Wonderbat preparing breakfast? And like cute b…

Wonderbat preparing breakfast? And like cute banter

WonderBat Week 2018: Day 3 – Shared Hobbies

Title: This Will Be…

Author: MaidenOfTheWorld

Universe: DCEU

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,111 words

NOTE: The song mentioned in this one-shot is “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole. It played at the end of a few romcoms from the early 2000’s so I thought it suited this story’s tone. Feel free to listen to it while you read!

Having seen nearly every romantic comedy known to man, as any cultured immortal would, it dawned on Diana suddenly what she must look like. Her realization did not stem from her appearance necessarily, with her messy bedhead pinned on top of her head or her long legs spilling out from beneath a male muscle tee. It was more so what she was doing rather than what she was wearing: humming along to one of the most cheesy love songs as she bopped around at her lover’s stove, preparing some French-styled scrambled eggs.

The goddess Hestia would have been overjoyed to see an Amazonian barefoot in a kitchen, her own mother would see it as the greatest form of rebellion to their ways. But after a long night of sweet words and even sweeter kisses, she was absolutely famished. She could no longer wait for the man snoring into his pillow down the hall to awaken and prepare breakfast for the two of them–

“I didn’t know you could cook.” Came the husky voice of none other than her lover, her partner, her greatest companion. As a smile spilled across her lips, his hands found her hips and made her grin even bigger.

“How could you think that I didn’t?” She asked him, her teasing heard in every word. She took mock-offense to his words and let him know by shifting her hips once, then twice to pretend that she wanted to be free from his grasp.

His response was to pull himself in closer as his arms snaked their away around her waist. His lips were so close to her neck and he took advantage of just how exposed it was. Secretly, Diana cursed herself for telling him about that sensitive spot above her collar bone. A deeper, greedier part of her was grateful she did.

As he used his lips to toy with her skin, he managed to grumble out the words, “Maybe I never thought I’d see the day.”

“Well, who’s fault do you think that is–Bruce!” She screamed his name very similarly to how she had last night when he suddenly let his nipped at her shoulder suddenly. Diana could only imagine how many love bites she had all over her body, given how territorial Bruce revealed himself to be while pinning her into his sheets.

A chuckle rumbled in his chest and sent aftershocks down her spine. “What? You’re blaming me? You’re one of the most sought after women in the world. How’s a guy suppose to compete?”

“By listening to me when I tell him I want him,” she answered point blank. Again, she shook her hips, but only to help her shift inside of his hold and face his poor excuses head on. Unapologetically, she added on, “The first time.”

How sour he looked, when she said that to him, all while trying to hide the look in his eyes that proved he knew she was right. Bruce digested her words as if it was painful for him to do so before wincing and admitting to her and her alone, “You know I’m stubborn.”

Diana laughed so hard, she tossed her head back. It was a confession that she longed for more than his love, if she was being truthful. Her uninhibited response earned her a tap on her backside, but she couldn’t stop. After all, she was a nearly an embodiment of honesty.

“Your eggs are burning while you laugh at my expense.” Bruce lied directly into her face.

She smacked his shoulder and returned to cooking before she bumped her bum against his body. “Can you at least get the plates and help me serve the food? You wouldn’t ask me to do everything, would you, Mr. Wayne?”

“I guess not,” He conceded with a shrug. As he grabbed the plates, however, he declared loud and clear. “Next time, I’m cooking.”

“You?” Diana gawked. She had intended for her reaction to be a jab at his affluent ways, but it came across rather serious near the end as she couldn’t bring herself to imagine Bruce Wayne dicing and sauteing and cooking.

She could feel his icy glare into the back of her neck. “I can survive without Alfred, you know.” He answered her shock by deflecting the retort she was most likely to say to him.

“I know,” she cooed as Bruce brought the plates to her so she could plate their meals. After dividing the eggs between them, she looked up into his eyes, her expression so gentle, just so she could elaborate. “Because I’m here.”

Now she was curling her lips inward in a poor attempt to hide her smile at his expense. The unimpressed look on his face told her that she had failed in doing so.

“Well,” Instantly, she tried to defend her disbelief as they moved towards the kitchen table. As the morning sun grazed the lake behind Bruce’s home, it provided a lighthearted backdrop for her accusation. “You wouldn’t have a need to cook when you have someone as skilled as Alfred in the kitchen.”

Bruce sighed as he spoke, “I know you love his homemade loaf cakes Diana, but that doesn’t mean he is the only one who can put a meal together.”

“Is that so?”

“I always cook for him on his birthday.” Was his brilliant defence.

Diana arched a brow in a quizzical, humorous way. “So it’s more of a hobby for you?”

Bruce was prepared to take a seat as he responded, but her question quite obviously gave him pause. He knew he had no choice but to answer the truth due to his own admission. “Yes.”

Luckily for him, their conversation had given Diana inspiration to focus on something other than his skills in the kitchen. “What else would Bruce Wayne consider a hobby?” Even now, she knew she was flirting with him despite the fact that she had already had him.

How very rom-com of her!

