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For day three of the #wonderbatmilestones event I am continuing with a series of posts in conjunction with @fyeahwonderbat for each milestone! Here is day three: lovers which will correlate to maiden’s story!!! 😍❤️👍🏽 The theme of the posts in general will be Bruce and Diana going to Disney World. 🐭 -thebatfaminsta

It didn’t occur to Diana until late afternoon that they never left the Magic Kingdom, as they had previously agreed to do so. The park they had started their day in offered them so much to do, more than she could have ever guessed, and with Bruce acting as her unofficial navigator from the moment they left Gotham City to the lineup for Splash Mountain, it felt much more relaxing to allow him to lead the way.

She felt absolutely giddy to be on this Disney adventure with him.

As Diana leaned against the bars, eagerly awaiting the log ride to pull up next to them, she smiled as she decided to voice her realization aloud. “I suppose we won’t be making it to Epcot today.”

The prediction seemed to catch Bruce off guard, dragging him away from some sort of deep thought that had ensnared him until her voice reached his ears. He straightened his posture as he blinked at her while the gears turned in his head. Without the cowl to obstruct the view, it was interesting to witness the speed at which is mind worked. “We could head over there right after this ride.”

“But aren’t there supposed to be fireworks here tonight?”

“They do them in three parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios.” He informed her as if he worked in the parks.

Only, with much less glee in his voice and his expression.

Just as she was about to consider his words, the gate next to her hip swung open and it was finally their turn to ride Splash Mountain. As he did on every other ride that allowed them a seat to share, Bruce entered first so that he could help her into the plastic log. It may have seemed silly for Wonder Woman of all people to feel so swept up in the magic that Disney offered, but it was a such a tender courtesy that it made her feel somewhat like royalty in her own way. Perhaps it was because of the setting that her heart felt so carefree, so easily stirred by the sweet gestures her partner in crime bestowed upon her.

The young lady working the ride came around to check the security of their buckles when she remembered that they had been in the middle of a conversation. Sitting below the level of the surrounding crowd, she no longer needed to shout to answer him. “I think we’ve been bewitched by the magic here.”

Bruce rattled the safety bar for their as he grinned at her wording. “I would say so,” he agreed with her immediately, in the very moment that their log-shaped car shot forward a few inches on the track and began to carry them away. “You, in particular.”

“What?” Diana’s momentary excitement was stalled as she looked towards him with great skepticism. “You were the one who wanted to see if we could go again on Dumbo’s ride.”

It wasn’t her intention to make him feel embarrassed, but it was surely entertaining to watch a rosy hue pool in his cheeks. Sadly, the sight of his bashfulness was short, as they entered a small cave that cloaked him momentarily. Bruce found the strength to answer her when he was hidden beneath the darkness, of course. “I never said I wasn’t enjoying myself, too. I am merely saying that you’re really making the most out of your first trip here.”

To hear Bruce Wayne admit that he was having fun at Disney World was all Diana never knew she needed. Their car had stalled at the base of hill and she summoned strength she was unaware she had to pat his thigh and say, “With a tour guide like you, how could I not?”

Oh, she felt him cease up. There was no mistaking the way the muscle of his thigh clenched the moment she made contact. However, it really did not bother her. She knew who she was touching, who she was praising and there was no surprise in his natural reaction to her kindness. Diana didn’t want his aversion to affection to keep her from expressing herself, though.

As the log began to head towards the top of the hill, butterflies flooded her stomach. She felt the need to stay something crazy, and she leaned in to whisper it to him. “Is it strange for me to feel nervous on a ride like this?”

In a grainy tone, Bruce replied cautiously. “I thought you were just fulfilling the role of the nervous tourist.”

“Oh, so it’s believable.” She answered sarcastically. She felt his gaze studying her to determine which of her two statements were true.

That is, until they headed toward the small shack resting over the manmade river and saw a rather large drop off to the right. It was then that Diana recalled something that Bruce’s wards had told her. “Is this the ride where people take those funny pictures?”

“Funny pictures?” Bruce repeated her with more confusion that intrigue in his voice.

