the only solace he’d had in far too long. Her companionship was the balm he had never even dared to ask for. Still, it was always there to try and minimize the damage done to his soul.

“He might,” Was his whispered response to her after the long pause he introduced into their conversation. Unable to give her anything more for the night, he reached for the bed sheets and tugged them up over their bodies. They had fallen asleep together on missions before in grassy fields, in caves and other uncomfortable places. Sharing his bed with her felt just as intimate as unveiling his grievances. Overwhelmed by the amount of exposure he’d given her in one night, Bruce muttered an incoherent, “Good night.”

For the last time that evening, she hummed to him like she was using his name to sing him a lullaby, and he swore to himself that he’d never tell her the immediate sense of calm it provided him with to hear her serenade him to sleep with nothing more than a few simple words, “Good night, Bruce.”



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