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For day four of the #wonderbatmilestones event I am continuing with a series of posts in conjunction with @fyeahwonderbat for each milestone! Here is day four: marriage which will correlate to maiden’s story!!! 😍❤️👍🏽 The theme of the posts in general will be Bruce and Diana going to Disney World. 🐭 -thebatfaminsta

If someone had told him that Diana would have snuck not one, but two kisses while they vacationed in Disney, Bruce would have glared at them until they were silent.

Or, cancelled the trip entirely.

His life was disastrous, his love life tumultuous, and Diana truly was a princess more magical than any that Disney could design – to tether her to his chaos and expect her to endure his darkness on top of the terrors she faced as a hero too. It didn’t seem so crazy to think she’d find a warm-hearted blue collar man and share his lifetime with him, cherishing every moment.

Never would he have assumed that Wonder Woman would want to bide her time through however many years he had left, by his side.

A sensation similar to needles pricking his palm caught him before he could stumble into his dark thoughts and tugged him back into reality by Diana’s hand. She laced her fingers between his and smiled gently, hope shining in her eyes as if she was checking to see he hadn’t retreated into himself due to fear. His need to reassure her was a gut reaction, his grin tamed but wide.

It felt as if the energy passing between them was as consuming as one of Poison Ivy’s noxious gases, the dizzying response just the same.

“Hmmm.” She hummed as her brown eyes gaze pierced his own. It made him feel like she was appraising him, almost like she was about to tell him some fact about himself the way he had tried to teach the woman who worked as an Antique Dealer about the Sword of Alexander the first time they spoke.

If he wasn’t so enamoured, he might have become uncomfortable once again. There was something about her attention being so focused on him though that warmed Bruce from deep within. “What? Something on my mouth?”

He tried his hand at flirting with Wonder Woman, and her laughter was, as cheesy as it was to think, a heavenly reply. “No, my lip balm isn’t coloured…today.”

“Oh.” He arched a brow at how she chose to word her response.

Diana knew what she was getting at, and she made use of her empty hand to drag her thumb over his bottom lip as if she had stained it. “I can’t promise that I won’t be wearing some darker on my lips the next time we…”

“We…?” Bruce was baiting her intentionally, expectantly. It was amazing how the back and forth between them had become so tantalizing that it felt as if they had entered their own plane of existence – their own universe that existed at the same time, on this bridge in Disney World – where nothing else could occupy him.

Was this what the opposite of all consuming misery felt like?

Diana squared her shoulders before she finished her sentence. With every telltale sign of deviousness working as her main motivation, she sang the rest of her words. “Share a kiss.”

How his heart thundered to hear her promise such a thing. The mere concept of kissing her once again nearly made Bruce’s throat constrict, the emotion choking him before he could accidentally put his foot in his mouth, as he was infamous for doing.

He knew what it meant to be frozen in a moment.

If he could carry the last few seconds with him forever…

With a genuine heart, he leaned into her body so that he could feel hers beat against his. Channeling his dramatic persona of the Gothamite playboy, Bruce felt much more relaxed than ever before as he teased her. “So scandalous, princess. Leaving your mark on me. What about the children?”

“Who, yours? Because I think they’d give us a room if they saw my lips on you.” She didn’t give his comments the chance to breathe in their conversation before teasing him in her own way.

The worst part was, he couldn’t debunk her theory.

In fact, he developed her hypothesis further. “They’d probably find us the perfect wedding venue within the hour.”

“They’re so talented.” Her tone could have been interpreted as mocking, but it wouldn’t have been directed at his ex-Robins and Batgirls. No, it was a taunt directed at him and how much time must have passed for everyone else in their lives to be better prepared for the two of them coming together, than he was himself.

For some reason, it made him feel boyish. More cavalier than he should have been. For a man who was complaining about being too comfortable with his travel buddy just moments ago, the best detective in the world allowed emotions to sway his thinking as he took advantage of their clasped hands and began to lead her away.

The startled, excited giggle Diana released compelled him to only move faster.

They didn’t head onto Main Street USA, as he had suggested when they left Splash Mountain. Instead, he turned left after getting off of the bridge and looked around frantically for an employee of the park. Luckily, he spied a female employee with not only the clothes, but the cheery expression one would expect from a Disney employee, waving at guests and providing them with a kind reminder. “Remember to join us for our fireworks display! We’ll be lighting up the sky very soon.”

“Excuse me,” Bruce beckoned to her and read the name on her name tag in the blink of an eye. “Isabella?”

The young woman’s face was much less robotic when he said her name, as he imagined it would be; as a CEO, he always tried to memorize the names of people he came in contact with in his buildings, recognizing them as individuals for their hard work being a personal goal of his as the head of Wayne Enterprises.

Isabella tiptoed towards them and immediately gave the impression that she was in love with the idea of love as she placed her hands over her heart. “Hello there. Is there anything I can help you two with?” Her energy was animated, but she kept her words refined.

