Theme #1 -Honeymoon: Sway

Author: MaidenOfTheWorld

Requested by: Hayo (emailed prompt)

Universe: DCAU (Justice League)

Rating: Teen / PG-13

Word Count: 3,174 words

“It was quite risky to bring me here, you know.” Diana informed her newly instated husband as she stared out at the turquoise waters that surrounded her. Her fingers danced upon the surface of the sea just as her mischievous intentions were meant to tease him between her words, if not for the beaming sun that had melted all of her concerns away.

His tone let her know that her pestering had not landed with him. “How so?”

She fought a grin as she answered with her head bent backwards, her voice traveling above and beyond her in order to reach him. “Taking an Amazon to the Ionian Sea for her honeymoon?”

Water splashed behind her, indicating that he was coming towards her.

“Especially when you didn’t allow her to know anything you were planning?”

Droplets of water met with her lower back as he neared.

“Potentially dangerous, wouldn’t you say?” The last word was whisked away when she lost her breath, as two large arms encaptured her waist and tugged her into a body she knew all too well.

Which mean that she knew when he had chosen to wear swim trunks while she had preferred to enter the dazzling waters in the nude.

“Bruce.” She chided, suddenly finding her ability to emote accordingly.

He ignored her chastising however, and instead try to be just as coaxing as the sun as he landed his lips upon the crook of her neck. “I don’t think it’s anymore dangerous than having our rouge galleries try and crash our wedding.”

Diana laughed silently. “Very true.” Again, her wits were nearly stolen away by the grace of heat upon her skin, something she savoured so easily when the world felt as though it didn’t exist beyond the horizon; Bruce had gone through the trouble of renting a small house on the edge of the island Atokos and the isolation was familiar as much as it was soothing compared to what she had known before.

Still, it left her curious. “Yet you risked bringing your bride to a place that she knows like a second home.” She nearly dared herself to ask why despite how it might end the gentleness of their conversations, of his lips adorning her skin.

He didn’t answer her right away, perhaps due to understanding what she was after. A rather poetic notion creeped up on her mind, like the shiver that his bare chest imposed upon her spine: the island was covered trees, sturdy and maze-like, which seemed reminiscent of her partner-turned-husband all too well. She, in turn, was the rhythmic sea that always pushed at his boundaries and waited for him to give her more. The relationship was opposing at times, and yet, Diana couldn’t help but to see it as the most natural thing in the world.

“I am nothing if not a risk-taker.” This time, his word were murmured into her flesh, like a warning prod. Much to his dismay, most likely, she couldn’t help but laugh at the clear oversimplification of his remark.

His word choice pulled her from her dream-like state and compelled her to suddenly turn in his arms. The Ionian Sea rushed over her backside due to its tide but Diana chose to see it as a push in the direction she was steering their conversation. “Says the man in swim shorts, talking to the naked woman before him.” She quirked her brow to further impress upon him how accusatory she was being.

“The naked goddess.” Bruce amended her own sentence in the hopes of distracting her.

Her instant response was to hook her thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and give a threatening tug. How quickly he hooded his eyes with his brows and grumbled her name.


“Yes, husband?” Now it was her turn to try and woo him with sweet words.

“If the paparazzi happen to find us–”

“They can see me naked and not you?”

“I want you to enjoy our honeymoon to your heart’s content.”

“Then strip.” Diana asked as much as she demanded.

At once, Bruce let out a sigh to imply that he was thoroughly dismayed. Those cheeks of his couldn’t lie to her though and Diana saw there was an urge to smirk quiver within the corners of his lips. He was confronted with his own hypocrisy and would be made the fool if he didn’t comply.

So he raised his hands in the air and cocked his own brow back at her. “You’re welcome to do the honours” – he offered in terms of an apology, before pausing and smoothly adding on – “princess.”

Yes, she’d take being his princess over being anyone’s goddess, anyday.

“With pleasure.” She said with bated breath. The rubber band keeping his swim trunks on his hips was no match for his princess’ strength, let alone her desire to see them gone. In fact, Diana decided to use her entire upper body to urge his shorts down his legs, bending forward enough so that her lips could graze his rippling stomach in the hopes of inspiring him to step out of them faster.

The sudden rising of goosebumps along his torso proved that her plan worked much faster than anticipated.

Bruce lifted one leg, and then the other before handing off his trunks to her as a sign of quiet obedience. Diana then swiped them from his hand and tossed them back onto the beach, letting them land with a light, wet thud as she smiled at him. “Thank you, husband.” Again, she was sweet-talking him, despite already having her way.

Bruce couldn’t keep himself from smirking now as he returned his arms to their rightful place around her waist. “I don’t remember you being this coy when I first met you.”

“Really? I believe it’s one of my most prominent traits.” Her hands slid up over his chest, across his shoulders blades and rested on either side of his neck as she roped him into her. The motion of the sea caused her to sway as she did so, giving her the impromptu notion that’d she’d like to sway with him too. Slowly but surely, she guided him into a rather artless, honest dance.

