It's taken me a long time to get over the…

It's taken me a long time to get over the fact that Batman and Catwoman are actually getting married in the main DC comics continuity, but now that I have come to accept it, it doesn't hurt as bad. I feel like this is what DC needs for now, but at this point they can't deny the unspoken tension between WonderBat, especially with the live action aspect of it. I just guess we will have to wait longer for what we want but hey, begers can't be choosers ;). What do you think of the BatCat wedding?

I think B*tC*t was grossly overdue to have a wedding as grandiose as this! I know that might be shocking to some fans to hear, but it is undeniable that B*tC*t deserves a happy ending after years and years of their (date I say) cat and mouse game.

Yes, WonderBat fans are heartbroken, especially after that Gentle Man storyline that had Diana and Bruce nearly kiss. But as I said then, I wouldn’t have respected Bruce (nor Diana) if they HAD done anything you know? What value would WonderBat have had, if it stemmed from the destruction of his engagement to S*l*na?

No matter what, WonderBat fans have Gal and Ben’s chemistry in the DCEU, we have the classic Justice League Unlimited series to fall back on (all while Susan Eisenberg keeps pushing for a new season!) and the moments in the comics that inspired us to love them in the first place.

There’s no doubt that we will one day get our WonderBat. Just look at Jason and Artemis, or any other pseudo-WonderBat ship! One day, we will have our own champion who will write the best WonderBat wedding for us to enjoy.

Until then, we have each other and the #WonderBatMilestones event to carry us through! ~ Maiden