Bruce embraced Diana by draping his arm over her shoulder, all while their hands continued to hold one another. He needed to sell his lie if he was going to accomplish his goal, and a quick kiss on the side of her head before divulging his plan seemed appropriate in the moment. “Yes, I was wondering if you could help me with something. My girlfriend and I just got engaged-”

Isabella gasped with uncontainable joy, but she kept herself calm while waiting for him to finish.

“-and I’m hoping we can plan to have our wedding here, once we pick a date.”

“Oh, congratulations!” Isabella exclaimed when she saw him pause in his words. However, he nearly paused much longer than necessary when he felt Diana drop her head onto his shoulder. A sneaky arm wrapped around his back and pulled him into her body, just so she could drape herself over him so subtly, only she could possibly know how breathless her affection made him feel.

The fact that she was willing to play along so effortlessly made him think for a moment that their charade could perhaps be entirely real.

“Thank you,” he tried to focus on the young woman praising their faux engagement. “I can’t believe she said yes, especially since it was so sudden, I didn’t have a ring on me. I’m a lucky guy if she agreed to marry me anyway.”

Diana nodded into the crook of his neck as she laughed at his attempt to garner Isabella’s pity. Still, it seemed to work as he intended when solution after solution began to fly their way. “Well, we can definitely find you a pair of rings here at the park, if you’d like! I can also connect you with one of our wedding planners today, if that’s something you’d be interested in?”

Bruce couldn’t help but smirk at how easily his plan was working out. “That’d be perfect, thank you. But while I have you here, I was wondering if you could help us out with something, right now?”

“I’ll do my very best.” Isabella promised as she exchanged an excited look with Diana, whom he imagined was mirroring those wild eyes and grin.

Feigning ignorance in that very moment, he dared to ask, “I heard that there is a Cinderella suite somewhere in the castle here. Can we see it? I think it’d be the perfect place to spend our honeymoon, after getting married in the park.”

The drastic shift in Isabella’s expression was so sudden, it look as if it nearly threw her off her kilter. “Oh, I’m so sorry, but that suite is so secret, it’s really only used by visiting princesses when they come to the Magic Kingdom.”

And Walt Disney’s descendants.

And Disney stars.

And high paying guests.

Luckily, Bruce was always prepared to drop his name in any given situation. The less fortunate of his two hands that had no Diana to hold onto reached into his back pocket and removed his personal business card. He offered it to the helpful girl with a grateful grin. “If you could perhaps ask your boss if we could see it? I’m sure we could work something out.”

Isabella couldn’t hide her hesitation well as he picked up on the tension in her shoulders when she reached for his card, but still she tried to balance courtesy with loyalty. Once she read his name, however, she gasped just as enthusiastically as she had when he told her he proposed. “Mr. Wayne!?”

“You’ve heard of me.” He stated what should have been a question.

Those perfect curls in her ebony hair bounced around her face as she nodded profusely. “I’m currently interning at La Guardia.”

Now it was Bruce’s turn to be excited by something she had shared. For Diana’s sake, he clarified with awe. “That’s one of our most prestigious graphic design partners. I think they even designed that business card you’re holding.”

Then, Isabella saw an opportunity and she took it. “I guess us talking today means it’s a small world after all.”

“Let’s see if it’s even smaller – are any of the managers familiar with Wayne Enterprises?”

“I’ll be sure to find out.” Was all she had to say before Isabella nodded to them, like it was a secret code of some kind, and turned to find a manager she could speak to.

But she didn’t leave before Bruce had the chance to say, “Isabella, make sure you’re the one that holds onto that business card all right?”

“Wow,” Diana’s purring rumbled against his throat as she raised her head to look up at him, and it distracted him from seeing how the helpful young woman responded to his gesture.

“Hm?” It was her turn to respond with only a sound.

Gazing down into her eyes, it felt like she spoke in slow motion. “Using your position as CEO Bruce Wayne to get us into a secret room and to help someone with their future? What an aphrodisiac.”

In any other time in place in their relationship, he would have immediately understood her to be joking at his expense. Never one to bring Diana into his life as a filthy rich socialite in Gotham City, she had surely never seen what he was like amongst civilians, without a mission or villain terrorizing him into action.

Knowing Diana saw his altruistic tendencies as attractive was a yet another positive re-enforcer that he was doing the right thing.

Their closeness caused an itch to run rampant all over his skin but Bruce fought to ignore it. The physical contact between them made him feel nervousness coupled with an excitement he decided to embrace just as warmly as he was holding her in his arms; the heat of her body in his hold could ward away the cold chills of uncertainty, if he squeezed her close enough, he believed.

When Isabella returned, the sun had nearly vanished behind the attractions at the park. But as she promised, she fetched a manager that appeared to be as old as some might imagine Walt Disney to be. They shook hands and exchanged a few pleasantries before the four of them began to walk towards Cinderella’s castle.

Inside the tunnel at the base of the structure, there was a wooden door that somehow looked inconspicuous while surrounded by concrete. The manager knocked on the door six times and instantly, they were all welcomed inside. What Bruce assumed would be nothing more than a simple entryway turned out to be an entirely decorated concierge room. Aesthetically suitable for the movie Cinderella, it was perfect except for the fact that there wasn’t actually a concierge in attendance; a second manager smiled at them and stepped aside to let them in.

