“Ashes of Eden” A Wonderbat inspired story.

All I remember is her. The world was ending. The stench of death. The war was brought to earth and as warriors we fought until our very last breath. I remember raising my hand up to the sun and slowly closing it into a fist. I recall hearing my father’s voice. “Son.” We’ll be reunited soon Father I thought. All around me fire and destruction. My body refusing to stand. This was it. I could feel my breaths shortening. “Bruce.” This time it wasn’t my Father, it was Diana’s voice. I slightly smiled. I must be hallucinating. But in the midst of all this I would be hearing her voice too. Ever so slowly I tilted my head to the right and there she was laying right next me. “You need to get up.” She persisted. I knew she wasn’t real. The real Diana had left hours ago with Clark to another part of the world to stop Darkseid. But close to death she would be the last person I would see. So I did what any man on the verge of hallucinating would do I reached for her transparent hand. “You aren’t the man I thought you were if you don’t get up. Get up Bruce. This isn’t over.” Diana said looking deeply into my eyes. For the longest time I saw my life flash before my eyes. I thought of my parents. I thought of Alfred. I thought of Damian. Dick. Barbara. Everyone in my life. And I suddenly felt like a child afraid all over again. I didn’t want to die like this. My body left in the debris. Diana was right. I tried to stand and the sudden pain scorched through my body. I yelled in agony but forced my body to obey. Surrounded by corpses of demons I knew this wasn’t the end, and that Clark would stop him. So the story didn’t end there. Clark indeed did stop him and the world was saved. We managed to repair most of it after the years that followed. But every time I remember that day. I remember her.

Probably my favourite story written by @midnightsapphiremoon 😍 ~ Maiden