Have u heard about the b*tc*t wedding spoilers…

Have u heard about the b*tc*t wedding spoilers???

I’ve gotten a few asks about what happened last Wednesday, but I chose to answer this one because I appreciate you using the censored version of the ship, anon.

As a WonderBat blog admin, I know it won’t mean much, but I am so sorry that Tom King did this to Bruce and S*l*na. Yes, he admitted on Twitter he’s only written 50/100 of the issues he’s been given by DC so there’s still options. But to a reader, that doesn’t mean anything, does it?

To think that taking away the wedding that he promised them for months was a good idea, is shocking to me.

And the way it was written off? The worst part was the reason it didn’t happen! The concept that Bruce needs misery is so…

For me to think that it’s a completely disrespectful and rudimentary interpretation of him, I can’t understand how fans are supposed to swallow that his love interest of 75 years would believe that.

But King said this is 100 issues dedicated to their love, so the wedding will still happen. Make no mistake about that. This run has no chance of being WonderBat, so I hope there’s no misunderstanding there, as I’ve seen with some fans online.

I’m exhausted from hearing about the different twists and turns King uses to sell issues, so I can only imagine how it feels to follow along with this run.

I’m not saying the wedding couldn’t have been delayed, I’m saying the way it happened was juvenile and I’m sorry to the B*tC*t fans that felt betrayed by it. ~ Maiden