Wonderbat Week: Day 1 – Honeymoon


Word count: 802

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Bruce and Diana! I hope I got them in character. Also I used Wonder Woman’s backstory from the movie instead of the comics.


“You know, the kids are going to be really mad,” Diana hummed. The Amazonian trailed her finger along Bruce’s spine, relishing in the way his muscles tensed and twitched beanthe her touch. Bruce tapped his pen against the map he was hunched over and straightened, turning to look over his shoulder at his newly wedded wife.

“Why? We’re travelling around the world. That’s what they wanted.”

“We’re also doing so as Wonder Woman and Batman. Going to suspicious places, hoping to put in end to some shady businesses. This—” Diana removed her finger from Bruce’s back and used her hand to gesture to the Parisian Honeymoon Suit they resided in, “is the nicest it’s gonna get and we aren’t even staying for a full day. Not exactly the relaxing honeymoon the kids were pushing for.”

Bruce put down his pen and twisted to face his wife fully, lifting his feet onto the bed and laying beside her. Diana moved her head onto his shoulder and Bruce slipped an arm underneath her, pulling her close.

“So the kids won’t like what we’re up to. What about you? You didn’t seem to mind a week ago.”

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I. ADORE. this! The premise is so sweet, and the payoff is perfect, well done! ~ Maiden