The Playboy chickens out from a Date with the …


Kind of amazing the effect Diana has on Bruce… I am sure you all think Batman has some serious rational rules to stay away from a relationship with the Princess of the Amazons … but the truth is the Playboy isn’t afraid to start a relationship with any woman except for Diana Prince.

After the “Obsidian age” kiss, Diana and Bruce decide to have a talk … so comes up a Dinner Date !


(pictures edited from DC’s comic : JLA(1997) Issue #80)

It is kind of funny and cute to see Bruce Wayne, the fearless Batman at Night and confident Playboy Billionaire the Day, totally nervous prior to the arrival of Diana. He repeats himself “.. don’t be wearing perfume .. don’t be wearing perfume ..” as a Mantra fearing he won’t be able to resist her if she does. Then he sees her and understands how much trouble he’s in. You’ve got to love the moment it downs on him : “… of course you don’t need it.  … Oh Boy…”

He runs away from the Dinner as fast as possible as soon as Batman is needed in Gotham … Diana ends up doing some missions awaiting for him, and of course they didn’t talk about it … he agrees he’d chickened out and apologizes … another wonder only Diana can achieve.

So she asks him for another date with no running away, … but don’t think for a second the Princess of the Amazons is any bolder when the subject of the relationship is named Bruce Wayne.

Both seem to drag the talk for quite some time until the Issue #90 of JLA (1997). This time Bruce agrees to the second date but Diana has to try J’onn’s Machine first, just to be sure … What she discovers is how deep she’s is gonna fall for him, she discovers she would do anything for him and that the hardest thing she will ever have to face in her immortal life is loosing him one way or the other.


So when Bruce asks Diana how it was … the Fearless Amazon Princess chickens out just the same and tells him “it was terrible…” and she knows now that she would beg to have just one more day with him for as long as she could get one …