Wonderbat Milestones: Day 5 – Children


Title: My New Everything

Word Count: 1,370

Author’s Note: I never posted yesterday’s Marriage theme because I’m struggling to end it so I’ll probably post it tomorrow. It’s fine: I have a personal headcanon that Diana gets pregnant and that’s what motivates the marriage so chronologically this story takes place first anyway. With that said this is more of a Diana-Alfred bonding piece than Wonderbat fluff but I’m really proud of it. Enjoy 🙂


Diana was pregnant. Pregnant as in she would be a mother soon. Pregnant as in there was a baby growing in her right now. She, made of clay and zapped to life by the king of gods, had laid with a man and had created life with one. Life that she would have to nurture, who may or may not receive her powers, who may or may not be a boy. She, Diana, Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, was pregnant.

And she, for the first time in her life, was terrified.

Perhaps her fears were irrational, she tried to tell herself. But as Diana gazed at the sleeping face of her lover, the icy tentacles of terror threatened to strangle her. She leapt out of bed, barely making sure Bruce was still asleep before she swept out of the room.

Everything seemed to make her skin tingle as she rushed through the enormous manor. The shadows took the shape of suffering and abandoned children, failed by their mothers. The sounds of sleeping children — Bruce’s sleeping children — were like screams of failure in her ears. With every step, her silk negligee brushed against her stomach and it nearly made her want to throw up. She could already feel her stomach stretching and growing until she couldn’t fight, couldn’t defend, couldn’t help, was completely useless and helpless…

Somehow, Diana found herself in the back garden. She fell to her knees by a bed of roses, understanding true panic for the first time. Diana was a warrior. When the world fell apart, that was the one thing she always knew. Since her hand could make a fist, she held a sword and now motherhood was going to rob her of that.

“No,” Diana whispered, fists shaking as she clenched them. “Your mother is a warrior and her mother was too. Motherhood is just another battle to be won… “ Her voice was laced with uncertainty as she spoke. She hated the feeling of doubt but she didn’t know any other Amazonian that’s been in her shoes before. She had been the only child on Themyscira until Donna was created for her and neither of them had been made the “natural” way. She had never wondered how their all-female population reproduced, had assumed that all of them was sculpted from clay like she was. Hell, she didn’t even think it was possible for them to reproduce like this. She’d never met her mom’s mom; all her information came from stories. Now that Diana thought about it, her mom was the only mom on Themyscira and she couldn’t give advice about being pregnant.

Diana was truly alone in this.

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