Diana reflexively reached for her phone, until she remembered placing it in her clutch, which she had left in the baggage area before boarding the ride. Though their car had slowed once again in the line-up, she hummed and hawed over how best to explain what she meant without wasting a second. “The ones where people pose with different items or in a silly group shot. Then they get a print out of their picture and share it online.”

Right away, he turned his head and moved to interrogate her. “Who told you that?”

Figuring the answer was obvious, Diana willingly supplied him with the truth. “Dick, Barbara and Jason.”

“Of course they did.”

“They even told me to bring props.” She whined, disappointed in herself.

Panicked in the seat next to her, it felt like Bruce was ready to leap out of the moving car. “You didn’t.”

She shook her head sadly, more focused on her devastation than his petrification. “No.”

It only seemed appropriate that they rode another hill upwards, considering the roller coaster of emotions that Bruce just felt.

Perhaps it wasn’t this ride in particular, as the pace was much slower than she had imagined when looking over the hilarious photos with Nightwing, Oracle and Red Hood. It was also much more scenic, which, for some reason, made it less likely that the tension that her ‘tour guide’ was radiating would dissipate anytime soon. Was the thought of a picture with her in their civilian identities so troublesome for him? Wasn’t he the one photographed with many Gothamite heiresses and actresses and artists on his arm every other night?

Hera forbid she put Mickey Mouse ears on him and ask him to smile at a camera.

Sighing, Diana decided it was best to let her irritation go. Their entire trip had been wonderful so far; the expenses were covered by his connections at Wayne Enterprises; the ride down was long but rather relaxing; their hotel had a rather gorgeous view that had only encouraged her to run into the park; they had wandered around without a care in the world as they rode on many rides, met many characters, and even bought a few souvenirs.

His unsocial behavior would not get the best of her today.

Her reward for moving onward was the first drop on Splash Mountain.

“Ah!” She screamed along with the other people in their car as they fell forward down the hill. The sharp descent after such a peaceful ride made her giggle, both at the feeling and her natural reaction.

And by the looks of the track ahead, as he moved into yet another dark cavern, the ride wasn’t over just yet.

A cheery sounding tune echoed in the cave ahead, and Diana was confused as to what could be inside. “Does Splash Mountain have a movie?” she wondered aloud, feeling her Disney preparation being tested as she listened to the words coming from the sets on either side of them. “What song is this?”

In order to answer her over the resonating melody, Bruce leaned as far over as he could in order to whisper-yell to her and explain. “I have no idea who these guys are.”

She stayed close to his side as she looked over the bears that reminded her of Baloo, and the seagulls that looked like Scuttle, and she felt absolutely lost.

“At least you get to see some animals.” He teased with evident amusement cementing his words.

What amused her most was his willingness to be as playful with her as she had been with him, and she tore her attention away from the robotic creatures to acknowledge his little jab face to face. “I think I prefer Baymax to these animals” – she smirked before adding – “or Winnie the Pooh.”

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?” Determined to challenge her, the Batman was much less cautious when he couldn’t be seen and examined so easily. “I can’t even remember the last time I watched his movie.”

Wanting to preserve the joke, Diana decided to steer him in a different direction while they floated along on the track. “That may or may not be true” – a line she knew would snag on his pride – “but can I ask you one simple question?”

Begrudgingly, he grumbled a sharp, “Fine.”

Excited more for this moment than she had been for the ride itself, Diana quizzed him eagerly. “Which character from his movie did you like the most as a kid?”

“Piglet.” Was his immediate answer.

Her shock was hidden by the cover of the manmade cave, a reason for to be grateful for it after internally chastising him for taking advantage of it. “Really?”

Though she couldn’t clearly make out his form, she felt him pull back into his seat as he answered. “Yeah. Why? Who did you think it would be?”

Diana looked ahead and pulled back from him too, wondering if he needed the space. “I would have thought you’d say Tigger.”

His response gave away how asinine he thought their conversation was. “Tigger is a nuisance. Let’s be honest.”

It worried her to think what any of the children seated in the rows behind them would think if they heard him insulting their potentially favorite Disney character. “He’s chaotic, but loveable, like a certain someone I know.”

