Which one do you love more? WonderBat from DCA…

Which one do you love more? WonderBat from DCAU or DCEU (or Worlds of DC now)?

This is suuuch a good question, anon! Pulling my heart apart over picking a favourite!? Some journalist-like skills here!

For the DCAU, I have to give credit where credit is due. I used to hate the JLU but I watched it anyway as a kid and the Wonder Woman in the show stayed with me as I grew older. She is the version of Diana I hold in my heart and idolize, to be honest. Plus, Kevin and Susan have such amazing chemistry with their voices it’s like a dreamy 1950’s love story when they exchange their teasing, subtly romantic words.

The DCEU brings this chemistry to life on the big screen though. It embodies everything I loved about the DCAU and proves that their bond can sizzle in every rendition. What Ben and Gal do for WonderBat cannot be found just anywhere, and you can’t simply fabricate the way their performances capture our hearts.

Picking one over the other is so hard to do… but if you’re twisting my arm, anon, I’ll have to say… the DCEU.

I think part of that is because I feel very invested in supporting it, hoping it’ll thrive, and wishing all the best for the actors as they take on these iconic roles. Plus, that scene where they discuss the sword that cut the Gordian Knot!? It felt like all of the tension from the DCAU shown in one glorious scene.

But please tell me which universe you all prefer! I’d love to see what the consensus is, to give me an idea what to post more of too! ~ Maiden