do you have any cute wonderbat headcanons? :)

do you have any cute wonderbat headcanons? 🙂

I really think that Diana is the type to play with Bruce’s hair when they are laying around, or when she just feels like tending to him. On Themyscira, women have all types of hair cuts, but I think that it makes sense that hair is a big thing there with all of the different styles. So I think she’d run her hands through his hair, or flip the ends of it through her fingers. 

With Bruce, he’s a leg man. If they lay out on the couch, reading or napping, he’ll run his hands up and down her legs. If they are kissing, he will think about sweeping her off of her feet as the greatest way to show her how much he loves her. If she wears a dress where her legs are being showcased, well…

She’ll be playing with his hair when they head to bed, since he’ll be adoring her legs in a very intimate way. Hint hint, nudge nudge. ~ Maiden