Wonderbat Milestones: Day 3 – Lovers


Title: Deserves To Be Loved

Word Count: 916

Author’s Note: The first one I started, the first one I finished. With that said Diana’s characterization might be a little different than in my other stories. Also she talks kind of different in the beginning.


“I do not understand. Why must we keep our love secret?” Diana asked, her voice a whisper. They were pressed together, her breast pressed against his chest as his hands wandered beneath her skirt. Though Bruce would never admit it, it nearly hurt to be in that position with her. There were no barriers between them besides the clothes on their backs and it was almost overwhelming to be that vulnerable.

“It’s not a secret. My kids know.”

“But our friends do not. Why are we keeping something so big from them?”

Bruce shook his head, refusing to answer the question. Instead, he tilted his head and pressed his lips to hers, a deep moan bubbling up from his chest. Her hands wandered up until they cupped his face, her fingers playing with the edge of his cowl. It was almost uncomfortable, their faces pressed together with his cowl in the way, but he couldn’t bear to remove it. It would just be another layer between them gone.

When they parted, Bruce was nearly out of breath. He hadn’t been holding his breath and even if he had, Bruce knew he could go way longer without air. But it was Diana and she always made him lose his breath. It was one of the things that made her so dangerous.

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“Let’s tell the world (WonderBat is canon).” Is what I wish DC would say! The secret relationship is a totally viable option for them and I’m glad you wrote about it for today! ~Maiden