“I mean that you used to be less obvious with your flirtations.”

“I think you tell yourself that so you don’t feel foolish for missing all of the signs I gave you.”

Bruce drew his head back ever so slightly, despite his neck being locked in by her hold. His expression seemed to question if she meant her words, shocked but amused. “Really?” The word was drawn out of him slowly, as if to imply that she had time to take back her words.

“Really,” she answered quickly, unapologetically. The only amendment she had in mind came to her when a sudden sea breeze passed over them. “Though I suppose we had more than one first meeting.”

Bruce’s posture relaxed again. “Wonder Woman was much too busy rebuffing Green Lantern’s distrust and disposing of aliens to flirt with the Batman when we first meet as our alter egos.” His recollection of their first encounter seemed like yet another oversimplification, but Diana could only count two of their conversations during that entire ordeal.

“I shielded you from an alien attack with my bracelet.” She offered cheekily.

This time, her humour reached him and Bruce let loose with a rather hardy chuckle. The sound resonated within her and Diana felt as if she could have melted into the turquoise waters. Any moment in which her husband showcased his mirth easily, naturally made her heart swell more than it ever had before in her many centuries of life.

“If that is your way of flirting, princess” – then he referred to her by that nickname, and somehow her heart felt as if it doubled in size – “then that explains all of the fanmail you received over the years.”

That remark did irk her slightly though, as the joke was completely at her expense. She swatted at his skin lightly before leading their circular dance around so that her back could meet the sun. “I’m saying that I was always more aware of things than you are.” A tad impudent, she knew, but Diana wanted to have her victory in their verbal spar.

And she could have had it too, if Bruce hadn’t suddenly stolen a kiss from her without warning, without her awareness of his plan to do so.

She had felt his mouth on hers many times before, even while unclothed too, but there was something incredibly sensual about that moment as they stood naked in the sea. Their kiss was just as tender as their dance, just as spontaneous and carefree, but it was the setting for it that roused something deep within Diana’s belly.

Considering what she felt pressed against her hip bone, it was rousing for Bruce too.

As he pulled himself away from her, he whispered for her ears only on the private island. “Were you aware of how badly I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you walking naked into the sea?”

Diana licked her lips softly. “It’s better that you showed me yourself.”

He grinned genuinely in her face. Somehow, they kept their gentle pacing for their dance while he stole her lips from her, and the wind rejoiced by brushing through their embrace, offering its cool touch upon their sun-kissed bodies as they carried on.

“What about when Diana and Bruce first met?” Asked Mr. Wayne to his Mrs. Almost as if he was attempting to job her memory, Bruce took her arms to dislodge himself from her hold before leading her into a spin out into the water while her hand was clasped in his.

When Diana spun back into him, her face lit up as the memory registered with her. “The party in Paris was such a spur of the moment decision, and I couldn’t have known you were there.”

“But I knew it was you.” He admitted long after the fact.

“And you saved me from those nosey people.”

“We’ve both had our fair share of people like that by now,” Bruce acknowledged. “But back then, I could see you sinking under their curiosity.”

“And you rescued me without admitting to me who you were.”

“You figured it out, though.” With a tip of his head, he stared her down as if to ask her how she had done it.

Diana hummed her reply rather pridefully. “Not only was it too coincidental for Batman to show up in my hotel room in Paris so suddenly, but I knew it was you from the moment we spoke.”

She paused for dramatic effect before her blue hues met his smokey black ones. Then, she answered truthfully, softly, “I’d recognize that voice of yours anywhere, Bruce.”

“Really?” He couldn’t help himself from saying something, anything, after hearing that, she assumed.

Diana giggled at her own girlish answer. “It’s why I danced with you to begin with, because it was nice to hear you talk to me without a snarl.”

“I…suppose so.”

“But speaking of that night,” she mused as she felt a pair of fish dance around their legs in every direction. “How do you think that night would have ended if Audrey hadn’t been attacked?”

That question immediately gave Bruce pause, an almost awkward one in length. The possibility of reimagining past events wasn’t something they discussed usually as moving forward was how heroes survived their jobs and everyday lives. It was how they avoided lamenting over the time they lost with each other. Going back to the beginning in some form or another would mean that they could have dated three years soon, had their honeymoon two years ago, perhaps.

Diana worried she might have soured the mood of their afternoon, that is, until Bruce relented and decided to play along by saying, “I would have fought with myself to take you home that night.”

The answer was what she wanted, and still, Diana felt as if she had been bowled over. “Would you have? Really?”

Bruce let his eyes roll over as much of her body as he could see as an immediate response to her questioning. He stared deep into her eyes as if he was trying to pierce her doubt with his truth, then let his gaze sink down towards her breasts, pretending it could see through her and observe her heart as it beat through her chest. “That was the first time I saw you out of uniform. Your hair wasn’t being held back by your tiara, your long legs somehow appeared to be longer in that black dress. You looked like the exact type of woman that an enemy might send to tempt me with in order to catch me off guard.”

