Hello! I’m a WonderBat shipper like you …

Hello! I’m a WonderBat shipper like you and so many other WONDERFUL people, but I wanted to ask if you like what Zack Synder did with the DCEU? And if you do, is there another reason other then the fact that WonderBat might be Canon because of him? I’m not trying to pick a fight or anything but I was curious because I personally don’t like what he did. However, I do agree that the movies aren’t as bad as people say. Thank you!

You’re totally entitled to your opinion, anon, so no worries!

Personally, I adore the layers to Batman V Superman. Every time I watch it, I see something new or notice even more parallels between characters. You can see how he was setting up BvS as a catalyst for Injustice in the DCEU and it was done so carefully, I think it would have been the type of thing where long-time fans could see the build up, but casual fans would be shocked until they rematches his films.

I think it also goes without saying that Lois was at her best in his hands. Diana wasn’t a body pillow for anyone and no one was ‘thirsty’ – Zack made his female characters stand out as individuals, gave them strength and flaws and depicted them as realistic as possible. They mattered to the plot (with Lois, in BvS, it was more so illustrated in the Ultimate Edition) just as much as the men and weren’t following a leader because they led their own storylines.

It felt like a comic book come to life, in my eyes. There was intent, subtlety, powerful action humbled by vulnerability in both our heroes and the villain. Fictional characters can fall flat so easily if not nurtured, but Zack knows how to make them all multi-faceted. Just thinking about Jason’s suit in the BatCave, for example, gives me chills because it’s a visual backdrop for this Bruce that needs no explanation – the image strikes such a powerful chord.

I don’t know if I’m as fond of Man of Steel in terms of its pacing, but I understand Clark/Kal-El better in Zack’s version than I did in any other. Justice League has strong points but fell flat because I think we could all see the holes that Joss poked under the influence of WB.

I could talk about Zack for hours because I love his work in the DCEU, and I’m happy he’s producing Wonder Woman 84! Hopefully, he can work behind the scenes in the DCEU and maybe change your tune! ~ Maiden