In the Middle of A Broken Constellation – Pt. …


Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: 14A / T
Universe: N/A – Reader’s Choice
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The cool glow of the computer screens gave the young man before them a haunted glow. Not a single light was on in the BatCave – no machine aside from the teleporter standing by – and it gave them the impression that the surrounding darkness would be ready to swallow if they so dared to let that glow disappear. Standing with his back to the light he provided, Jason’s body language implied that he had calmed down some since that first toss of a batarang at their heads.

The lessened tension visibly calmed Kal and he left Diana’s side to approach their wily greeter. “You wouldn’t recognize us like this, but perhaps you’d know us better as Superman and Wonder Woman.”

His introductions were peculiar to her, but ‘Wonder Woman’ said nothing of it. Still in their civilian clothes when they traveled to Gotham, it would have made sense to call them Diana and Kal. But Bruce had a rule that he expected to be followed by any and all superheroes who were in his fold: superhero names were used at any meeting or on any mission, birth names when dressed down and in public.

Given that the situation placed them in the middle of his criteria, Superman chose to straddle himself between the two criteria, she could only imagine.

However, Jason’s pointed finger would disprove the viability of his choice. “I remember hearing about the adventures of Superman while I was away, but I can’t say I know of a Wonder Woman. Though, you are really wonderful, I can tell.” A wink was sent her way and she wished she could have repelled it with her bracelets too.

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