“Exactly, which is why— Wait, did you mean—!?” This time, the darkness was not his friend as it kept a second drop on Splash Mountain hidden from them. Bruce silenced himself quickly as they fell into the unknown, all while Diana cheered with the other guests about the surprise. Just as swiftly as the slope interrupted their casual ride, it evened out and led them into yet another chamber of singing robotic animals.

Diana had not a clue as to what they were singing about, so she rather enjoyed any interruption.

Their log-shaped car bobbed along the path as the animal’s chanting took a rather somber turn. While the fur-lined robots still had lights highlighting their singing and dancing, the bulbs were blue and gave the cavern a more suspicious feel. It was natural for her instincts to make her wary of such a tonal shift, and she had to remind herself that the odds of her one day at Disney being crashed by a villain were – though universally possible – an unlikely probability.

Hoping to strike up conversation with Bruce again, Diana took charge and leaned over to him in order to admit aloud, “We probably should have listened to them more closely.”

Sadly, Bruce didn’t seem to have an opinion about it one way or the other.

“Bruce.” She stated his name in disbelief, in an attempt to reprimand him. Surely, he couldn’t have taken offense to her joke so easily, could he?

Then, he revealed what truly occupied his mind and she realized she had worried about nothing. “We’ve been on this ride for nearly ten minutes now.”

Diana nodded, then felt silly because she knew he couldn’t see it. “Mmhmm.”

Bruce carried on like he was onto something, like a lead detective on a case. “We saw that big mountain when we went up the first hill after boarding the ride.”

“We did.”

“So where is it?”

“Somewhere nearby.”

Bruce’s breath brushed against her cheek when he admitted to her softly, “I didn’t realize how long this log ride was.”

Diana paused just as the ride did, and the jerking motion compelled her to observe her surroundings. She squinted ever so slightly when she realized that there was a bright light in the distance, highlighting the tracks and the angle they sat at.

There it was, she thought with anticipation: the ‘big mountain’ drop.

Some eerie voice spoke to the entire car before they lurched forward onto the moving belt that would help them climb to the top. Diana’s shoulder blades were pinned to her seat, but her hands squeezed the fabric of her dress as it rested over her legs. She never would have guessed that a mere amusement park ride could have given her such a thrill after all of the wild rides she had had in her life as a hero, and yet, her heart was beating as if this would be the most daring moment of her life!

What it would have been like to live in Man’s World as a normal woman, as simply Diana Prince, and experience this as the greatest thrill she could possibly ever know!

Until Bruce Wayne put his hand over hers, and her imagination no longer seemed worthy of comparison for what she had right in front of her.

“Ready?” Ironically, he posed the question while sounding as if he was about to leap off the top of the hill and freefall into the waters below. It was almost as if the daredevil himself who could do chin ups off of a helicopter port was more frightened by her reaction to him touching her hand.

They reached the top and became to glide over the edge, and Diana knew how she could show him how much of a daredevil she could be too.

“Ready.” She threw the word out of her mouth just as they began to fall forward and into the drop. Diana had remembered the camera at the very last second and when they began to slide down the steep angle, she took the plunge and kissed Bruce on the cheek.

Perfectly posed for the camera to see.

The rush she felt from both experiences nearly made her dizzy; Diana had never been as overwhelmed by something as she was when they landed at the bottom. After such a long time coming, she kissed Bruce Wayne on their secret vacation, on a famous ride where her spirited action could be seen as a mere jest or as the key to something much more, well, magical.

She didn’t know what she expected from him when she finally moved back and reclaimed her seat.

What she did know, is that she didn’t expect him to scowl at her instantly.

The gushing water caused by the landing collided with her side, but all she could process was the silent storm behind Bruce’s eyes. There was no question that she crossed a line with him.

The only question was, why?

Still, the usually refined heroine couldn’t figure out a way to ask him why he was offended so.

