Do you ever think about what a Wonerbat baby w…

Do you ever think about what a Wonerbat baby would be like?

I definitely do!

I wrote a story once where Diana and Bruce didn’t reveal the sex of their child, but had names picked for each: Alex(andros) for a boy and Penelope for a girl. Of course, the idea of Bruce and Alfred dealing with the first biological, female Wayne in years is such a loveable idea that I couldn’t pass it up!

But is it greedy if I imagine them having four?

Penelope, the eldest girl, Alfred’s partner in crime and very hands-on. Named after the wife of Odysseus. The most composed of the kids and the one who has the hardest time balancing her social life, school/work life and her family’s heroism.

Alexandros, meaning “to defend”. He’s the one who idolizes Dick and Jason more than Bruce might like. Charges headfirst into everything while also embodying his mother’s love for all things good and just.

Silas, named after Bruce’s great-uncle, whom he constantly tried to impress. The young prodigy of the family, he ends up being more focused on intellectual pursuits and living out the socialite life like Bruce, despite how much the original Silas would hate that.

Iris, named after one of the messengers for the Greek gods, as Diana hopes that she will be more communicative than her father. She enjoys Themyscira the more than ‘Man’s World’, meaning she is her grandma’s favourite, and calls upon Athena for guidance.

Maybe they could have a fifth one someday! Who knows! But these four mean a lot to my own WonderBat headcanons and I hope I can write about them someday. ~ Maiden