50th Anniversary Wonderbat


If July 2018 is effectively the 50th Anniversary of the first kiss shared by Diana and Bruce,..

It would be marvelous if DC comics could do us a “special edition” (even if out of their current cannon at that time) with a story to fulfill our wildest dreams for our beloved pairing and commemorate that kiss. They could eventually surf on Zack Snyder’s recent refreshing of the ship and start from the end of the Justice League Movie (the manor scene). The 6 issues of the mini serie from Liam sharp planed to start on february 2018 would surely strenghten that Idea especially if we get some wonderful drawings in this commemorative Issue. And if they made it a special “deluxe” edition adding to the story a collection of the most iconic illustration we already had (like the Blackest Nigh Wonder woman kiss) in page sized format, I think I would break up the book shop just make sure I get one these…

Can someone please text DC, or tweet them, or mail them or anything else ?… There are still several months left… Make a petition ?