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fear not! there are vegan dino nuggets!

If you think that Dick didn’t hunt these down and buy them for Damian so that his little brother could experience an important part of childhood than I don’t know what to tell you except that you are wrong.

“What are those?” Damian sneers stating at the rainbow colored box in front of him.
“I found them! I finally found them! I’ve been searching for months in order to find these for you.” Dick babbles, blue eyes brightly lit and grinning from ear to ear. “I checked Whole Foods and that one vegetarian store on third and the organic hippy place on fifth and just about every vegan store on the east coast until finally I found a store on 52nd and Hamilton street. But I found them! I finally found them! I also got a couple of phone numbers from some soccer mo-”
“Grayson, that doesn’t answer my question. What the hell are those things in front of me?” Damian growls, his browns furrowed.
“Little D they are vegan dino nuggets. Vegan. Dino. Nuggets.” At this point the older man grabbed onto Damian’s shoulders and was shaking them. “So now you can finally eat Dinosaur nuggets!”
Damian grabs onto Dick’s wrists and removes them from his shoulder.
“What are these ‘Dino nuggets’ and why does the fact that they are vegan mean anything?” Dick recoils from Damian and places his hand on his chest in mock pain before flopping onto Damian.
“Oh you poor deprived child. Do you not know the glorious childhood staple of dinosaur chicken nuggets?” Dick calls his voice full of faux injury.
“Grayson, get the hell off of me or I swear to god I will stab you with my katana and spread your remains across every far corner of the known galaxy” Damian screeches through clenched teeth attempting to push the older man off of him.
“I can’t my gravity has stopped working.”
“What the actual fuck is going on guys” Tim yells from behind the two brothers. Both brothers respond over lapping each other. Damian says something about ‘grayson’ trying to murder him and Dick yells something about finding Dino nuggets. Tim walks away from the scrambling idiots that are his brothers realizing he doesn’t have enough sleep for this.
“Are these vegan Dino nuggets?” Tim asks in disgust picking up the now defrosted package. Dick jumps up in excitement.
“I know I found those today for little D to eat!” Dick screams as he rushes to stand up.
“Good luck.” Tim says as he leaves the room. “Also Damian they are dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets but without the chicken”
“Drake you’re explanation was appreciated but not needed.”
“Whatever you say murder kitten.”
“So Damian do you want to try them?” Dick asks trying to hide his excitement.
Damian agrees and watches in fondness as Dick makes a complete fool of himself while making them.

In the end the vegan nuggets were disgusting, but Damian ate them enjoying the smile on his older brothers face and the stupid gesture.

There is now fic! This is beautiful!
All thanks to @lovelylittlebirdy.
@problematicbatfam, look!

Y’all remember when I made a mistake saying Damian Wayne would eat chicken nuggets, then you angels covered up my mistake and then you angels wrote a fic about my cover-up