Get ready to celebrate the love of WonderBat!

(Art by the amazing @deestroyerart!)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time for our first event of 2020! Be sure to check out the #EventAnnouncement tag to see the master list of our events for the year, too!

With the days spaced out, hopefully you’ll feel encouraged to partake! This event celebrates the idea of a love that transcends time. Here’s an explanation of the themes:

💘February 12nd – WonderBat Valentines in the Past

How would a Valentine’s Day go for Batman and Wonder Woman before they become an item? Or, what would WonderBat be like in an past era AU?

💘February 14th – WonderBat Valentines in Present Day

If you were a writer for DC Comics, how would you imagine the perfect WonderBat romance today!?

💘February 16th – WonderBat Valentines in the Future

If your wildest WonderBat dreams came true, how would Bruce and Diana make Valentine’s Day special once they’ve been together for a while?

Be sure to use the event tag #WonderBatValentines and follow it too! Fall in love with WonderBat this Valentine’s Day and join us during this event! ~ Maiden