How a Sundown in Tir Na Nog sheds a new light …


OK, I’m kind of late for this one but better that then never 😉

The whole 6 Issues Mini-series is a Wonderful Work  courtesy of Liam Sharp and I have to confess that I can’t wait it to be made into a Book.

The following Pictures are extracted from DC’s “The Brave and the
Bold :  Batman and Wonder Woman” Issue 3 with Liam Sharp as
Writer and Artist.


A little romantic setting for the two Heroes alone in an foreign realm, will always leave some sweet memories. Thank you for that Liam Sharp.


In the “DC Rebirth – Trinity” Issue 18, Superman was mounting a Unicorn with a blue mane (hinting to his mostly blue colored Costume) but Batman had the one with a mane matching in color (mostly red) Diana’s Costume/”Religious Habit”(See JL(2016) #35) and Wonder Woman had the one with a White/light Gray mane reminding us of the Dark Knights “Black and White” colorless pattern.

In this Issue of ‘the Brave and the Bold” Liam Sharp seems even more Obvious about the color switch. Diana and Bruce both mount a horse matching the other one’s main color pattern. Diana showing off a lot of fair skin with a mostly red Costume/Habit like Bruce’s horse. The two shades of Dark/Light Gray of Bruce’s Costume matching the colors of Diana’s horse.

If that’s not a hint about how perfectly these two complement each other…

But back to DC Rebirth’s Batman #39-#40 …


This little comment from Diana to Bruce while facing the romantic sundown in Liam Sharp’s story is most interesting.

According to Liam Sharp, this story is supposed to happen shortly after Diana starts dating Steve Trevor in “DC Rebirth – Wonder Woman #25″. So this should have happened prior to “DC Rebirth – Batman #39 and #40″. This means that even if it was Published later it fits in the timeline shortly before Diana and Bruce were trapped in the Realm of Gehenna and that could explain why Diana and Bruce refrained from giving into their mutual desire at that point. Obviously Diana and Bruce knew time could flow with a different speed from one realm to another because they experienced it first hand not so long before in “Tir Na Nog”. Leaving them unsure about how much time will have past once they return home from “Gehenna”, if they ever did. That could explain why Diana said the very cryptic sentence : “No, we can’t … Ever” in “Batman #40″.

In Tir Na Nog, both heroes seemed to “discover” that time can flow differently in another realm, explaining why Diana is shocked about how long its Inhabitants had been really trapped there. But neither one of them seemed to be surprised (the very moment they returned from Gehenna) that Selina hadn’t aged after the 37 years they spend trapped there … They had expected that possibility. They must have anticipated the time flow differences prior to the near kiss. For how long ? I am pretty sure it didn’t take them long to come to that conclusion considering both knew Selina was supposed to make sure the “Gentle man” returns, … maybe days, weeks, but not more … Still that knowledge couldn’t change how their attraction and feelings
for each other evolved within the realm until it came to that boiling point. The Mind can control how you
act and it did in the end, but it doesn’t control what your Heart feels or wants deep down …


(Pictures from DC Rebirth – Batman #40 – Written by Tom King)

Liam Sharps story in “Tir Na Nog” shows us how the passage of time strongly affects our memory, that slowly fades away, … changing the way our heart perceives things, how former Friends (the Fomorians and the Dé Danann) can change into Enemies or helping us to cope with the death of a loved one … but the same way it can change Friends into Lovers … I am starting to doubt Tom King chosed to expose Bruce and Diana to such an incredible level of stress during nearly 40 years peaking with a near kiss after only 10 years just to promote BatCat or WonderTrev and trash WonderBat…

Anything that happened after these 10 first years just proves how strongwilled and compassionate Diana and Bruce can be. How both Heroes are able to sacrifice everything in order to stay true, and respect the feelings of the people they care about and who love them : Selina and Trevor. But the following 27 years just got Diana and Bruce even closer, sharing things neither one of them ever opened up with anyone else: Dropping the mask and showing off their weaknesses to one another (both are well known to never ever give up and yet they do it in front of each other – Batman even used Wondy’s unfaltering combativity to make a Contingency against her). When they are together alone they don’t need to hide or pretend anymore – both allow themselves to let go knowing they can draw upon he other one’s willpower the strength to keep going on … Mocking gently Clark. Diana talking about Jumpa (surely the Kangaroo she uses as a mount in her very first Issue of 1942) or could anyone imagine the fearsome Batman confessing to someone else that he misses his Dog ? … surely not even to Clark … and he isn’t that open with Selina even if he undoubtedly cares a lot for her … just like Diana talking about “my Steve Trevor” rather than just “Steve” reminds of older stories of Wonder Woman were she used his full name to keep up some distance all the while she was in a relationship with him.

I may read too much into this, but then again why did Liam Sharp specifically set this story “shortly after Wonder Woman #25″ and why even use the time flow differences ? Why did Tom King add Diana’s cryptic sentence in “Batman #40″ and why did’nt he write any real surprise other than Diana’s “Where…” and Bruce’s “Home” ?  Why did he write Diana and Bruce in an embrace on the bridge of their arrival before either one of them even talks to Selina ? Why don’t they care about the fact that Selina didn’t age ? … IMO the answer is : They knew ! … and they knew because of “Tir Na Nog”…

I was disappointed with several “mistakes/inconsistencies” in both Issues of Batman (#39 – #40), but with “The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman” set at an earlier timespot those inconsistencies just vanish. Though, once put together both stories shed another light on the journey in Gehenna, as well as on Bruce and Diana’s real closeness afterwards. Especially if you add the “Metal event” (with the stories of “the Merciless” and “the Batman who laughs”) to the mix.

It looks like DC pushed them both once again way beyond “Best Friends” but they won’t allow themselves to act on it.

Are we already back to a pre-flashpoint kind of relationship between Diana and Bruce ?…


(extracted from DC’s “Blackest Night : Wonder Woman” #3 written by Greg Rucka)