“Is that why you were immediately trying to investigate me?” She bit her lip in response, finding the tone of the conversation shifting to one emulating the very night they were discussing.

Bruce smirked at her. “Maybe. It was also why I said I was there on business, so I could have an excuse to leave if I needed to.”

He was being so forthcoming without there even being a need for her Lasso of Truth, and secretly to herself, Diana admitted that it was most assuredly a kink of hers now to have him speak so honestly. “You mean you weren’t there for…?”

“I was investigating the Kaznian resistance group, but truthfully, I knew you had left the Watchtower, and I wanted to make sure you’d be okay. Man’s World was new to you at the time, so I planned to shadow you and hopefully keep it from disillusioning you.”

Another pause, but this time, it was Diana’s doing. She motioned for him to spin her out again and then pull her in close, their pose now resembling the one they held while dancing at their reception. Then, she pointed out, “So you stole me away from the public the first chance you got.”

“I…reacted to those people swarming you, yes. Hastily, I know.” As he looked away with slight embarrassment, Diana could barely win the battle against keeping laughter at bay.

“And then the resistance group attacked.”

“And then the resistance group attacked.” Bruce repeated her words, but his voice alluded to him feeling rather relieved about the fact.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t allow their conversation about the past possibilities between them come to an end. The interest had been piqued, and Diana was nothing if not curious. Against her better judgement – for fear that she might receive an answer like the one she wanted in her heart of hearts – she dared herself to ask, “But if they hadn’t?”

Bruce’s mouth made a straight line and she convinced herself that he was working through the possibilities, like the detective he was known to be. “I always believed in the ideology that teammates shouldn’t date, princess. You know it took me a long time to be convinced otherwise.”

“Yes,” her impatience was unintentionally heard in her lone word answer and Bruce eyed her knowingly. “But in that moment, I knew you as Mr. Wayne and you had no idea that I knew you were secretly the Batman I knew from the Justice League. Pretending we were merely Bruce and Diana in the ‘City of Lights’, would anything have been different if we weren’t forced to become heroes moments later?”

The tide had calmed unexpectedly when she had asked the question, and a lone cloud had drifted in front of the sun. Here they were, years later and happily married for no more than a few days, and Diana felt her insatiable officiousness rearing itself into their life together. For some reason she couldn’t quite explain, she needed to know what his answer would be.

And Bruce would do anything for his princess. “If they hadn’t crashed through that ceiling and ended our dance, I don’t know if I ever would have stopped dancing with you. You’re magnetic, Diana, and you know that you have a pull over me. I can’t say whether or not I would have succumb to you then, if we managed to spend time getting to know one another as Bruce Wayne and Diana of Themyscira.”

She wouldn’t admit that her heart broke ever so slightly, not to him. This reimagining wouldn’t change where they were in that moment – on a secret island in the Ionian Sea, celebrating their marriage on a week long honeymoon – but it was disappointing to think that there was nothing they could have done to make their relationship develop sooner. The awareness of his morality was something she had never mentioned to him and she wasn’t going to start discussing it now.

“That’s true, Bruce, but-”

“But I can only imagine that it would have made my stubborn life without you that much harder to bear.” The sun reemerged from behind it’s cloud cover when she looked directly into his eyes, its warmth finding Bruce before gently reaching out to her.

Diana decided to take comfort in his hypothetical misery and scoff gently, smiling the entire time. “I would hope so.”

“You do understand that if Bruce Wayne had kissed you that night, he would have never been able to call you or ask you for more. Meaning that, knowing it was me, you would have most likely ended up taking your rage out on me for treating you poorly.”

“I did that most of the time when we sparred, Bruce.”


“After all, whether we fell in love that night or later on in life, you still rejected my advances many times. Sparring was better than leaving me to my own wild imagination. ”

There was one more pause between them, sitting heavily upon the reality of their past now, rather than anything hypothetical. The two little fish had returned and swam around them, through their stances as if awaiting how Bruce could possibly respond to her truth. Sadly, it seemed as though he – the world’s greatest detective, or so he had told her – couldn’t concoct an appropriate response to her admittance.

His silence did however warrant a laugh from her. Clasping his hand with her own, her wedding ring cold between their fingers, she stared deeply into her husband’s thoughtful eyes and decided to take the lead in their naked dance in the sea. “At least you can make it up to me now by finishing that dance with me.”

“That,” he answered swiftly the second time around, grateful for the change in topics as evident by that grin of his that she just adored. He allowed her to lead for a step or two before dipping her backwards suddenly. Her hair fell into the sea as she screamed with surprised delight. Her husband merely stared down at her with what appeared to be some form of awe in his eyes. Then, he promised, “is something I can definitely do for you, princess.”