WonderBat Week 2018 Day 1: Honeymoon

Universe: DCEU/Nolanverse

Title: Happiness

Author: olicitlover4ife

Rating: Adult

      He couldn’t remember the last time he felt like this. It had been years since Rachel, and as deeply as he felt about her, he honestly never could see himself with her for the rest of his life. She was a part of his childhood that hadn’t left, and so, he hoped he could keep her close, keep her safe. Even if it meant she wasn’t with him. Then, the Joker came, and took Rachel from both he and Harvey. Driving him deeper into the darkness of the Batman and driving Harvey insane. It seemed hopeless that he would ever find someone who would make him feel like Rachel did. Then, miraculously, at a gala event of all things, he met this mysterious, exotic beauty. Diana. He could tell there was something about Diana, something that made her different. Putting on the playboy charm, he’d invited her to dinner at Wayne Manor, as it had been rebuilt brick by brick. Diana had declined at first, but had given him her contact info, saying, “I will see you around, Mr. Wayne.” It was through the behest of Alfred, who was ecstatc to say the least the he met a new girl, that he called Diana, and just like that, their first date was set. 

    It wasn’t anything TOO extravagant, simply an Italian restaurant that he owned, but it was more than worth it, seeing Diana in a beautiful blue dress, with a hole in the back, and a slit down the leg, her brown hair cascading down, framing her beautiful face. He was simply hypnotized by Diana’s almost otherworldly magnificence. The date went better than he could have hoped, and when they’d parted, Diana had graced him with a kiss. It was then, that the Bat Signal went up. After suiting up, Batman was graced with a surprise. Instead of Commissioner Gordon, he found a woman with long brown hair, wearing a set of armor over her chest that was a deep red, with a blue Greek-era skirt. There was a leather bandolier over her armor, and on her arms were shining silver gauntlets, with brown wrappings on her hands. Below the skirt was a pair of thigh-high boots with the same deep red color as the torso armor, and framed with gold. On left arm was a round shield that looked to be Grecian in design, and on her back was a large sword, the hilt in the style of two dragon’s in combat. Runes were etched on the blade in a Greek script, and on the woman’s head was a gold tiara, with a star inlaid in the center. But that wasn’t what shocked Batman. 

    What shocked Batman was that the woman was in fact Diana. He’d recognize her face anywhere. She introduced herself as Wonder Woman, an Amazon Princess. It all made sense now. Diana’s otherworldly beauty, the fact that she knew experiences that a human her age could never know, all of it. That was when she addressed him as Bruce. She said she could tell it was him, it didn’t matter that only the lower part of his mouth was visible, Diana could TELL it was him. That was the night of their first real kiss, and it was filled with so much passion, the two could feel it. After that, he and Diana were fully committed to a relationship, and every newspaper in Gotham wanted to know more about the new exotic beauty on Bruce Wayne’s arm, but Bruce gave them nothing. He hadn’t experienced this happiness in a long time, and he wasn’t going to let the paparazzi ruin it. Alfred was so eager to open Wayne Manor to Diana and Diana immediately became close to the old man.

  Bruce smiled at that memory, standing on the balcony of his summer home in Venice, his new wife sleeping soundly in the bed. He couldn’t believe the things Diana made him feel, but he now thrived on it. Not only did it changed his life, it also changed his purpose. When he first became Batman, it was to avenge his parents death and drag his city back from the brink by striking fear in the criminal mind, but now, with Diana, the purpose of Batman was now one of hope, to be something to aspire to. For the symbol of the Bat to thrive. His mind wandered to successors. Now that he and Diana were married, he began to seriously consider the idea of a successor for the mantle of Batman. Bruce Wayne could live his life with his beautiful wife without having to be Batman, and Batman could live without Bruce Wayne.

  “Are you not coming back to bed, my love?” the exotic accent of his wife sounded from the bed. Bruce turned and smile at Diana, who was draped in only the blankets. Bruce approached, sliding into the bed next to his wife, stopping for a minute to admire the work of art that was Diana’s body. She grinned, her eyes sparkling.

  “Bruce, are you simply going to look?” she asked teasingly. Bruce chuckled, pulling the blankets back, and slipped off his pajama pants, his hardened nine inch member in full view. Diana bit her lip, sliding to the edge and taking it in her hand.

  “Your stamina and girth still amazes me, my heart,” Diana said, before taking Bruce’s cock in her mouth. The billionaire groaned. His wife was truly an artist, be it in the bedroom or out of it, and her tongue was heaven. He carefully took a hold of her head and kept it in place, slowly pushing himself further down her throat. He could hear Diana suckling, and told himself in his head that he would not climax down her throat. He was going to give his wife everything. With expert precision, Diana reached down to cup his testicles, earning another groan from her husband. She pulled back and smiled, slowly stroking his cock.

 “If anyone had told me years before that I would be having sex in Venice with my husband I would never have believed them,” she said, kissing the head of his dick.

 “You and me both, but now, I can’t imagine it any other way,” he said, smiling down at Diana. The Amazon Princess returned it, sliding up his chest and wrapping her arms around his shoulders, kissing him passionately. 

 “I love you, my darling,” she said. Bruce smiled, placing his forehead on hers.

 “I love you too, Diana.” After a few minutes of silence, Bruce smirked, pushing his wife back on the bed and climbed on top of her, his cock angled at her entrance. Diana gasped in surprise, then without hesitation wrapped her legs around his muscular back, and pushed him to the hilt inside of her. Both groaned at the sensation, as Bruce slowly began to move inside of her. Diana panted and Bruce breathed hard, as he began to pick up the pace, putting his Batman stamina to good use. Her breath becoming faster, Diana wrapped her arms around Bruce’s neck to push him deeper, and place his hands on her breasts. There the couple stayed for two hours, Bruce shifting his limbs in different ways, but never changing the position, simply so he could gaze in his wife’s beautiful eyes. As the third hour passed, Diana could feel Bruce was close, and so, leaning her head up, she whispered in his ear.

 “Finish inside me, darling. Give me every drop of your love, and bless us with a child. Please, my love, my heart. Finish inside me.” That was all it too. With a loud groan, Bruce’s climax hit him like a truck, strand after strand shooting into Diana’s womb. The Princess sighed happily, holding her husband as he kept shooting. She knew that amount would get her pregnant, and she wanted that more than anything. Bruce finally shot his last amount, slowly pulling out, as Diana pulled the blankets back over them, husband and wife now in a tired embrace. Diana had to thank the Gods for Bruce. Had she not been there, he would have gone over the edge of his darkness, and never returned. The happiness that he felt with her was tenfold what she felt with him. After Steve, Diana never imagined she’d find someone new to complete her, but Bruce Wayne was that someone. Every jagged piece of Bruce was perfect to Diana, both the billionaire facade and the Dark Knight. The Amazon Princess had simply glued those pieces as one. As Bruce slept on top her, Diana looked out to the night sky. She wasn’t sure what the future held, but she did know one thing; their happiness would be shared for life.