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For the fifth and final day of the #wonderbatmilestones event I am continuing with a series of posts in conjunction with @fyeahwonderbat for each milestone! Here is day five: children which will correlate to maiden’s story!!! 😍❤️👍🏽 The theme of the posts in general will be Bruce and Diana going to Disney World. 🐭 We have had such fun creating these i hoe you all have enjoyed them! Unfortunately this is the last day but wish this could go on forever!!! 💜💕💙-thebatfaminsta

There was a famous saying about the downfalls of making assumptions, and Bruce was reminded of it when he foolishly hoped Diana’s singsong laugh was indicative of something uplifting. “What?” He asked blindly while keeping his eyes on the open road ahead.

Her laptop was packed on their ride back so that they could bask in their last few hours alone together, before reentering the reality of their lives after their magical time at Disney World. The inside of his Mercedes seemed like a protective bubble that tried to protect them from the outside world, until Diana read something of her phone as if she was quoting something.

“The face I made when Mom and Dad went to Disney without me.”

Such a peculiar line, Bruce took the chance to glance over at his passenger, only to see her face scrunched in an angry pout. If his eyebrow could have arched higher on his forehead, it would. “What? Who said that?”

“I think it’d surprise you if you knew, but that’s not the only outrage I’m seeing.”

“Seeing where!?”

“On Instagram.”

Of course it was on Instagram. After all of their posts over the last twenty four hours, and considering who followed them on social media, there were quite a few people who would give them flack for running off to the most magical place on earth without them. So many in fact, he couldn’t confidently put his money on a single person. Any of his so called ‘children’ would try to make him feel guilty about the private vacation that didn’t include offering each of them an invitation.

As if everything else he offered them was obsolete compared to a trip to Orlando.

When the world renowned Wonder Woman let out a snort and nearly fell over her knees, Bruce found himself asking a second time. “What? What are they saying!?”

Now that they were together, he felt much more comfortable showing her his exasperation.

“They’re calling us out!” There was false indignation in her announcement, but her amusement over the exchange she was reading on her phone was much too earnest for him to believe she was anything other than entertained. Unable to read whatever comments his wards had written online, the Batman cleverly took hold of one of his girlfriend’s hands in order to anchor her to the moment in the car.

“Read them to me.” On this trip, he had learned about the frequency with which he asserted his questions. He’d keep an eye on himself moving forward because he’d hate for Diana to develop the habit too.

“Okay,” She agreed so easily, it was clearly what she had been planning to do all along. Even though she no longer had her wooly blanket, she snuggled into her seat until she was perfectly situated to relay the messages to him, his hand clasped by one of hers the entire time. “Ready?”

Why did they feel the need to ask each other that lately? “Ready.”

Then, she began to impersonate the adult-children she was rading for. “As if I didn’t have abandonment issues.” She pretended to be mopey rather to imitated anyone specifically, but the words gave it away.



There was no mistaking that double-edged humour. “Respond on my phone.”

“What?” Was her graceless answer. From the corner of his eye, he watched her do a double take to see if he was serious about allowing her access to his iPhone. Bruce pushed set the Mercedes into auto-pilot on the highway for a few seconds so that he could use his steering wheel hand – not his hand-holding hand – to remove the device from his pocket. He handed it to her after his thumbprint unlocked the screen and he tapped onto Instagram.

Then, he instructed her with a grin as cruel as he imagined Jason’s was when he wrote his comment. “Make sure you tag him so he sees it right away.”

Diana didn’t say no, she merely asked, “What do you want to say?” They were behaving like teenagers – or at the very least, how he assumed teenagers must behave in such a modern age – but it felt so natural for the two of them. For the man who had been expelled from Gotham Academy in his youth, and the woman who ran away from home in order to fight for her own morals, it didn’t seem out of place for them to be so invested in such a digital exchange though.

Bruce straightened his spine and said, “Let’s not forget, Jason, who got banned from Universal Studios? Don’t want a repeat of that incident.”

“With a sad face.” Diana added aloud.

Bruce shook his head immediately. “No.”

She would not argue with him. “You sound so mean. Emojis lighten a conversation.”

“He called us out!”
“No, that was Dick.” She explained long after reading those words to him.

Irritated at the thought of using emojis, Bruce indicated that he was entering the fast lane on the highway and floored it. “They’re all calling us out.”

She put his phone in the cupholder between them after presumably hitting send, and Bruce knew she had not listened to him in the slightest. When she snatched her phone in the same motion, however, he grew curious as to what her next plan of action was. “You’re not commenting too, are you?”

This time, when she read aloud to him, it was clear she was telling him what her own comment would sound like, given the natural tone to her voice when she spoke. “We will bring you all next time I promise! As long as Jason promises to behave,” Then he felt her stare collide with the side of his face. “How’s that?”

All Bruce could do was scoff at her promise. “I suppose if Diana Prince can afford to rent that Cinderella suite on her own, she can pay for ten more people to go with her to Disney World.” He had thought that his humour was rather clever and was rather proud of himself.

Diana’s nails digging into the back of his hand told him otherwise.

She lifted the pair to her lips and rested them against the tops of his fingers, softly, silently. It was rather nerve-wracking as he tried to determine if it was a kind gesture or one of foreboding while the seconds ticked by. When he felt her mouth move against his skin, he was grateful the shiver it caused when down his back and not his bare arm before her. “If Diana Prince can afford the patience it takes to be Bruce Wayne’s lover, there’s nothing she can’t do.”

Damn, he couldn’t argue with that.

Ever so gently, Bruce tugged her their joined hands towards his own lips so that he could kiss her knuckles as a show of concession.

“But the Cinderella suite is for Bruce Wayne to purchase.” The traditionalist view that it was his responsibility to rent them the decadent room was rather amusing, but he reigned in his laughter so that he could continue showering her with affection.

Between kisses, he proudly answered her demand with a muffled yet earnest response. “Of course, princess.”

((And that’s a wrap! Thank you for following along with @thebatfaminsta and I as we told the story of a WonderBat trip to Disney! Her pictures take the story beyond where I wrote because her commentary is in a league of its own!

I’ve gotten this prompt a few times and never knew how to write how they would function in an amusement park – waiting for rides, deciding what to do next, who their favourites would be – but I think we handled it rather well. I hope you enjoyed the ride of our WonderBatMilestones tale, and be sure to look out for a possible epilogue where Bruce and Diana take their own kids. Thanks again for reading! ~ Maiden))