It went over well with her lover though, as he gobbled up the new topic of conversation faster than he took a fork to his plate. “Bruce Wayne doesn’t really have time for hobbies.”

Diana didn’t buy that for a second. In fact, she held a forkful of eggs right in front of her mouth and refused to eat until she told him so. “I am sure a man who has all the money in the world can afford a few hobbies.”

They both chewed through the contemplative silence.

Just when Diana was about to chastise him for his cowardly ways, Bruce softly admitted, “I can sew my costume back together faster than Alfred can.”


“What about you?” Without shame did he jump on the chance to try and shift the focus of their conversation back onto her, taking a sip of a coffee mug she hadn’t even seen him fill to force his mouth closed.

“Oh no,” she scolded him as she nearly threw her fork down. “We are still talking about you. You can’t say you are better than Alfred at something and expect to brush past it.”

A tint of pink in his cheeks livened up his otherwise sullen face. “It’s true. I’m usually too busy to take care of it myself, but I could sew circles around him. No question.” This time, when he spoke of his secret talent, there was a clear air of pride as he straight his spine and squared his shoulders. Clearly, he thought of his butler in such high regard that besting him at any sort of task was praiseworthy in Bruce’s eyes.

It warmed her gently. “Well, if you have the time to fix that blouse of mine you tore apart last night, I would be very impressed.”

“What about…you?” Again, Bruce tried to force the conversation in another direction, only this time he had a proper opportunity to do so. If only her mention of that particular moment the night before hadn’t distracted him while he was speaking.

Diana giggled as she reflected upon herself for an answer. “A hobby of mine…”

“One I wouldn’t already know.”

“…would be collecting sea shells.”

Bruce collapsed into his chair as a boyish grin befell his face. “Really? …That generic?”

She gasped at his response with false indignation. She could also suddenly understand the urge to defend herself when her hobby was being called into question. “I travel a great deal for my work – my civilian work, in particular – and I end up on a lot of beaches and excavation sites. So, I take a small souvenir with me whenever I can.”

“Favourite seashell?”

“From Puka Beach in the Philippines.” Was her immediate reply.

Bruce shoveled another bite of eggs into his mouth as he stared her down, almost as if he was interrogating her. Then, he suddenly replied, “All right.”

There was no way she was letting that go. “What’s another hobby you have then?”

He knew she was going to fire back, and Bruce crossed her arms over his chest as he responded with a simple, “Hiking. You?”

The speed of the conversation now felt like a challenge. A childish, unnecessary one, but a challenge nonetheless. Diana leaned in and nearly chewed out, “Wine tasting. You?”


“Going to the theatre.”

“Reading investigative journalism columns.”

“Horseback riding.”



“Watching–what!?” It looked as though she had knocked him on the head with her shield rather than simply shocked him with her words. His eyes spun around and his hands fell onto the table. There was such an air of shock surrounding him that it was almost as if she had obliterated the conversation with her revelation.

It was much too empowering to see Bruce lose his conversational footing with her.

“I don’t mean professionally. I invest a lot of money into my wardrobe, and so I model for myself whenever I am trying to decide what to wear to work that day, or if I have to attend some kind of function.” She explained herself for the sake of keeping Bruce sane, to stop him from hunting for anymore potential pictures of her that he might not know about.


“Oh,” he mumbled under his breath. However, something still seemed amiss. She decided to take the opportunity to take another bite of the eggs she had been neglecting on her plate, since words seemed to escape Bruce quite a bit in the morning. Or so she thought, until he decided to replace his speechlessness with a rather forward question, “Do you… only model… dresses and other such… clothes?”

There was no doubt in her mind where he was going with this. “What do you mean?”

“I mean” – he cleared his throat to clear away the absent minded fog that plagued him – “I’m assuming that if you put such care into the clothing everyone will see, you must also spend a great deal on your… undergarments.”

“You’re asking if I model the expensive lingerie I buy for myself?”

A tight nod was his confirmation.

The temptation to toy with him suddenly outweighed her hunger. At least, for food. After her time in his bed last night and with the restless energy that existed between them now, it was all she could do to remain refrained. So, to appease her willful spirit and his curiosity, she rose from her seat at the kitchen table. She savoured the feeling of his eyes on her body as he took in every movement. Then, and only when she was sure they’d both had enough did she make him an offer, “Would you like me to show you?”

Bruce was out of his chair and on his feet before she had finished her words. A deep breath of fervor filled his chest and she had her answer. Diana was too giddy to battle him with her words any longer as she turned on her heel and hurried to the bedroom. When she heard Bruce’s steps thundering behind her, she squeaked and ran even faster!

When she had mentioned her love of collecting seashells, she hoped they’d one day visit a beach together. Or maybe visit Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend and sample the best wines. Instead, Bruce was most invested in her most secret and self-indulging of her hobbies and had somehow made it theirs to share.

‘What a fascinating experience this will be, having Bruce as a lover.’ She thought to herself, before tossing his muscle tee back at him in the hopes of maintaining the lead. Hopefully, Diana mused to herself, it’d be one to outlast the rest of the clothes at the hands of Bruce Wayne!