When I watched Injustice: Gods Among Us (videogame) I felt that a romance between Superman and Wonder Woman was going on. I watched the Dark Knight Rises after, and I thought the same about Batman and Catwoman.
But then, I backed to watch the Justice League animated series, and I knew that Wonder Woman is the perfect match for Batman/Bruce Wayne (both). I give the biggest thanks to Susan Eisenberg, Kevin Conroy and Bruce Timm and Paul Dini.

I started to investigate about Wonderbat in any website for see it happening. I’m sad that DC didn’t canon, and they’re focused to make Stuperwonder, Batcat, Batman and Talia, WOndertrev and any bad DC relationship about them. But Wonderbat is my favorite, and always will be. I literally feel rage when I see Batman and Wonder Woman dating another persons.

The principal reason why I ship Wonderbat is ‘cause I see a diamond on that relationship. Batman acting very good with Diana, but not like a sommeted man. Batman is equal to Diana for their warriors habilities, also he teachs her how be better in the life -less impulsive and predictable- Think more. And Diana teachs Bruce how be a better man with her lightfully personality and be a little bit less logical or unsensible, and she doesn’t manipulate him, just teachs him the right things or a better way. Furthermore, Bruce and Diana look like a royalty couple, the millionarie and the Princess.

Well. I give the thanks to Scott and Zack Snyder for resucitate my relationship in the comics and in the DCEU. I have to say that I only watched the Justice League movie just for see if we’re gonna see Wonderbat in the close futures. I like the Batffleck and Gal Gadot chemistry.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, It sounds obviously, but Wonderbat looks like the perfect cure or perfect match for both.
I think they would surpass to Stuperman and Lois Lane because they look the most passionated and interesated couple. They look that their love would never be broken or betrayed like in the case of Stuperwonder, Wondertrev or the other Batmans couples.
The last reason, Wonderbat is something interesting. The Batman’s darkness and Wonder Woman’s light, is a balance. Something that can’t be broken, and just can be better every day. They’re the perfect balance in hearts and mind’s level. And I give thanks to the Wonderbatcrew and the fanfiction writters like Lotslover and SaultNPeppah for show me the real way that the Wonderbat romance can last forever.