✨#WonderBatWeek2018 ✨

It’s official! One month after the release of Justice League on Blu-Ray, this blog will be hosting #WonderBatWeek2018 from April 13th – April 19th!

All Amazonians and BatPeople are invited to partake! You can make fanfics, fanart, gifs, something homemade, music videos – whatever coordinates with the theme for the day!

Determined by the lovely #WonderBatCrew on twitter, here are the themes for the week:

Let your creativity flow, and show your love for WonderBat by joining us during #WonderBatWeek2018! I will post the banners seen above on their corresponding day as a reminder, as well as a few posts between now and the event to make sure the excitement builds! 

Remember to tag @fyeahwonderbat / submit to the blog directly to make sure any and all of your creations are shared directly with the WonderBat fans here!

If you have any questions, feel free to send in an Ask! Until then, let’s get pumped for our WonderBat party, one month from today!