It was second nature to greet everyone with a perfect amount of strength in a handshake or an appropriately sized grin, but it didn’t mean he was any less impatient than Diana most likely was.

Against his better judgement – charged by the possibility of spoiling his princess with the Cinderella suite – Bruce rushed through the small conversations with the employees as they entered the elevator, as they rode it to the suite, and until the doors opened to reveal the entryway.

The sight of Disney’s exclusive abode wasn’t what he was most interested in seeing though.

His eyes flew to his right in order to see Diana take in view before her.

“We’ll be down shortly,” Bruce turned to the managers that accompanied them into the castle. “Can we see the room by ourselves? You can even take my fiancée’s purse, if it’ll make you feel better.” The fact that he teased them about worrying over missing trinkets made the two managers chuckle nervously, but Isabella was quietly amused by the jest. For fear of offending him, the three staff members remained in the elevator with painted on grins while the doors closed behind him as he joined Diana in the lobby.

Once they were alone, he asked her in an almost cocky way. “Well?”

“Well!?” She repeated him with impassioned disbelief at his own indifference. She motioned to the golden carriage tile work in the floor with both hands, letting him go to showcase one of the reasons the Cinderella suit was worth the effort he had put forth to reach it. “This is stunning craftsmanship.”

“I didn’t say it wasn’t. I just didn’t expect to be spending this much time in the entryway.” He admitted calmly, for fear that the artistic side of her would forever shun him if he didn’t agree with her.

While eyeing the glass slipper in the case to their right, without addressing him in the slightest, Diana led the way into the main bedroom of the suite. It was then that Bruce began to appreciate the private room, when he noticed the saw the way the lamps and fake fireplace lit up every detail of the space at night. The sparkles in the floor caught every instance of light and provided a rather magical appearance, somehow giving a grown man such as himself the impression of a fantasy story come to life.

Until he heard the all too familiar sound of a digital camera’s shutter, then the illusion was disrupted slightly.

As Diana lowered her phone, she made sure to defend herself for her tourist-like behaviour. “I don’t think anyone will believe that Bruce Wayne brought me here if I don’t show them pictures.”

The seclusion of the room meant that her words would weight more heavily in the space. He tilted his head and posed a question to her. “Can Bruce Wayne bring Diana Prince here?”

Her hands fell to her sides and he got the distinct impression that he might have damaged the beauty of the moment by bringing realism into their conversation. Enunciating every syllable, she set the record straight. “If you mean financially, I’m sure Diana Prince could manage it.”

A challenge as silly as affording a suite on a hypothetical honeymoon was a challenge none the less. Deep breath in, deep breath out, and Bruce was reaching for her once again. “I’ve always assumed that you see my cautious planning as bothersome.”

She wouldn’t deny it, not the woman who owned the Lasso of Truth. “Because I want you to plan things with me from moment to moment, rather than prophesize our destruction before we even begin.”

Outside of their budding romance, he would never have thought that to be an issue. However, having worked with her as part of team and witnessed the benefit of what partnerships with the right people could do for him, Bruce had to admit that she posed a fair point. And with those tempting lips of hers ever so close once again, it was easy enough to simply agree in the hopes that he could see what a true love’s kiss was like in a Disney princess’ suite.

Realistically, the best he could do was offer a truce. “I’ll try.”

“You’ll try?”

“I will.” His promise sounded irritated after her lack of faith, but he meant every word.

As if to celebrate their agreement to date after lying about their engagement, fireworks crackled outside, sparkling brilliantly through the stain glass windows along the wall. The romance in their moment evaporated when Diana realized what that sound meant. “The show is starting!” She announced to him despite the obvious.

She tore herself away from him in the blink of an eye because a lit up sky was more engaging than the secret room he had snuck her into.

“I take it that’s a yes? That you want to come back her for our honeymoon, fiancée?” Bruce shouted after her.

The sound of her repeatedly tapping the button to summon the elevator click-clacked underneath her answer. “I’d come back here with you next weekend, if we could!”

He had absolutely no clue as to what was so thrilling about fireworks. He could not fathom why she would abandon the suite in favour of something she could most likely watch her laptop during the car ride home. But a terrifying thought crossed his mind as he joined her in the lobby, the sound of an orchestra of music ramping up outside adding a dramatic note to the moment.

‘Good God, I’m already wrapped around her finger. How much time do I have before she realizes that?’


((Is a fake engagement suitable for the Marriage theme? @thebatfaminsta ta had a lovely shot of Cinderella’s room, so the idea just came to me! It’s been fun writing for a less stressful WonderBat dynamic today, and sort of highlighting how Bruce would first react to something so intense, so real, you know? Hopefully, tomorrow’s final chapter will be the cherry on top of this story…sundae…for you. Not sure where I was going with that analogy, but as long as you enjoy what I write story-wise, that’s all that matters. ~ Maiden))