Never before had they felt closer. In battle, they fought with the same goal in mind and with the same necessary force. Alone, in person, there had always felt like there was a road block between them, something flame retardant that managed to hold each of them back from testing the heat that made her flush whenever he was near. A trip together to the self-proclaimed ‘most magical place on earth’ made Diana believe they were capable of joking with one another, pushing each other’s buttons and celebrating the peace of every moment.

Now, that road block between them felt like a third entity in their shared seat on Splash Mountain, failing to alleviate any of the awkwardness as they waited for the ride to come to an end. As a civilian, there were so many instances where she had witnessed such heart-wrenching dismay, like in the lives of her coworkers or in the different tv shows and movies she’d seen over the years.

Diana could not fathom a Disney prince treating his princess in such a way, and that thought alone effectively ended her fantasy-like ambiance for the day.

Luckily, it seemed as though their day was nearly over. While waiting to unload from the log ride, the sky shifted from a cool blue into a warm orange shade. Dusk had arrived and though Diana once felt like she never wanted the day to end, she now couldn’t escape the car fast enough.

Never mind snatching up the picture they’d taken, she’d need all the luck she could get to snag a hotel room key from him!

As soon as the bar was lifted off of their lap, Bruce jumped out of his seat. Preceding him, Diana stood and exited onto the wooden platform before making a beeline for her clutch. She snatched it up as fast she could, then spun around to locate her traveling companion for the next twenty four hours, at least. Luckily, he knew to wait for her to collect her bag. Sadly, one he laid eyes on her approaching him, he turned and headed through the exit.

That was when Diana lost her ability to approach his behavior with any kind of civility.

“Bruce!” She made her call sound sickeningly sweet, surely fake to anyone who heard it. He was a few steps ahead of her until they emerged onto the pathway of Frontierland. Forced to see when he could merge into the crowd, her hand landed on his shoulder in order to secure that they would move about together.

Then, he had the audacity to ask, “Where to next?”

It nearly shocked her into silence once again, but no Amazon in existence would remain quiet because of a man. “Anywhere that will allow us to sit down and talk about what just happened.”

“Hm, I was thinking about heading back onto Main Street—”


“—because I might be ready to head to bed.”

That excuse to escape her was pathetic, and they both knew it. But he was in a reactionary mode and simply jumped into the moving crowd of park-goers who were most likely heading toward the exit too. She managed to follow along behind it, releasing him from his grasp as they went, but it only made her feel even angrier that he was trying to weasel his way out of a discussion in the most childish way imaginable!

Unwilling to handle his petulance any longer, Diana declared with a petulance of her own, “I am not going back to the room right now.”

Apparently she was not worth responding to. Bruce walked with a purpose and led them straight into Liberty Square without so much as a glance in her direction to see if she was still behind him. They were passing by all the restaurants and dessert stands that were signature to the park all so that Bruce could dodge any sort of a proper explanation for his stark change in his mood. The ridiculousness of it all compelled her to take matters into her own hands, regardless of his anger towards her, regardless of the repercussions it could cause for them.

The hand that once held onto his shoulder now snaked around his wrist like her own lasso would have before she tugged him off to the side of the bridge that would have taken them onto Main Street USA.

“Diana!” He dared to scold her, hissing her name.

It took all she had not to become snaky herself and comment on how he suddenly seemed to remember who she was. But no, that wasn’t her. Her discomfort after such a lovely day was doubly disturbing, but she knew she couldn’t influence her if she wanted the truth from Bruce. As selfish as she wanted to be and shout at him for being so mean, she swallowed her pride and calmly said, “If I should apologize for something, I’d like to know what I did that bothered you first.”

Time after time, Bruce always reacted to her willingness to cut through the courtesies of social conversation as refreshing and destabilizing; though a trait her regularly utilized in both casual and aggressive conversations, he was never one to enjoy having to supply his thoughts and feelings on a platter to someone, anyone.

But she hoped it’d be different if she requested them gently.

The sun was setting slowly, allowing the fiery hue in the sky to hang behind him as a backdrop for his emotions. His voice low, his words private, he said point blank. “We are getting too comfortable here.”

Diana blinked once, twice, and when nothing more was offered to her in way of an explanation, she asked, “Pardon me?”

