did you plan the wonderbat event to coincide w…

did you plan the wonderbat event to coincide with batcat week on purpose? and the wedding?

I honestly didn’t know there was a B*tC*t Week, but I did know when the wedding was.

Basically, the WonderBat Crew on twitter had thought about having an event during that week to help raise the spirit of WonderBat fans. Since they had discussed it on twitter and were willing to post about it on Instagram, I posted information on this account given that there is a large amount of WonderBat fans here.

I also specified the usage of the #WonderBatMilestones tag to focus our content into that one tag, avoid any risk of cross-tagging, and of course to specify what the event is about.

There is no ill will in the event. If anything, I hope the event here will distract and deter from any ship wars because it’ll allow WonderBat fans to focus on our own event and keep us in the #WonderBatMilestones tag.

If everyone sticks to the appropriate tags, everything should be fine! ~ Maiden