In Another Life


Pairing: WonderBat (Wonder Woman x Batman)
Rating: 14A / T
Universe: N/A – Reader Decides

Summary: A strange sludge infiltrates Gotham and is turning people into monsters. When it sneaks into other towns in the States, Bruce denies the League access to his city and tries to solve the problem alone. Diana and Clark are prepared to step in, but what they discover could be worse for Bruce than monsters in his city – like the monsters in his mind. 


The Batman stomped into his cave, the unmistakable, signature fury heard in the heels of his boots resounded dramatically in his hollow hideaway. The teleporter slowly powered down behind him but he was swift in his steps as he walked towards his supercomputer, his gloved fingers itching to slam down upon the keyboard. “Oracle,” he barked at the illuminated screens before him, with only a few background searches running just as he had left them. For the most advanced computer hardware system in the entire world, it did nothing to quell his fury to see that the likes of Harley Quinn, Talia al Ghul or even Jason and not been located by the time he returned from that ridiculous Founders meeting had had been forced to endure.

His jaw tensed before Bruce shouted at the embedded microphone somewhere inside his computer system. “Oracle!”

“It is possible,” came the snide tone of his supposedly faithful butler from the stairwell engraved into the Batcave’s wall. “That she might be busy handling her own affairs. Oracle is rather dutiful when it comes to servicing your manic behaviour, but that doesn’t mean you can expect her to–”

Alfred’s chiding was frying the last nerve he had. Those fingers that were once eager to flatten every letter into his keyboard were now forming fists at his sides. “Expecting her to finish identifying the chemical compound I gave her last night is not ‘manic’. The people suffering in Gotham General because of that sludge would appreciate my mania.”

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