“We are getting too comfortable if you thought it was okay to lay your lips on me for the sake of some joke that Dick and Jason told you about.”

“Too comfortable— Do you understand that you sound like you’ve lost your mind?” It was unfathomable that he rejected her kiss because it was a sign of their closeness.


The heroes who formed the Justice League together.

The two who had run away to Disney World together.

How his eyes became hooded when she insulted his sanity. “You never would have done that back home.” Was how he decided to defended his point to her.

In her eyes, that only proved that she had every right to do what she did! If it meant that she found the courage to do what neither of them could have done in Gotham City or in any other place in the world, then why wouldn’t she do it when she had the chance?

Why wouldn’t she do it again!?

Diana didn’t warn him. Her hands were inside her clutch, digging for her phone before she could even try to come up with a verbal response. She found it, opened it and clicked on her camera while at the same time holding up a finger for him to remain silent. Then, she spotted an older couple walking hand in hand over the bridge. Both of them had the mouse ears hats donned on their heads, one saying ‘Harold’ and the other saying ‘Beatrice’. Smiling, she waved them down instantly.

“What are you doing?” She heard Bruce growl at her from between his teeth.

But she refused to tell him anything. She dare not let him in on the plans of someone as brave as her, who was willing to cease the opportunity that only Disney World could offer her. After divulging her plans to Harold and Beatrice though, she returned to him with a smile on her face.

“I’m doing what I supposedly only have the strength to do when I am away from home, when I’m here with you.” Was Diana only warning before she leaned in and stole Bruce’s lips with her own, kissing him like she’d never kissed him before.

She sought out any sort of a spark between them, and she used her mouth to do it. The temptation that had been roaring within her made Diana’s heart skip a beat, until she felt him lean in to kiss her back. A gasp disguised as a meager breath passed between them until Bruce snatched it up for himself. Once he found his place in the moment, his lips pressed against hers like the daredevil she knew he could be, the one who should have leapt with her the moment she kissed his cheek.

But he was leaping now, and it was enough to make her heart sing like all of those noisy animals in the caves on Splash Mountain.

On display for the world, like there intimate moment was now a display for Harold and Beatrice too.

Diana grabbed onto Bruce’s jacket when she began to pull back, just to keep the connectivity between them. She reached for her phone as Beatrice handed it off to her, offering a mindless yet grateful word of thanks before the kind couple walked away.

Then, they were left alone with the awareness that they had just given in to themselves as Diana’s lips tingled in the afterglow.

Giddy beyond belief, she bit her lower lip as she looked up to see Bruce’s reaction, to judge if he was as awestricken as her.

The fact that he had nothing to say was more than enough proof for her.

As the silence dragged on however, Diana decided to be the one to set the record straight and perhaps even define the moment they had just shared. “Please know that I am not looking for, nor expecting a happily ever after,” Assured Wonder Woman as she moved her arms around the waist of a momentarily calmed Batman. “Even if these moments we shared are only meant to be these moments, I just want to have them, right now. And I want to have you too. Is that comfortable enough for you?”

A chuckle rumbled in his chest and she felt it in her own. It was somewhat unsettling to wait for him to move or to say anything in response to her truest words ever spoken, so she squeezed his waist with her embrace in the hopes of egging him on. His immediate response was to throw his arms around her and return her embrace with the very same strength, despite his mortal limitations.

However, as eloquently as a mere mortal like Bruce Wayne could manage, he reciprocated her sentiments with a hushed submission of, “Okay.”

((Do you know how LONG of a ride on Splash Mountain is!? I’ve been to Disney a few times and never gone on it, so I watched a video of the ride on YouTube and MY GOODNESS! That dang picture cliché nearly killed my writing buzz! Fourteen minutes to ride the whole darn thing – what the heck!?

But this is still my favourite of my three Disney stories so far. I loved that I got to develop this from Diana’s POV because I figured she’d be more interesting to watch…for all of this. The rest of the story will go back to Bruce, but who better to narrate the Lovers theme but the Amazon princess whose patron goddess represents love!? ~ Maiden))