🎁WonderBat Holiday Event!🎁

I know it’s November and there are other holidays to be had around the world beforehand, but in order to make sure our holiday event is ready to go come December, I want to start preparing for this event ASAP!

So here’s how it works! Take a look at this template calendar

The instructions are on the image, but I’ll explain them better here!

🎁Step #1 – Suggest your holiday themes!
Send in the themes you would like to create some WonderBat content for during our event! Once I have the month filled out, I’ll announce it on the blog so everyone knows that we’ve found our thirty-one themes.They will be randomized so that it’s fair for all suggestions.

🎁Step #2 – Claim your theme(s)!
Send in an ask or DM me @maidenoftheworld to let me know which theme(s) you want to create something for! Yes, you can have more than one theme, since I’m sure we will have more than thirty-one people who want to participate. You can sign up until November 30th for as many themes as you’d like!

🎁Step #3 – Create!
Once the day of your theme comes around, use the tag ‘#WonderBatHoliday2018and tag @fyeahwonderbat so I can find your lovely fanart / fanfic / anything you’ve made for your theme and share it with the blog! 

You can start sending in your theme suggests NOW, and I’ll begin making a list for the themes! Cheers! ~ Maiden