adelainev: Wonderbat Week 2018: Holiday


Wonderbat Week 2018: Holiday

Wonder Woman was invited to speak about Themyscira at a renewable energy conference, at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Batman, as Bruce Wayne, wanted to attend. Ancient Themysciran technology was–in his opinion–primitive, but considered extremely efficient even during the modern day. He, like the scientists at CERN, found it fascinating.

Diana did not appreciate his choice of words. She refused to invite him as her guest.

He was an influential person and could get an invitation on his own.

As speaker and guest of honor, she could request for his presence to be treated as persona non grata.

As a master of disguise, he could sneak in and she would never recognize him.

Oh yeah? She bet she could… Diana’s annoyed expression turned neutral, as she had an idea. She and Bruce could settle this amicably.

The conference was scheduled for a few hours early in the morning, she explained. He could go with her, and she wouldn’t complain, but he had to take her to see the rest of the country afterwards. A half-day holiday before they returned home.

Bruce frowned underneath his mask. “I don’t take kindly to coercion.”

She sternly held one finger up at him. “First, it’s my talk, and you want to tag along uninvited. Second,” she raised another finger. “You know, outside of missions, I won’t ever force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You don’t have to take me on a holiday.”

Indeed, he knew that.

With a straight face, she told him, “You’ll do it because you love me.”

He knew as well, she meant it only as a joke.

He took her to see the sights around Geneva after the conference. Because she was right. He would never admit it aloud, of course. Not to her. Not to anyone. But if he had to be honest with himself… Well, he did.