Well, I still don't think this wedding wi…

Well, I still don't think this wedding will happen. I don't understand why Bruce and Selena should have a happy ending. She's not even worthy of being with him, not like Diana is. I'm still hoping they'll kill Selena off in the wedding issue. Then we'll finally be rid of her for good and we can have Wonderbat!

S*l*na is an established character in the DC Universe, especially in Gotham City, just like Harley Quinn and the other Sirens/Birds of Prey. The wedding is happening because many fans – such as Tom King himself, acting as head writer for this story – have been wanting to see this happen for decades.

Technically, anything could be retconned, but killing her is quite an extreme and improbable possibility for this story.

This wedding for B*tC*t doesn’t mean the end of WonderBat.

This wedding can still happen in this storyline, and WonderBat could happen in another one someday.

This wedding, regardless of how anyone specifically feels about S*l*na, is taking place.

I think anyone who has experienced love would say it isn’t about ‘worth’ or even a perfect ‘happy ending’ – it’s about surviving life’s tribulations and making a haven with someone you find solace in. If this comic storyline means that Bruce’s solace is S*l*na, then so be it.

Other ships can thrive without bringing other ones down, so let’s enjoy our #WonderBatMilestones event and focus on our own possibilities. ~ Maiden