Hey Maiden, I'm Supermaster51, a total Wo…

Hey Maiden, I'm Supermaster51, a total Wonderbat fan, and I want to know the next one: Do you think that all that is happening (toys, mcdonalds, DCEU, DCAU, comics, rebirth) is a signal or is just a joke that we're gonna see Wonderbat canon in the future? Saddenly, we lose at Twitter in a fight up against Batcat. What do you think? We'll see Wonderbat canon or no?

Hi Supermaster51! Thanks for the questions!

To start, I don’t think any marketing campaign of toys is a sign for WonderBat. They’re just fun little treats, especially if you’re talking about the McD’s one for the Justice League of America cartoon. If it happens, it’s just something to enjoy in the moment, you know?

With twitter polls, I don’t really count those as a clear indicator of anything either. People can have multiple accounts to fudge the votes, and I doubt every fan of every pairing votes in every poll. Again, they’re more so for fun and if you win them, that’s great! If not, there’s plenty of WonderBat content to soak up online to enjoy while we wait to be canon. 

I don’t think canon WonderBat is a joke by any means! I don’t know who is going to give us that – DC’s Black Label, the DCEU, etc. – but we’ve had glimpses of it in the past and it’s impossible for me to believe that we will never have it again. I can’t pinpoint when, but I know it will happen someday. And I love everything that makes WonderBat… WonderBat! ~ Maiden